Eternal True God Chapter 213

“Whether you believe it or not, this is a fact.” Yang Wenwu looked at Lin Buxui. In fact, Lin Buxui didn’t believe that he was his Master. This is quite normal.

After all, he buried himself in the first place.

“What is the fact?” Lin Buxui said coldly, “You and evil monster are members of the Demon, and I, Lin Buxui, is the upright Human Race. People and Demon are not at the same time.”

“Sure enough, it’s still that bad temper.” Yang Wenwu said with a smile, “Boy, it should be clear that my strength is much stronger than you. To deal with you, with no difficulty, even Peak You in this period are far from my opponent.”

This is indeed a fact.

Lin Buxui looked at Yang Wenwu, his strength was very terrifying.

“My Master is not so powerful. No matter who you are, get away. I will kill the guy in front of you. Anyone who blocks me is my enemy, no matter who it is.” Lin Buxui’s eyes flickered cold light, staring at the blood axe demon behind Yang Wenwu.

This time, he is here, one is for the Blood Axe Demon Lord, and the other is to obtain resources and improve his cultivation base.

Otherwise, he would not take such a huge risk to enter here.

In front of him, this person who claims to be his Master is indeed extremely powerful, but Lin Buxui is not in his eyes.

Even if he is lost, he can do it if he wants to escape.

His accomplishments in Dao of Array are unparalleled. He doesn’t think that in this world, in this eternal continent, or even in the eternal Heavenly Domain, no one can innate talent on Dao of Array. , Stronger than myself.

At the moment, the big formation has been set up.

If he loses, he can spend a large enough price to completely summon the illusory shadow of the devouring and slaughtering battleship, and fight against one. That way, even if he can’t beat it, he can definitely stand Invincible, escape, there is absolutely no problem.

This is the terrifying point of the devouring and slaughtering battleship.

“Short break, I know very well that your innate talent on Dao of Array is very outstanding, but that’s just an unorthodox way that’s all after all. It cannot improve your own cultivation base and enhance your own strength. It’s not enough. The formidable power of this Formation is indeed good, comparable to Martial Dao tenth realm, but that’s just that. In front of me, don’t say Martial Dao tenth realm, it is eleventh realm, even Martial Dao Twelfth realm is not enough to see.”

I only saw Yang Wenwu wave his hand.

There is an invisible force that exerts a terrifying force to oppress Lin Buxui.

This invisible force oppression is truly terrifying.

Under the pressure of this power, Lin Buxui faintly felt that the connection between himself and the’devil-swallowing and slaughter array’ had become weaker and weaker.

What surprised him even more is that his connection with the Devouring Demons and Slaughter Battleship has also become weak.

If you continue, I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to summon the devouring and slaughtering battleship.

So, he has no other options now.

The cold light flashed in my eyes, staring at Yang Wen Martial Dao: “It seems that you have chosen to meet force with me. It is not that simple to crack my array.”


Seeing that Lin Buxui is going to be completely angry, it is estimated that this is to use life and death cards to make a life and death battle.

This is not what he wants to see.

Now he is actually just an incarnation. Although he is powerful, Lin Buxui really wants to fight to the death, which is terrifying.

Lin Buxui’s character, he couldn’t be more clear.

He is that kind of person, it would rather break but cannot be bend.

When you say it, you will do it.

If you are in a hurry, I am afraid that he will really fight his life and death.

This is not good.

“Boy, listen to me, don’t be impulsive yet.” Yang Wenwu looked at Lin Buxui and said, “Do you know what this place is? This is a deserted land, also called a land of exile. Actually Shang, it is a prison. Everyone here has been banished from Foreign Domain.”

“Prison?” Lin Buxui heard it and said, “Take a world as the Prison? How is this possible?”

“There is nothing impossible. Under the control of the Heavenly Dao clan, all those who are enemies with it will be suppressed, killed, or exiled , This world is the place of exile for the Heavenly Dao clan.” Yang Wenwu said.

Heavenly Dao clan is also Heavenly Dao clan.

Even Lin Buxui had never heard of the Heavenly Dao clan when he was the eternal emperor of Heavenly Domain.

Is this mysterious race really so powerful?

“Once you enter this place of exile, there is no possibility of leaving. You have broken into the place of exile by yourself now and want to go out again. This is almost impossible.” Yang Wenwu looked at it. Looking at Lin Buxui, he was very surprised. Lin Buxui was supposed to be in Heavenly Domain.

But he is here now, and even his cultivation base is Martial Dao Paradise Realm. Obviously, it is already reincarnate and recultivate.

When he was in Heavenly Domain, he already knew that Lin Buxui had become the eternal emperor of Heavenly Domain.

But now, has it ended like this?

Yang Wenwu was really surprised.

What’s more surprising is that he just appeared in this most dangerous place and stepped into the place of exile.

How did he get here?

Why come?

And Lin Buxui frowned slightly when he heard this.

This does not seem to be a lie.

If this is the case, it will be troublesome.

“If you don’t believe me, you can use the’Nine-Chapter Deduction Technique’ to calculate, this life, you don’t even have this secret technique without cultivation, right?” Yang Wen Martial Dao .

The words came out.

Lin Buxui has completely believed him.

There are not many people who know the’Nine Chapters of Celestial Deduction’.

The only person who knows that he knows is his Master Yang Wenwu.

“Really there is no way to leave this place?” Lin Buxui said.

“No.” Yang Wen Martial Dao, “If I can, I will stay here as a teacher? I have already cut open seal and fled, I am at ease, where would I stay here? .”

Lin Buxui hearing this took a deep breath.

looked towards the distance.

That is an extremely powerful and terrifying breath.

Very evil.

He has never felt such an evil and strange atmosphere.

That breath seems to be becoming stronger.

To wake up.

But I don’t know when.

Lin Buxui has a strong hunch.

If that thing recovers and wakes up completely, this place will be completely annihilated.

Perhaps, this so-called place of exile, the so-called place of abandonment, was created to seal the existence of that terrifying.

“Where is that place?” Lin Buxui pointed to the source of the horror and asked.

Yang Wenwu looked at the place Lin Buxui was referring to, his face changed slightly, and said: “Boy, that’s not a place you can go, or to teach me. Once you enter there, there is only a dead end. In this deserted land, there is a real forbidden place, Land of Death, where it is, where anyone enters, will not have any vitality, never exception.”

“If you want to go out, There is probably the only chance.” Lin Buxui said at this moment.

“No, it’s going to die, not looking for a way out.”

“Originally, I have found a way to leave this deserted place, but he ruined everything. He is going to die, let him go.” Blood Axe Demon Lord still has a strong hatred for Lin Buxui. If his eyes can kill people, Lin Buxui probably has been beheaded countless times by him.

“He is my dísciple.” Yang Wenwu said coldly, “If you want to be disadvantageous to him, or what accident happened to him, you can don’t blame me for being impolite. “

Blood Axe Demon heard Yang Wenwu’s threat and stopped speaking.

Does he know how terrifying Yang Wenwu is?

If you really want to kill someone, no one in the scene can be his enemy.

This is why, no one dares to be impudent in front of Yang Wenwu in the entire deserted place.

“Boy, you are my dísciple. In this deserted land, no one dares to attack you. If anyone does, I will tear him up.” Yang Wenwu looked at Lin Buxui and said, ” As for leaving this deserted land, I will find a way for you. However, during this period, you must cultivation and return to Peak.”

“But within a year, you If it can’t be done, everything is in vain.”

Yang Wenwu is now the entire abandoned place, one of the top experts.

Strong strength and respected status.

Of course he already knows the current status of the entire deserted land.

The terrifying breath is already faintly awakened.

Within five years at most, that terrifying breath will wake up completely.

Once that guy wakes up, the entire abandoned place will be completely destroyed.

For some powerhouses, the abandoned land is destroyed, so they are equal to freedom.

However, if the deserted land remains, it would be a good thing for a very small number of people, but for others, it would be fatal.

As long as the strength is strong enough and there is a Supreme treasure body, when the entire small world is completely destroyed, they can also use the treasure and their own strength to escape and gain freedom.

Of course, there is another possibility.

Once the terrifying guy wakes up, he must find a way to recover himself.

So, how can it be restored in a short time?

There is only one way.

Swallow the entire deserted land, devour the creatures in this deserted land, to recover, to improve oneself.

This is what they worry about the most.

It is precisely because of this that many powerhouses in the Abandoned Land are trying to find a way to escape from this place.

However, after so many years, no one has found a way to leave this place, and the only way is to spend a great price to send his avatar away from this place.

But even so, its incarnation can only be on the edge of the deserted land, not too far away.

This is why, Blood Axe Demon Lord can only be in Tiandu Mountain, and Yang Wen Wudang never left Shanhe County at the beginning, even if he died in the end, he did not leave.

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