Eternal True God Chapter 210

At this moment, the battle between the blood axe demon and the demonic cultivator has reached a fierce stage. The strength of the two seems to be similar, but in fact, the blood axe demon Is dominant.

The demonic cultivator simply relies on the fighting instinct to fight frantically, without self-awareness.

But the Blood Axe Demon Lord is different.

He has the support of the City of Blood Axe.

Has been invincible.

You can only do it if you delay.

“Come on, kill that demon.” At this time, Great Commander shouted.

Obtaining this order, all the people in the City of Blood Axe rushed towards the demonic cultivator.

At this time, Lin Buxui raised his hand.

Luo Family everyone blocked their way.

“Want to do it, did you ask us?” Gu Tianchi coldly said, “I was so arrogant just now, threatening to kill all of us, now it’s our turn to do it.”

“Damn it, you people of Foreign Domain, do you want to courting death?” Great Commander shouted, “get out of my sight, where do you come from and where do you go, don’t bring about one’s own destruction.” “

“Really?” At this time, Lin Buxui came out, “As you know, your City Lord is my enemy and my defeated. Let’s come to this city of blood axes. It is to find his trouble.”

At this time, Lin Buxui raised his hand, all around ten thousand zhang, at this moment, a battleship illusory shadow condensed out.

It is the array laid out by Lin Buxui before.

This Formation condenses vast and boundless energy to form the illusory shadow of a Supreme battleship.

The battleship is out.

Blood Axe Demon complexion greatly changed.

“Damn, this little bastard broke my major event. Now, I still come to find the difference. Is it really good for me to bully?” Blood Axe Demon Lord was very angry.

With an axe, he forced the demonic cultivator back and formed an incarnation.

Come straight to Lin Buxui.

“Little bastard, you are now courting death and broke my major event. Not to mention, you jumped into this Jedi by yourself, death is coming, and you don’t know it yet, you want to harm me. major event?” The blood axe demon shouted angrily to Lin Buxui, “Do you know where is this place?”

Lin Buxui coldly said: “I don’t care where it is, but I only know , You are my enemy. Kill you and swallow your power. The power of my great formation will be even stronger.”

“You…” The blood axe demon lord is angry. No, he shouted angrily, “Little bastard, do you really think I’m not your opponent? That’s outside, not the city of blood axe. When I seal the demonic cultivator first, I will come to your little bastard to settle the account. “

Speaking, the imposing manner of the Blood Axe Demon instantly became stronger.

This incarnation of him, raised his hands, and hit one after another, forming a weird curse.

In a flash, murky heavens dark earth.

The whole space has become a hazy, unrealistic.

Everyone seems to have entered chaos.

No directions were found.

“What’s the matter? Where is this place?”

“It’s too dark to see everything.”

“This is chaotic psychedelic The curse will leave people in chaos and find no direction.”

“How to crack?”

Everyone fell into chaos.

However, in Lin Buxui’s eyes, it can’t be considered.

He has Heavenly Dao magic eyes.

It’s just that although he can see through this chaotic psychedelic curse, he can’t crack it.

“Valley, is there a way to crack it?” Lin Buxui said.

Lin Buxui originally wanted to try to break this chaotic psychedelic curse forcibly, but he has a not very good premonition. If he forcibly breaks this chaotic psychedelic curse, it may lead to some people’s spirit willpower. Lost in the chaos forever.

That’s not worth the gain.

“Only the Light God technique can be broken.” Gu Tianchi said, “Or the person who casts the spell will release it himself. , I am afraid it will not dissipate on its own in a short while.”

“Is there a Light God technique cultivation method?” Lin Buxui said.

“I only have the incomplete Light God technique, but I can’t get started at all.” Gu Tianchi shook his head and said, “Light God technique, only the Light God body can cultivation, and the Light God technique in my hand is incomplete. Incomplete, it is more difficult to get started. Even if you have a Light God body, you may not be able to cultivation success.”

“I can try, but I can’t just sit and wait.” Lin Buxui said. Who is not good?


Gu Tianchi also hopes that Lin Buxui cultivation will succeed. After all, it is very dangerous to control consciousness in this chaos.

A little carelessness, you will never go back.

He didn’t want to be in such a crisis that he couldn’t control.

No one wants to bear this kind of risk, especially for their powerhouse.

After Lin Buxui got the incomplete Light God technique, he began to try cultivation.

However, what makes Lin Buxui extremely surprised is that after the Light God technique cultivation, a part of the power is integrated into the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic, making his Heavenly Dao magic eyes stronger.

The other part gradually condenses into a rune.

However, this rune is also incomplete.

This surprised Lin Buxui.

Three thousand ancient character rune.

Is this also one of the ancient character rune?

took a deep breath.

In the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic, Lin Buxui saw that the demonic cultivator had been suppressed.

Blood Axe Demon is performing the seal technique.

I want to seal it again.

At this time, Lin Buxui was running power, and Heavenly Dao magic eyes burst out.

A Light Power will break its own chaotic psychedelic curse.

At this moment, the demonic cultivator was knocked into the air and fell to his side.

He is roared.

Took out the Breaching Demon Slayer once again.

“Don’t struggle, everything is in vain.” The blood axe demon raised his great axe, shouted, “Cut off your True Spirit, and seal your body.”

The moment Lin Buxui appeared, the Blood Axe Demon paused for a while, but the giant axe smashed down.

“Kill Kill Kill!”

The demonic cultivator still roared, holding a war knife, and facing up.

“hong long!”

The knife and the axe collided together again.

The overbearing power almost made Lin Buxui fly away. If it weren’t for the power of Formation, the aftermath of the battle would be enough to shock him.


Really terrifying.

Lin Buxui’s eyes are extremely solemn.

If this demonic cultivator is sealed or beheaded, I am alone, I am afraid it will be difficult to deal with the blood axe demon lord.

What’s more, the demonic cultivator in front of you is most likely a descendant of Lin Po, the Great General Tumo.

It may even be his Reincarnation Body. How could Lin Buxui watch him be sealed or even beheaded?

Only to awaken his will.

Only then can fight with Blood Axe Demon Lord.

Joining hands with him, it may be possible to kill the Demon Lord of the Blood Axe.

Otherwise, unless you spend a greater price, you can truly condense the battleship in a short period of time, and use the power of that stalwart battleship to slay the Blood Axe Demon Lord.


Lin Buxui both hands forming seals, screamed.

A curse of awakening God hit the demonic cultivator’s mind.

Then Lin Buxui shouted: “Slaying the Demon Great General Lin listened to the order, returned quickly, and killed the demons!” In an instant, the demonic cultivator figure stopped.

His consciousness awakened.

Because this is attached to Lin Buxui’s most Strength of Source, his order is the eternal emperor’s edict.

At this moment, Lin Po’s consciousness regained from the token of Great General Tumo Lin Po.

Break through the demonic path consciousness on the demonic cultivator and wake him up.

“The descendants of Lin Po, Lin Hechen, have seen the Great Emperor!”

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