Eternal True God Chapter 39

a sword light, soaring into the sky, in an instant, the light is brilliant.

Giant sword breaks through the sky, the power of the seven stars is invincible.

However, at this moment, in the void, a big hand appeared, covering the entire starry sky, the power of the seven stars was instantly blocked, and the sword qi was broken.

The giant hand was pressed down.


There was a loud noise, and at that moment, the huge palm of his hand drove Cao Chuanyu underground.

Smoke is everywhere.

Everyone was in an uproar.

The scene in front of me was shocking.

This Formation is so terrifying.

The power of the seven stars induced by the Seven Star God Exterminating Sword was blocked.

Cao Chuanyu, who is known as the Inner Disciple Number One Person, was directly suppressed.


shouting loudly.

The monstrous coercion made Cao Chuanyu complexion ashen.

He was hurt all over.

If the other party wants to kill him, at this moment, he has become a dead person.

“Terrifying, what kind of array is this? Too terrifying, he is stronger, Cao Chuanyu, there is no even the slightest strength to fight back, that is Cao Chuanyu who killed Paradise Realm powerhouse.”


“Yes, it’s no wonder that Guan Shi’an will fight against the crowd and give this Lingxiao Mountain to Lin Buxui, this young man is amazing.” It was too shocking.

If this Formation is really arranged by Lin Buxui himself, then his innate talent on Formation is already unparalleled.

“I knew Junior Brother Lin would do it.” He Kangqi was very happy.

Zhong Yuda was extremely shocked.

Not only him, but Guan Shian and Yuan Zhongzheng were shocked.

In Guan Shian’s view, although Lin Buxui can use the power of Formation to block Cao Chuanyu, it is not that easy. However, if he wants to completely defeat Cao Chuanyu, it is almost impossible.

But he absolutely did not expect that Cao Chuanyu would not have the slightest power to fight back in the Lin Buxui Formation.

In the Lingxiao Courtyard.

Su Xiaonian and the others, watching this scene, one by one was extremely excited, his face flushed.

This is the Master, he is too powerful.

We even used Martial Dao 4 Heavenly Layer to suppress the powerhouse of Spirit Refinement Peak.

Moreover, you can still kill Paradise Realm’s peerless Heaven’s Chosen.

See Cao Chuanyu escape from Formation.

Other people, not looked at each other in blank dismay.

In the distance.

Severe expression flashed in the eyes of Bi Changan.

“Damn it, this damn little bastard, how could it be possible to arrange such a powerful array, it was definitely given to him by Guan Shian.” At this time, Bi Changan still didn’t believe it, and still didn’t want to give up.

The hatred for Lin Buxui is stronger.

Earlier, he had already regarded this Lingxiao Mountain as his own cultivation treasure mountain.

At the moment, Lin Buxui has acquired Lingxiao Mountain. In his opinion, this is forcibly grabbing food from his mouth.

The hatred in this is to cut the way forward, just like killing a parent. This is absolutely irreconcilable hatred.

However, Bi Changan didn’t do it.

He is True Disciple and cannot be challenged directly.

Furthermore, with his current strength, there is no complete certainty that he can easily break this formation.

“little bastard, make you proud for a while, this Lingxiao Mountain will be mine sooner or later.” The killing intent in Bi Changan’s eyes disappeared.

Lin Buxui At this time, I don’t know that there is Bi Changan in the dark, who hates him deeply.

However, even if he knew it, he wouldn’t care.

“Who else is going to try, I am the power of Formation?” Lin Buxui’s voice came from the Formation, “this time, I will not kill people, next time, come one, I Kill one, come two, I will kill one pair.”

In the words, there is deterrence.

Extremely overbearing.

“What an arrogant tone.”

“It just doesn’t put us in my eyes.”

“trifling Martial Dao 4 Heavenly Layer, dare to do so Arrogant, is it possible that, he won’t come out forever?”

Outside the Lingxiao Mountain, everyone heard Lin Buxui’s words, all with anger.

When Guan Shian heard this, he couldn’t help but smile.

This kid is too impulsive.

In one sentence, almost everyone was offended.

“Junior Brother Lin, this is too domineering.” Zhong Yuda said, “I’m not as good as him.”

Hearing Zhong Yuda’s sigh, Guan Shian knocked on him. “What kind of domineering, this is arrogance. Although he has excellent innate talent on Dao of Array, his own cultivation realm is not enough. In the real battle of life and death, if there is no one to protect, how can the enemy give you? The time for the formation?”

“Junior Brother Lin is not that kind of impulsive person, he dares to do this, there must be his reason.” At this time, Zhong Yuda had an inexplicable admiration for Lin Buxui. .

There is also a peculiar trust.

Although Lin Buxui is only trifling Martial Dao 4 Heavenly Layer, no, before that, he was only Martial Dao 3 Heavenly Layer, so he can instruct He Kangqi’s cultivation base breakthrough and make it a Grade 5 Poison Master. .

Not only that, he also instructed Elder and Sun Yunchang of Danxinyuan.

That’s Elder.

Too many magical, incredible things have happened to Lin Buxui.

It seems that many impossible things can be achieved in him.

“Wait, don’t you want to leave?” Lin Buxui’s voice sounded again when everyone saw that they hadn’t left yet. This time, his voice went up high.

The threat is even stronger.

“Lin Buxui, you are just trifling Martial Dao 4 Heavenly Layer, do you really think that if you have Elder’s love, you can be unscrupulous?” A voice shouted, “We are here in the Lingxiao Mountain Besides, can you still take us into Formation?”

“Yes, Senior Brother Zhou is right.” Shen Lian said.

“Okay, fulfill you.” Lin Buxui’s voice fell, and a big hand gathered from the Lingxiao Mountain array and grabbed it directly.

Catch Shen Lian and Zhou Guhe.

When the two of them took a look, the complexion greatly changed.

The rest of the people were also panicked to the extreme.

Back up one after another.

terrifying, this is too terrifying.

What kind of array is this?

Is there such a power?

At this moment, Shen Lian and Zhou Guhe are backing frantically.

However, it was locked by Lin Buxui.

That big hand carries a terrifying coercion.

The strength of the two is only Spirit Refinement Realm Early-Stage.

Far more than Neng and Cao Chuanyu mention on equal terms.

Under the domineering coercion, although the two fled madly, they still couldn’t escape the capture of that big hand.

After a few breaths, the big hand grabbed the two of them.

In an instant, I took it into Lingxiao Mountain.

This moment.

Quiet terrifying.

Too powerful.

He had just defeated Cao Chuanyu, which was already very shocking.

The scene in front of me is even more speechless.

These methods.

I’m afraid Celestial Realm powerhouse can’t do it.

“This is the power of divine ability.” All elders stood up in shock.

“What kind of evildoer is this?” Yuan Zhongzheng also absolutely did not expect that he had already reached the point where Formation could be a master.

This Formation can burst out divine ability.

Only Formation divine ability can do it.

The accomplishments of Lin Buxui in Formation are too powerful.

“haha, this Little Brat is so surprising, I have a heaven’s Chosen in Changheyuan!” Guan Shian let out a hearty laugh, using Lin Buxui’s methods, Don’t talk about Inner Disciple, just give him the name of True Disciple, and it can be worthy of it.

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