Eternal True God Chapter 215

“Look for the great one to take action!”

“For the great one to take action!”

Since only Yang Wenwu has the possibility to resist Lin Buxui , Blood Axe Demon Lord and the others did not hesitate and asked for help one after another.

Yang Wenwu knew that if he didn’t do it at this time, he would have nothing to do.

If you really let Lin Buxui summon the illusory shadow of that battleship completely.

Not to mention the demon race in the City of Blood Axe, but the demon race in the entire deserted land may be completely wiped out.

Even the abandoned land will be blown up.

Although Yang Wenwu wanted to leave this deserted place very much.

But I don’t want this abandoned land to be broken.

Because, in this deserted land, a very terrifying existence is sealed.

The evil aura, if it awakens, it is during his Peak period, I am afraid it is not the enemy of that thing.

“Lin Buxui, listen to me, stop, they can’t kill, this is a deserted place, and there is a big horror, a big crisis, if you kill them all, once that thing breaks Seal, we all have to die.” Yang Wen’s imposing manner of great martial strength burst out, and he lifted his big hand to block Lin Buxui’s attack.

Rescued several Demon powerhouses from the terrifying black hole.

“What about the great horror, has anything to do with me?” Lin Buxui said coldly, “Since you have already said, this is a deserted land. Here, all the people who have been exiled, die That’s it.”

For Lin Buxui, if it is above the eternal continent.

Lin Buxui will consider it.

After all, it is about the safety of the entire eternal continent.

But this is not an eternal continent.

It is a place of exile.

The Abandoned Land, the people here are all banished.

These creatures are definitely guilty.

Even innocent people are absolutely rare.

He has Heavenly Dao magic eyes.

When Heavenly Dao magic opened, I saw everyone here, including Demon and Human Race.

Almost everyone has heavy karma.

This is sin.

Everyone, including Yang Wenwu, is not a good person.

In their hands, they are stained with countless blood.

“damned bastard, I was really blind at the beginning, and actually accepted you as a dísciple. It seems that you are persistent in your own wrong doings, without any repentance, so, today I only have to clean up the door.” At this time, Yang Wenwu was really angry. Judging from Lin Buxui’s attitude, he really wanted to kill everyone in the scene.

Kill all the demon race.

Even the person of the demonic cultivator, the person of the cultivation Demon Transformation, he may not let it go.

And Yang Wenwu himself is actually a Demon cultivator.

He condenses the body of the ancient Demon.

It’s just that he hides it well, no one can find that’s all.

However, if the devouring and slaughtering battleship comes out, there will be no way to hide his ancient Demon body.

So, he can only stop Lin Buxui at this time, and can’t let him give the terrifying battleship to summon.

Besides, if the terrifying existence in this place awakens, everyone in this place of exile doesn’t know what it will end up.

No one knows.

However, they did not dare to take risks.

Because it is about their own life and death.

At this moment, Yang Wenwu moved, and he took out a silver white steel whip.

This steel whip instantly turned into a White Dragon.

Sent a dragon roar.

Go directly to Lin Buxui’s body.

However, Yang Wenwu himself was a powerful force that broke out and turned into a giant.

Strikes to the core of this Formation eye arranged by Lin Buxui.

As long as the Formation is broken.

Then, Lin Buxui has nothing to do.

His cultivation realm is only Martial Dao Paradise Realm after all.

Once you lose the blessing of Formation, there is no way to use the power of Formation. He is an ant, unable to withstand a single blow.

“hong long!”

A loud noise.

Formation trembled, as if Heaven and Earth were about to shatter.

When that white giant dragon arrived in front of Lin Buxui, the giant ship in the void shot a white light.

This white light penetrated the body of the White Dragon in an instant.

The White Dragon uttered a mournful cry, transforming into the original form of a steel whip.

Lin Buxui grabbed the White Dragon steel whip with a big hand.

One thought moves.

Eternal Divine Furnace appears.

He threw this White Dragon Steel Whip into the Eternal Divine Furnace.

Suddenly the spirits are raging.

A powerful power erupted, and a huge divine fire grinding disc was condense, which obliterated Yang Wenwu’s Spiritual Imprint among the White Dragon steel whips.


Lin Buxui’s eyes are cold light flashed.

Three thousand ancient characters are condensed.

It directly weakened the spirit willpower of Yang Wenwu in the White Dragon steel whip.

Then use the spirit fire to directly obliterate his spirit willpower.

At the moment the White Dragon steel whip was erased from the spiritual imprint, Yang Wenwu trembled all over.

Spit a mouthful of blood came out.

Just now.

Lin Buxui condense a spear.

The spear of destruction.

It contains terrifying Destruction Strength, which comes from the void.

Cut through the sky and penetrate the universe.

In an instant, he penetrated Yang Wenwu’s body.

At this moment, Yang Wenwu himself was blinded.

He can be a Supreme powerhouse, Martial Dao can recover to the strength of Martial Dao thirteen realm in only half a step, but absolutely did not expect that he even trifling Lin Buxui of Martial Dao Paradise Realm, Moreover, this is his incarnation. The dísciple received at Heavenly Domain is still reincarnate and recultivate, and the kid who has not recovered his strength has hurt to the root.

This is completely beyond his expectations.

until now, in this place of exile, his strength is extremely powerful and his status is respected.

No one dares to be impudent in him.

He is one of the strongest cultivators in this exile.

Tyrannically abuse power here.

No one dared to be impudent to him or rude to him.

Moreover, in front of Human Race Martial Artist, he is very humble until now.

Being decent.

Unfair and unparalleled.

However, now, Lin Buxui, his incarnation in the dísciple of Heavenly Domain, actually forced him to such a point.

It filled his heart with anger.

“Old Guy, don’t you want to clean up the door? I’m going to see if you have any other means, show them all.” Lin Buxui looked at him coldly, “I said, look For the sake of your gift of art, I will not kill you, but this is only one chance.”

“Asshole, you are courting death, today, if you don’t kill you , I, Yang Wenwu, how can I have any face, in this deserted land?” Yang Wenwu was very angry.

His imposing manner became crazy.

The cultivation base is actually improving.

This space is closed.

Lin Buxui felt it.

This is not because he used the sleepy character.

But it was closed by Yang Wenwu.

Isolate the outside world.

Only he and Yang Wenwu are left.

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