Eternal True God Chapter 41

"I abolished the cultivation base of the two of them. That is what they deserve. If you don't kill them, it is already a show mercy." At this time, Lin Buxui stepped out of Formation and looked at Situ Qingshan. coldly said.

"You abolished their cultivation base for no reason, do you dare to quibble?" Situ Qingshan yelled, then turned to Guan Shian, "Guan Elder, this kid, at this time, dare So quibble, the facts are in front of your eyes, you still have to defend him?"

"Well said, Elder, you can’t abandon your business for your own sake, even if you value him more, but this kid is broken sect rules should be punished. As for how to punish, it is up to the ego court to decide." At this time, one person came out, Zuo Xingliang.

Zuo Xingliang stared at Lin Buxui, this kid, innate talent is amazing, but unfortunately he killed Huang Yunan’s son Huang Lifeng, and Huang Yunan is a Vice Hall Master in Hunter Hall. Now Huang Yunan has given him a lot Good, ask him for help, as long as he sends Lin Buxui out of Heavenly Luck Mansion, he has already agreed to this little thing. If he can't handle it, wouldn't he lose face.

At this time, everyone present was taking pleasure in other people's misfortune.

Nowadays, Zuo Xingliang is on the stage to target Lin Buxui and make them happy.

One by one, it depends on how Lin Buxui ends.

This Zuo Xingliang is not a good crop.

He has a very high status in the court, a very strong cultivation base, and he is also the nephew of the left Elder in the court, and he is highly regarded by the left Elder.

The strength of the left Elder can be better than Guan Shian.

Guan Shian complexion sank.

coldly said: "Zuo Xingliang, are you teaching me how to do things? Your strength is not enough to let your Uncle Zuo Changlong come to the same level."

And Zuo Changlong has never dealt with it.

But I have to admit that Zuo Changlong's strength is better than him.

But even so, he is not afraid of Zuo Changlong.

Not to mention the trifling junior Zuo Xingliang.

"Junior naturally doesn't dare, but, off Elder, are you going to violate the sect rules and protect this kid?" Zuo Xingliang was not afraid, staring at Guan Shiandao.

I have to admit that Zuo Xingliang is really courageous.

He is just a True Disciple, who dares to be so impudent to an Elder.

"Senior, let me take care of this matter." Lin Buxui finished speaking, staring at Zuo Xingliang, Situ Qingshan came to trouble him, and he was instructed by Zuo Xingliang. Is the mastermind behind the scenes, and why does he want to target himself? There is a high probability that it is related to Huang Yunan, and even Zuo Xingliang and his mother were arrested.

"Zuo Xingliang, right? I remember you."

"Lin Buxui, it seems that you are very self-aware. Just let me go." Zuo Xingliang smiled slightly proudly.

The kid of a trifling Martial Dao 4 Heavenly Layer, can't be considered at all.

Even if the Formation innate talent is high, so what?

In the face of absolute strength, everything is empty talk.

"Wrong?" Lin Buxui coldly snorted, said, "I didn't make any mistakes. I abolished their cultivation base, which is actually a great achievement. On the contrary, your Law Enforcement Group is actually maintaining them. , It would be a big mistake to do it to me."

As soon as this word came out, the audience was stunned.

"Do you know what you are talking about?" At this moment, Situ Qingshan loudly said.

"You maintain them in this way, I am afraid that you have a great connection with them. You know, colluding with Demon is a big crime." Lin Buxui said this, everyone present, suddenly complexion greatly changed.

"Lin Buxui, you are so brave!" When Zuo Xingliang heard this, he was furious, and his powerful imposing manner suddenly burst out, staring at Lin Buxui, shouted, "Do you dare to frame me? Collusion with Demon?"

"Lin Buxui, there is no evidence, you can't speak nonsense." This is because Guan Shian also has a serious face and framed a True Disciple for colluding with Demon. This is not a trivial matter.

If it is a trivial matter, he can still handle it.

However, they framed others for colluding with Demon.

Even if he is Changheyuan Elder, Lin Buxui cannot be kept.

"Lin Buxui, today, if you can't tell the reason, you are probably going to die here." Zuo Xingliang said coldly.

He made no secret of his killing intent.

"This Lin Buxui is really courting death. Although he abolished both Shen Lian and Shen Lian, the world's security guarded him and he was executed in court. He might not kill him. At most, he was punished. So bold, it actually framed Zuo Xingliang for colluding with Demon. It really brings about one's own destruction."

"Yes, a peerless Formation genius is about to fall."

At this time, Shen Lian and Zhou Gu and the two had ugly faces.

He was very flustered.

The two of them had a mysterious person to help each other. They were cultivation with the blood of Demon. They didn't know the origin of that mysterious person.

The mysterious person dared not reveal his name or even revealed his face. It was very strange.

However, that person allowed their cultivation base to be promoted. This allowed the two of them to agree to deal with the mysterious person regardless of other things.

But now, if this matter is exposed, they might really be in serious trouble.

Now, only the dantian is broken and the cultivation base is abolished.

Find the mysterious person, there may not be no way to recover.

But if the mysterious person is really related to Demon, and this matter is still exposed, they are more than simply abolishing the cultivation base.

The two regret it now.

Are you okay to trouble this plague god?

It's just a trifling Lingxiao Mountain.

This cultivation Baoshan, although it is very good, but also not they can afford it.

Many powerhouses have peeped at this cultivation Baoshan.

With the strength of the two, it is simply unstoppable.

"I dare say, there is evidence of course." Lin Buxui contemptuously said, "The two of them, the innate talent is unremarkable, but the cultivation base is not weak. In a short period of time, the cultivation realm has improved. When I arrive at the Spirit Refinement Realm, isn’t there anything weird in this?"

"Lin Buxui, you are the wicked person who filed a complaint first. Both of us have accumulated our cultivation progress to the Spirit Refinement Realm. What's the point? "Shen Lian loudly said, "My brother, although I wanted to take your Lingxiao Mountain for cultivation, you were plot against, and you were so badly handed. Now that the Law Enforcement Group is here, you don’t want to repent, and you framed it. I am waiting to collude with Demon? What do you intend to do?"

"Yes, Lin Buxui, you are it possible that vainly attempting to subvert the sect rules?" Zhou Guhe said, "I suspect that you are the Demon's It’s an ulterior motive to sneak into the Heavenly Luck Mansion."

"Which is true or false, it’s not the final decision with your mouth." Lin Buxui looked at them contemptuously, "To do Struggling to death, it’s useless, everyone, if you don’t believe it, you can cut through their hands and check their blood, then you will know."

Seeing Lin Buxui so confident and confident. Incomparable.

Situ Qingshan and Zuo Xingliang had a faint premonition in their hearts.

But Shen Lian Zhougu and the two, at this time, the complexity has greatly changed.

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