Eternal True God Chapter 214

"On these people? I still don’t put it in my eyes." Lin Buxui's cold light flickered, coldly said, "Abandoned land, so what? In my eyes, it’s also simply this, and recently, to me, all Demons must die, Old Guy, if you block, you must die too."

Lin Buxui will not easily let go of the Blood Axe Demon Lord.

This time, he has arranged Formation, and this Formation cost him a huge price.

Moreover, he felt the terrifying existence, and he was about to wake up.

That is also one of his goals.

However, to deal with the terrifying existence, only the real battleship might be possible.


"What a big tone!"

At this moment, all the Demons were angry when they heard this.

"Great Lord, he was so impudent, and let me kill him."


I didn't wait for Yang Wenwu to speak. , A Demon powerhouse has already started, turned into a giant eagle, and went straight to Lin Buxui.

The speed is as fast as a bolt of lightning.

In an instant, it was already in front of Lin Buxui's eyes, and the sharp eagle claws slammed it down.

sharp claw is very brutal.


Seeing that sharp claw is about to tear Lin Buxui's body, but he still has no worries at all. Instead, there is a scornful smile on the corners of his mouth. Any care.

When that sharp claw was about to catch Lin Buxui's body, a light curtain appeared, directly blocking Nay's overbearing attack.

Next, Lin Buxui's right hand lifted slightly, the mana condensed and turned into a giant hand, directly grasping the giant eagle in the hand, and firmly grasped it.

Shengsheng squeezed the giant eagle directly.

Next, in the void, a terrifying illusory shadow was condensed.

This illusory shadow seems to be a vast continent.

That is a terrifying giant ship.

The appearance of this huge ship made all Demon's hearts throb.

Fear is incomparable.

"Damn, what is this thing that makes me fear?"

"That is a huge ship."

"It's just one The illusory shadow has already made people feel trembling in fear." Some Demon powerhouses faintly gave birth to retreat.

Now, it is just an illusory shadow, which already makes people feel palpitations. If the body appears, how terrifying will it be?

"That seems to be the legendary devouring and slaughtering battleship!" said a weak voice.

At this moment, Yang Wenwu was also shocked.

Swallowing demons and slaughtering battleship, he naturally knows.

That was a powerful weapon to kill Demon during the Demon war.

At the moment, Lin Buxui doesn't know what means he can get, and he can summon the illusory shadow of the devouring and slaughtering battleship.

If this can summon the true form of the devouring and slaughtering battleship, it would be amazing.

Moreover, it will be exactly what he said.

This so-called deserted place will not be placed in his heart at all.

A battleship, one strikes down, and the entire deserted land must be shiver coldly under the terrifying firepower.

I can't hold it at all.

That is really too powerful.

"I said, all Demons must die." Lin Buxui did not hesitate, Formation broke out, and the terrifying Devouring Power had already exploded to the extreme.

On the entire city of blood axe.

Several terrifying black holes have appeared.

This is the horror of the Devouring Demons and Massacre.

These terrifying black holes are frantically devouring the power of Demon.

Refining it to strengthen itself.

Lin Buxui at this moment is unscrupulous.

In the crazy killing.

This scene made Yang Wenwu frown slightly.

When he accepted Lin Buxui as the dísciple, he already knew that his dísciple had a very strong hatred for the demon race.

But he didn't expect that his hatred of the Demon clan had reached such a level.

The killing intent on him is too strong, too strong.

"Lin Buxui, stop." At this time, Yang Wenwu said, "Just treat me as a face."

"old man, my character, you should It is clear that the decision I made will not change." Lin Buxui said coldly, "In my case, you also understand that now, I venture into this place, naturally, there is a purpose. First, it is the blood axe. Demon Lord, he must die."

Yang Wenwu's face was a little ugly.

It was rejected directly.

"Do you really want to kill to the last one in the city of Blood Axe?" Yang Wenwu was angry at this time, with cold light flashing in his eyes, staring at Lin Buxui, "Your current cultivation The base is just Martial Dao Paradise Realm. Although there are powerful means to summon a Supreme battleship, your cultivation realm is too low after all. If I do it, you don’t have any chance at all, do you know? "

"old man, don't waste your tongue." Lin Buxui said coldly, "I said, no one can save them today. Don't say it's you, it's the Divine King. The master of the avenue can't stop it, can't change their ending."

Lin Buxui did not stop the killing for Yang Wenwu.

On the contrary, it is more brutal and even worse.

A demon with low strength died under Formation.

All the inner core of flesh and blood is swallowed into Formation and turned into pure energy.

Lin Buxui's strength is faintly improved.

The devouring and slaughtering array is also improving.

In the void, that battleship is beginning to become gradually solid.

This terrifying battleship, illusory shadow, seems to be getting closer and closer.

In fact, Lin Buxui is very clear. With his current strength, there is absolutely no way to summon that devouring and slaughtering battleship.

Moreover, even if he really summoned out.

He can't really control it either.

The reason why he constantly summons the illusory shadow of the Devouring and Massacre battleship is to obtain the information of the Devouring and Massacre battleship and the rune above.

Allow him to build a battleship of devouring and slaughter by himself.

Create his own battleship of devouring and slaughter.

In other words, build an eternal battleship.

"Go on, let’s go together. He is only one person. No matter how strong this Formation formidable power is, he is only one person that's all. Besides, his cultivation realm is just Martial Dao Paradise Realm. That's it, I can't bear it at all."

Some powerful demons moved.

moved towards Lin Buxui rushed up.

However, they underestimated Lin Buxui too much, and too underestimated the power of this Formation.

Compared with before, now the formidable power of this Formation has swallowed a lot of Demon's blood, making it stronger and more terrifying.

Blood Axe Demon's face is very dignified.

This kid is too powerful.

Nowadays, there is such a terrifying array.

On the scene, unless Yang Wenwu this one peerless powerhouse takes the shot, otherwise, their demon race cultivator will really die.

He will be completely wiped out.

Even the Blood Axe Demon Lord himself did not have any certainty that he could escape.

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