Eternal True God Chapter 209

However, at this time, it is too late.

Only heard a loud “hong long” sound.

That altar was completely exploded.

A silhouette appeared.

That is a person.

He closed his eyes.

However, the breath is extremely terrifying, and the entire Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi all around was swallowed crazily.

His breath is increasing crazily.

It makes people feel extremely depressed.

When Lin Buxui saw the man, his eyes narrowed, a little familiar.

The appearance of this person is very similar to that of a Great General who followed him across Heavenly Domain when he was in Heavenly Domain.

That is his own great general Lin Po.

Moreover, around his waist, there is also a special token hanging on it, which depicts the characters Tu Demon Great General.

Not only that, this token is not just an identity token.

Among them, countless rune prohibitions were portrayed by myself.

These rune prohibitions, each of them is a secret technique divine ability to suppress demons and slaughter demons.

Moreover, it’s not just that. If you encounter a fatal threat, you can stimulate the greatest power of this token.

Turn into a powerful Demon Slayer warrior.

As long as the energy is sufficient, the strength that this one Demon Slayer Warrior can burst out is quite terrifying.

Compared with Linpo Peak period.

However, this is also limited, and it can only last for half the incense stick time.

But this is enough.

So, the appearance of this token made Lin Buxui very surprised.

In his memory, his Great General is dead.

Being besieged by Demon and died.

In fact, he was also killed in a battle with Demon, blocking a fatal blow for himself.

In the beginning, Lin Buxui built an altar specially to pay homage to the Great General Lin Po.

The altar in front of me is almost exactly the same as the altar I had built.

For Lin Buxui, if it were not for the appearance of that token, he really did not expect that this altar would actually appear here.

Even, one person was sealed.

So similar to Lin Po.

He is Lin Po?

No, definitely not.

Since it is not Lin Po, it is Lin Po’s descendants.

When that person’s breath reached a limit.

He opened his eyes.

looked towards everyone.

His eyes are red.

With a terrifying killing intent.

He moved.

The speed is extremely fast.

Hold a terrifying sword.

This a battle blade makes Lin Buxui familiar.

That is Lin Po’s sword.

Po Tiantu magic knife.

Lin Po back then, holding the Potiantu Demon Knife, I don’t know how many Demon powerhouses he killed.

When this a battle blade comes out, countless demons become terror-stricken at the news.

But what Lin Buxui absolutely didn’t expect was.

Now, this a battle blade has appeared again.

It’s just that Lin Po is no longer holding the sword.

It is his descendant.

But what makes Lin Buxui puzzled is why the man in front of him, with red eyes, has completely lost his self-awareness and has fallen into a demonic path.

I saw him killing like crazy.

Under the Demon Slayer Battle Sword, all Demons are not his enemy at all.

After a few breaths, countless demons have been beheaded.

“Block him, block him for me.” Great Commander shouted angrily.

“Die! All die for me!”

The man, slaughtered frantically, as if he didn’t know he was tired.

Lin Buxui, Gu Tianchi, and the Luo Family people had to step back.

I don’t want to be involved in this terrifying killing.

“This guy’s strength is too terrifying, and I don’t know that it is a who thing. He actually fell into the demonic path and lost his self-awareness. If not, he is definitely a Heaven’s Chosen. It’s a pity, really It’s a pity.” Gu Tianchi sighed as he looked at the man crazy killing Demon from a distance.

This person’s cultivation realm was raised to the Martial Dao tenth realm through the demonic path consciousness, and his battle strength was very powerful and terrifying.

With the blessing of the a battle blade in his hand, his strength is comparable to Martial Dao eleventh realm. Even, if he is not careful, the cultivator of Martial Dao eleventh realm will be killed by him.

It can be seen that his current battle strength is so cruel and terrifying.

Lin Buxui took a deep breath.

“He is the descendant of the Great General of the Eternal Heavenly Domain under the seat of the Eternal Emperor. The a battle blade is the Divine Ability secret technique. Magic law.” Lin Buxui said.

“The descendants of the Great General of the Demon Slayer?” Gu Tianchi was slightly surprised at hearing this, and looked at Lin Buxui, “How did you know? The descendants of the Great General of the Heavenly Domain Demon Slayer , How come you fall here?”

Just when Lin Buxui was about to answer, a familiar breath appeared.

Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes to look.

A blood-colored silhouette appeared in front of the man.

He blocked the opponent’s attack.

This blood-colored silhouette is not someone else, but the demon of blood axe.

The strength of the blood axe demon at this moment is extremely terrifying. Although it has not yet reached the Martial Dao eleventh realm, it is not far away.


The blood axe demon yelled, and a giant axe instantly smashed down.

This axe seems to be able to split heaven and earth apart.

moved towards The man cut the past.

The man did not show weakness.

The battle knife in his hand greeted him directly.

When they collided with each other with one knife and one axe, a dazzling light burst out in an instant. The powerful and terrifying impact broke out at this moment.

This vast power directly moved towards all around and impacted away.

Where the power spreads, everything is turned into nothingness.

In the face of such terrifying power, everything seems so fragile.

The entire city of Blood Axe seems to be in ruins.

The buildings near the two of them collapsed completely, and smoke billowed.

On the ground, one after another terrifying huge crack, moved towards all around spread.

It seems to have formed a huge gap one after another, which is as wide as several feet.

Here is the City of Blood Axe. There are also powerful restrictions on the ground. However, under the impact of these forces, these restrictions are like paper.

It was Lin Buxui and Gu Tianchi who used methods to block the terrifying power impact, but they were also shaken back by this powerful force.

Lin Buxui’s face is solemn.

He did not expect that the strength of the Blood Axe Demon Lord is really extraordinary.

Even if I set up Formation in the City of Blood Axe, it is quite difficult to completely kill the Demon Lord of Blood Axe.

At this moment, only sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits.

“The strength of the Blood Axe Demon Lord is really strong. Although the demonic cultivator is powerful, he has no self-awareness after all. He just fights by relying solely on his own instinct. After a while, he will fall into Downwind, he will be sealed up again, are we going to help him?” At this moment, Gu Tianchi said.

“Don’t worry now.” Lin Buxui can see this naturally.

[The author has something to say]

The man who appeared is the cousin of Brother Lin Hechen. Is it satisfactory to appear in this way?

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