Eternal True God Chapter 43

“Naturally, there is, but the Emperor Treasure is alive, and ordinary people will not be recognized at all.” Zhong Yuda said, “If you can get the approval of the Emperor Treasure, you can only find it, but, To be recognized by Emperor Treasure, easier said than done? You can get a Heavenly Grade treasure, which is already very profitable.”

“This opportunity, Junior Brother Lin, you have to take it well, and , This time, you have been recognized by the head teacher, then Junior Brother Lin is already at the position of the master of Lingxiao Mountain, and no one dares to provoke him again.” He Kangqi raised his teacup and took a sip. He took out something and handed it to Lin Buxui, “However, Junior Brother Lin offended Zuo Xingliang and the others, but he had to guard against it. There is a talisman that can withstand the powerhouse blow of the divine ability.”

Zhong Yuda looked at him and was slightly surprised.

The talisman that can withstand the powerhouse blow of the divine ability is an extremely precious talisman.

This thing can save a life at a critical moment.

Too precious.

Didn’t expect, He Kangqi is so generous.

“Junior Brother He, you have lost money.” Zhong Yuda said.

“What’s this? Compared to the help Junior Brother Lin gave me, not worth mentioning.” He Kangqi shook his head, but Lin Buxui gave him the complete’Heavenly Medicine Heart Sutra’, not just Let him break through to Paradise Realm, and let him become the Poison Master. Compared with what he got, this little talisman is really far from it.

“This talisman is too precious.” There are few talisman masters, and such a life-saving talisman is even rarer.

For Paradise Realm’s Martial Artist, a talisman that can withstand the blow of a powerhouse of divine ability is so precious, he knows how precious it is.

This is a life-saving thing.

“Junior Brother Lin, but absolutely don’t refuse.” He Kangqi looked at Lin Buxui and said, “This is just a little bit of my caution. Besides, Junior Brother Lin cultivation realm is still low, and yours Enemy, the strength is not weak. It’s okay in this Heavenly Luck Mansion. If you leave Heavenly Luck Mansion, it’s hard to say.”

Lin Buxui saw him like this, so he had to accept the talisman.

This talisman is really helpful to him.

After all, he can’t always be in this Heavenly Luck Mansion.

His cultivation realm is not enough. In the Heavenly Luck Mansion, the speed of cultivation is too slow.

Only hunting Demon is the fastest way to increase cultivation base.

Besides, he is going to go out soon, looking for the sacred fire.

Ignite the Eternal Divine Furnace with sacred fire.

He learned from Wu Xiaoyang that Su Yihuan’s fiancee Lu Panpan might have a spiritual fire. Although the spiritual fire is not as good as the divine fire, it can be used to ignite the Divine Furnace.

With this talisman, it will be much safer.

He originally wanted to keep a low profile, but after entering Heavenly Luck Mansion, many things couldn’t help him.

In addition, he needs cultivation resources, so it doesn’t matter if he is more public.

More cultivation resources can be obtained.

“So, this talisman, I am disrespectful.” Lin Buxui said.

“Compared to the Junior Brother He, this talisman, this thing like me is much inferior.” At this time, Zhong Yuda also took out a box, and the box opened slowly.

That is a jade order.

Slightly golden, carved on it is a mouse-shaped Spirit Beast, with vivid eyes.

“This is actually a treasure hunting jade order?” Lin Buxui was slightly surprised when he saw this.

I didn’t expect that within the realm, there is also a treasure hunting jade order, which is really surprising.

This thing is in Heavenly Domain, and it is also extremely precious.

It’s just a pity that this jade order is incomplete.

The treasure hunting spirit has been lost.

Moreover, there is not much spiritual power contained.

In addition, the rune on the jade order is also greatly damaged.

This treasure hunting jade order is of no great use in the hands of ordinary people.

“Junior Brother actually knew this treasure hunting jade order?” Zhong Yuda heard Lin Buxui’s words and was very surprised. This treasure hunting jade made him accidentally found in a ruin.

And this treasure hunting jade order has great restrictions.

You can only use it once a year, and the treasure you can find depends on luck.

If this were not the case, he would not bear this treasure hunting jade order.

“I saw it in an ancient book. I didn’t expect to see the real treasure hunting jade order. It’s just a pity that this treasure hunting jade order has been broken and damaged, and the effect has been greatly reduced.” Lin Buxui looked at it. With this jade order, it is not easy to repair this jade order.

“This treasure hunting jade order was given to Junior Brother Lin.” Zhong Yuda said.

“Give it to me, this is a treasure hunt jade order. Although it has been damaged and damaged, the effect is greatly reduced, but it is also very precious.” Lin Buxui put the treasure hunt jade order in the box and pushed it in front of Zhong Yuda,” If you can find a way to repair it, the value of this treasure hunting jade order is comparable to Emperor Treasure.”

Zhong Yuda smiling this haha, once again put the jade box in Lin Buxui’s hands.

“If a complete treasure hunting jade is naturally precious, but this treasure hunting jade is already incomplete and damaged. It has great limitations. It is actually not very useful. For me, it is not very useful. It’s very useful, but Junior Brother is different. Right now we have the opportunity to enter the Hidden Treasure Pavilion. Although the effect of this jade order is mediocre, it may be able to help Junior Brother Lin a little bit, so don’t refuse Junior Brother. “

Lin Buxui knew Zhong Yuda was also kind.

Actually, with Lin Buxui’s eyesight, in the treasure vault, what treasure is there that can escape his eyes?

As for this treasure hunting jade order, if it can be repaired, it will be of great benefit to him.

Of course, with his current cultivation base, it is quite difficult to repair this jade order, but if you can get the spirit fire and light the Divine Furnace, it will be easy to repair this jade order A lot.

“Well, I will accept this jade order. Here, I would like to thank the two Senior Brothers first.” Lin Buxui raised his teacup and said to the two of them, “Here, Junior Brother, I will say Tea instead of wine, to two Senior Brothers.”


The three toasted and drank.

Lin Buxui said again: “I don’t know if two Senior Brothers know Linghuo?”

“Linghuo, naturally knows, what did Junior Brother ask this for? Could it be Junior Brother? Want to use spirit fire?” He Kangqi said, “Spirit fire is very precious, only the Sect Master of my Danxinyuan has it. If Junior Brother Lin wants to borrow spirit fire, I can find a way to ask Sect Master.”

Alchemist, pill concocting, is the best.

Ordinary Alchemist, only ordinary flames.

But the pill concocting effect of ordinary flames is far inferior to spirit fire.

The gap is huge. For Alchemist, it is a matter of yearn for something even in dreams to have a spiritual fire of your own.

In addition to Alchemist, there is also a Refiner Master, which is also in great need of spiritual fire.

The effect of spiritual fire melting various metals is the fastest and the best.

If there is spiritual fire, then as far as Refiner Master is concerned, it will be able to like a fish back in water, and the level of casting refiners will be amazingly improved.

So, if there are traces of spiritual fire, Refiner Master and Alchemist will often cost a great deal to obtain them.

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