Eternal True God Chapter 42

“I’ll come.” At this time, Guan Shian started his hand. His mana exploded and grabbed the two of them with a big hand. Then, a mana cohesion broke through. Arm.

Bright red blood came out.

“This blood, there is nothing strange.” Situ Qingshan said, “Lin Buxui, what do you have to say now?”

“Trash.” Lin Buxui said contemptuously. .

“Well, you Lin Buxui, you are courting death.” Situ Qingshan was furious, raised his hand and punched, moved towards Lin Buxui and hit him.

Lin Buxui was coldly snorted, and when his mind moved, the Lingxiao Mountain array exploded, forming a shield in front of him, blocking Situ Qingshan’s fist.

Then, the power turned into a big punch.

Swipe it directly and hit Situ Qingshan fiercely.

This time, Situ Qingshan complexion changed.

He has forgotten Lin Buxui, and can still use the power of Formation.

He has already seen the power of this Formation.

He had to shoot with all his strength.

“Smash the tablet!”

He loudly shouted, and he shot out with one hand, the true essence condensed, and the void formed a giant tablet, blocking that fist.

Two forces collide.

Suddenly burst open, and suddenly the strong wind howled, tearing all around.

“A domineering force.”

Everyone backed away.

“This Formation is really powerful.” Zuo Xingliang’s eyes narrowed slightly. Lin Buxui’s strength has already aroused his interest.

This kind of person has such a powerful accomplishment in Formation, if it can be used for him, it will be a huge help.

However, it seems that this kid is not funny at all.

As a genius, if you can’t use it for yourself, you will have to die if you want to fight against yourself.

The murderous intention in Zuo Xingliang’s eyes flashed away.

At this time, Guan Shian’s powerful imposing manner broke out, blocking the two of them.

Elder’s strength is extremely powerful.

As soon as he shot, he directly suppressed the audience.

Lin Buxui felt tremendous pressure.

This is the gap between the cultivation realm.

Even if he relies on Formation, it is far behind.

“Stop it.”

Guan Shian’s eyes swept, no one can bear this domineering look.

This kind of coercion is too strong.

The Inner Disciple present did not have the courage to resist.

Situ Qingshan is the same.

He raised his hand and patted Shen Lian and Zhou Guhe on their bodies, and a special blood suddenly appeared, and there was a unique breath in this blood.

At this moment, everyone suddenly changed.

“The blood of Demon.”

“This is really the blood of Demon. How is this possible?”

“No, it is impossible, Shen Lian How could there be Demon’s blood with Zhou Guhe?” The appearance of Demon’s blood completely blinded Situ Qingshan and Zuo Xingliang.

I can’t believe it at all.

That is really the blood of Demon.

At this time, several powerful imposing manners came from the outside.

The leader, dressed in a white Confucian shirt, has an elegant face and a slight whiteness on the temples.

I stepped forward, but with the majesty of a superior.

Standing there, no one dared to take him lightly.

This is Yu Wenhe, the instructor of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

The others are the Seven Sect Masters of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

“Head teacher!”

“Head teacher!”

Everyone salutes.

Yuwenhe raised his hand, his sleeves flicked slightly, a force of strength lifted Shen Lian and Zhou Guhe.

The powerful imposing manner enveloped the two of them.

“It really is the blood of Demon.” He said.

After Yuwen has said this, this matter has been concluded.

“these two people really colluded with Demon?”

“Too terrifying, in my Heavenly Luck Mansion, Demon actually sneaked in.”

At this moment, everyone is a little panic-stricken.

Demon is the enemy of Human Race.

until now, Demon and Human Race are both at odds.

Demon sneaked into Human Race, but it is not one or two times anymore.

Even Heavenly Luck Mansion is no exception.

“Lin Buxui, you are fine. This time, if you have done a great job, you can go to Hidden Treasure Pavilion and choose a treasure.” After speaking, Yuwenhe grabbed Shen Lian and Zhou. Therefore, with the two, turned around and stood up.

The other Sect Masters also nodded to Lin Buxui and turned away.

“Zuo Xingliang, what are you still doing here, get back.” At this moment, a voice came from a distance, it was Zuo Changlong, he was scolded.

Zuo Xingliang glared at Lin Buxui, then turned and left.

At this time, Situ Qingshan was very nervous.

He absolutely did not expect that these two people are really related to Demon.

Collusion with Demon is definitely a capital crime.

It hurts him.

At this moment, he can’t wait to chopped up Shen Lian, Zhou Gu and the two up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

However, there is no alternative.

This is the end of the matter, and he is completely out of his control.

If the two of them insist that it is related to him, he will not escape punishment and may even lose his life.

“It’s gone, it’s all gone.” Guan Shian shouted loudly.

At this time, everyone left.

In their eyes, Lin Buxui is too terrifying.

“Good boy, it is really surprising, you actually found the trace of Demon.” Guan Shian patted his shoulder and said, “However, you can’t be careless. This matter is not trivial. Of course, you shouldn’t I think too much, and cultivation is good.”

“Yes, senior.” Lin Buxui said.

After Guan Shian and everyone left, Lin Buxui entered the formation method.

The power of Formation is extremely exhausted.

The spiritual power of the Spirit Stone in the formation has been exhausted.

At that time, it would be really troublesome if everyone really attacked Formation together.

His cultivation realm is only Martial Dao 4 Heavenly Layer after all.

It has reached the limit of being able to support it up to now.

In fact, it was Lin Buxui himself, and he did not expect that Shen Lian and Zhou Guhe would actually cultivate with the blood of Demon.

If it weren’t, it’s really not that easy for him this time to force Zuo Xingliang and the others back.

Wait for him to finish Formation again.

Zhong Yuda and He Kangqi are here.

“Junior Brother Lin, congratulations!” Zhong Yuda smiled haha ​​and said to Lin Buxui.

“Congratulations!” He Kangqi also said.

“It’s just escaped trouble once, what can you congratulate?” Lin Buxui smiled lightly, raised his hand and said, “Two Senior Brothers, please come in.”

He introduced the two into the other courtyard.

After the three of them sat down.

The maid served tea.

“Junior Brother Lin, you don’t know, this time, you got the permission of the master teacher, and once you have the opportunity to enter the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, this is a great thing.” Zhong Yuda said.

“Yes, there are so many treasures in the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, and each one is extremely precious. There is even Emperor Treasure among them. If you can choose Emperor Treasure, Junior Brother Lin wouldn’t make a big profit? Just a piece of Heavenly Grade treasure will make people envious.” He Kangqi also explained, “A piece of Heavenly Grade treasure is a huge improvement in its own military force.”

“Hidden In the Treasure Pavilion, is there an Emperor Treasure?” Lin Buxui heard it and looked at the two and said.

Emperor Treasure, that is the weapon of the Great Emperor level, naturally extremely powerful.

If it is deployed, the formidable power is infinite.

He was also a great emperor in his previous life, and he knew in his heart that there was Emperor Treasure in his hands, and that there was no Emperor Treasure. The difference between them was quite terrifying.

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