Eternal True God Chapter 40

“Say, how do you want to die?” After taking Shen Lian, Zhou Gu and the two into Formation, Lin Buxui looked at them coldly, with a tone of voice. With killing intent.

Shen Lian, Zhou Gu and the two complexion changed.

They absolutely did not expect Lin Buxui to be so terrifying.

They were arrested directly outside of Formation.

Too powerful.

This is already a means to surpass Paradise Realm.

Even the powerhouse of Celestial Realm may not be possible.

The horrible imposing manner made them simply unable to resist.

“Junior Brother Lin, spare your life!”

“We know that we were wrong, Junior Brother Lin spare our lives! We won’t dare anymore!” Zhou Guhe cried out for mercy.

“Yes, we don’t dare anymore. I beg Junior Brother Lin for mercy.” Shen Lian did the same.

The two directly knelt down.

Lin Buxui is too domineering.

Although, in Heavenly Luck Mansion, there are rules, unless you go to the Martial Practice Stage to fight the martial stage, otherwise, you can’t use force.

But Lin Buxui does not necessarily play cards according to common sense.

Even more how, this time, they provoked.

Under such circumstances, it is not necessarily true.

So many of them have already hit the door, Lin Buxui just resisted and was forced to do it.

Kill them, that’s what it deserves.

Even more how, the two of them couldn’t be clearer. If Lin Buxui killed them, even if there was a mistake, it is estimated that they would only be punished a little that’s all.

How can a dead person compare to such a peerless genius?

“I can’t kill you.” Lin Buxui said coldly, “However, capital crimes are inevitable, and living crimes are inevitable!”

Lin Buxui played two True Qi with one hand.

Pointed on the two dantians.


After two muffled sounds.

Shen Lian, Zhou Gu, and the two of them suddenly fell to the ground.

Their eyes widened.

Absolutely did not expect Lin Buxui to be so vicious.

They abolished their cultivation base directly.

That is very ruthless than killing them.

“You…” Zhou Guhe stared at Lin Buxui with resentment in his eyes. If his divine ability is enough to kill, at this moment, Lin Buxui has been chopped up ten-thousand times by a Thousand blades, I don’t know how many times I have died, “You are so vicious that we have destroyed our cultivation base. You must die!”

“Lin Buxui, you beast!” Shen Lian also let out a scream, resentful.

Lin Buxui directly destroyed their dantian, which means that they have become useless. If there is no accident, there will be no possibility of cultivation.

How can they not hate this?

“You asked for this.” Lin Buxui was coldly snorted and threw the two out.

Outside Lingxiao Mountain.

The moment Shen Lian and Zhou Guhe appeared, everyone was shocked again.

“Lin Buxui…he’s so bold!” A person said with a trembling voice, “The dantians of Shen Lian and Zhou Guhe were broken, and they became useless.”

“The shot was too cruel.”


No one thought that Lin Buxui really dared to do what he said.

They all backed off one after another.

I’m afraid they will be the next one.

This guy is totally unruly.

At this time, a group of people came.

“The court is here. It is the Law Enforcement Group of the court. See how Lin Buxui is still arrogant.” Seeing the dísciple of the court came, everyone was excited.

The court is very powerful. In the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion, the strength of the court is not weaker than that of Tianyang Court.

Furthermore, the Law Enforcement Group, which is in charge of the court, has the power of law enforcement and trial. In the Heavenly Luck Mansion, it is aloof and remote.

If someone violates the sect rules of Heavenly Luck Mansion, the executive court will come forward and arrest them for trial.

Even if Lin Buxui is strong and outstanding, he has not grown up after all. If he is caught in the executive court, he will not end well.

The person who came is Situ Qingshan.

He has a cold face and cold light eyes.

After arriving outside Lingxiao Mountain, he stopped.

Looking at this Lingxiao Mountain, he was very jealous. Lin Buxui is just a Martial Artist of a trifling Martial Dao 3 Heavenly Layer. Can he get a treasure mountain like Lingxiao Mountain?

Ta Situ Qingshan, but the main peak owned by the Captain of the Law Enforcement Group of the Executive Court is far worse than this.

However, this time, Lin Buxui is asking for trouble.

Last time, Zhong Yuda was protecting him. This time, he violated the sect rules. Even Zhong Yuda’s Master Guan Shian Elder could not protect him.

“Lin Buxui, you are too impudent. You don’t take Heavenly Luck Mansion’s sect rules in your eyes. You dare to commit such a violent attack on the same sect. This is a big crime!” Situ Qingshan Gao shouted,” Come out soon, and I will return to the court to be sentenced.”

“Captain Situ, you are very good, you must be the master for us, Lin Buxui, this beast, he ignored the sect rules and broke us. The dantian abolished our cultivation base.” The two cried out when they saw the arrival of Situ Qingshan and the others.

“Yes, this and the others do not deserve to be called the dísciple of Heavenly Luck Mansion. It is too ruthless. Such a cruel person is actually a heavy hand against the same sect dísciple and must not stay. Kill him.” A voice shouted.

“Kill him.”

“Get out!”

Everyone shouted.

They are also afraid.

Such a madman, if he grows up, is a huge threat to them.

All the people present came to fight for the Lingxiao Mountain. Now it can be said that they are all Lin Buxui’s enemies and offend him.

And, Lin Buxui, always abolishes the cultivation base.

Who knows, will Lin Buxui do something to them?

They are scared.

“Situ Qingshan is you again?” Lin Buxui looked at the coming Situ Qingshan. This guy has been aiming at himself. When he comes in, he is aiming at himself. Lin Buxui has never been to Heavenly. Luck Mansion, never made enemies here in Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Then there are only two possibilities for him to target himself like this.

One, he is the enemy of his father Lin Yi.

Secondly, he is related to Hunter Hall.

The probability of first is relatively small. Before that, his identity has not been exposed, so the second probability is the largest.

The relationship between Situ Qingshan and Hunter Hall is very close, in other words, it is related to Huang Yunan.

“Lin Buxui, please open Formation soon and follow me.”

“Follow you?” Lin Buxui whispered, “Why?”

“Just because I am the Law Enforcement Group, you abolish the cultivation base of Shen Lian, Zhou Gu and the two, and violate sect rules. Naturally, you have to follow me to Law Enforcement Group and be punished. This time, Zhong Yuda can’t save you. Even Elder Guan Shian of the Changheyuan can’t do it either.” Situ Qingshan said coldly, “If you don’t come out by yourself, I have a way to break this formation. In Heavenly Luck Mansion, no one can escape the arrest of the court. “

“I see who dares!”

At this time, Guan Shian finally couldn’t help it. He came from a distance and shouted loudly.

He too understands the power of the court.

Although Situ Qingshan’s cultivation realm is average, there are many ways to enforce the court.

“No one can take away my dísciple from Changheyuan.”

“Close Elder, please don’t make me wait. Although Lin Buxui did not kill, he was in the Martial Practice Stage. Fighting outside of the martial stage easily abolishes the cultivation base of others. This has violated my Heavenly Luck Mansion’s sect rules and should be punished by entering the court. Although you are Elder, you can’t stop it.” Situ Qingshan was full of confidence and stared. Guan Shian Road.

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