Eternal True God Chapter 44

The spiritual fire of the Sect Master in Danxinyuan.

Lin Buxui can’t even think about it.

Find him for spiritual fire, for fear that he will be killed.

Lin Buxui didn’t expect that in this eternal continent, spiritual fire is so hard to find.

Unlike Heavenly Domain, although spiritual fire is also very precious and rare, it is not that difficult.

Even Shenhuo is the same.

It’s just that Shenhuo is hard to surrender that’s all.

If you don’t have enough strength, you can’t control the sacred fire.

“I want my own spiritual fire.” Lin Buxui said to the two. “If the two Senior Brothers have any spiritual fire, or news about the fire, please let me know.”

Zhong Yuda hearing this, said: “Junior Brother wants to obtain a spiritual fire by himself? This is not an ordinary difficulty. After all, the spiritual fire is too precious. As for the sacred fire, in this eternal continent, There have only been two sacred fires. Today, there is one in Pill Dao sect, and it is also the only one that has been subdued. It belongs to the Sect Master of Pill Dao sect. You don’t need to think about this Junior Brother. In the case of Linghuo, recently There is a message, but it is true or false. I don’t know.”

“Senior Brother, let’s talk about it.” Lin Buxui said.

“It is said that in the depths of the deserted sand and sea, there is news of spiritual fire. As for true or false, no one knows. But that day, the deserted sand and sea were full of crises and there were sand scorpions. Once Enter, you will encounter the attack of the Sand Scorpion clan, even the powerhouse of the divine ability level, dare not enter rashly.” Zhong Yuda explained.

“Well, if I have the opportunity, I will explore it.” Lin Buxui’s divine light flickered.

For him, it is very necessary to obtain spiritual fire.

Otherwise the Eternal Divine Furnace cannot be ignited, and his’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’ will be difficult to improve.

Besides, now within the realm, there is no sacred fire, so you can only evolve with the sacred fire, constantly devouring the sacred fire, to grow, and promote it to the sacred fire.

“This…Junior Brother Lin, you are going to the deserted sand sea. I am afraid not now. Your cultivation realm is still too low. I don’t think his Senior will let you down the mountain.” Zhong Yuda Upon hearing it, I was a little anxious.

If Lin Buxui left Heavenly Luck Mansion and went to the deserted sand sea to search for a spiritual fire, and something happened, then his guilt would be serious.

Master Guan Shian, I am afraid he will be stripped of his skin.

In the beginning, Lin Yi Senior Brother went out desperately, but something happened and never came back.

Master Guan Shian looked around, but didn’t find the trace.

“Senior Brother, you can rest assured that I have my own measures.” Lin Buxui said.

“If Junior Brother Lin is going to find the spiritual fire, I can contribute to Junior Brother Lin when the time comes, and I would like to be with Junior Brother Lin.” He Kangqi said.

“Well, if you need the help of two Senior Brothers, I will definitely not be polite.” Lin Buxui said.

“It’s so good.”


After the two left.

Lin Buxui sits alone in the courtyard.

He took out the treasure hunting jade order.

The Spiritual Qi in this jade order is already very thin.

The rune is badly damaged.

Most people can’t fix it, but for Lin Buxui, he can try it.

“Starry Sky Treasure Refining Technique, Condensation!”

Lin Buxui uses Formation to attract Power of Stars in the starry sky to repair this treasure.

Above the starry sky, Power of Stars spilled down and merged into the treasure hunting jade order.

This treasure hunting jade order flashes brightly.

Begin to absorb Power of Stars.

Under the tempering of the starry sky Treasure Refining Technique.

Those runes have been repaired little by little.

Although it is very slow, it can be seen clearly.

The effect is very good.

At this speed, this treasure hunt can be greatly improved in just a few days.

However, Lin Buxui does not have that many time. He is impossible to use the Starry Sky Treasure Refining Technique to repair this trifling treasure hunt.

After about one hour.

Lin Buxui stopped repairing.

The treasure hunt jade order at this time can already be used twice.

But it is enough.


Heavenly Luck Mansion, Hidden Treasure Pavilion.

Zhong Yuda took Lin Buxui to the Hidden Treasure Pavilion.

This pavilion is towering.

gold and jade in glorious splendor, but outside this attic, there is a terrible murderous intention.

There are strong prohibitions and Formation, if outsiders break in, nine deaths and still alive.

Not only that, there is only one old man guarding the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, but the strength of this old man is extremely terrifying.

Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes.

The old man was slightly surprised when he saw Lin Buxui’s arrival.

But it’s only slightly surprised that’s all.

“Bao Lao, this is Lin Buxui Junior Brother. Yesterday, I got permission from the instructor to enter the Hidden Treasure Pavilion and choose a treasure.” Zhong Yuda said respectfully to the old man, gave a salute.

“Boy Zhong, this is your new dísciple from Changhe Yard? Martial Dao 4 Heavenly Layer. It is not bad to get permission from Supreme Master to get a treasure.” Bao Lao nodded and said, “Since it is approved by the master teacher, you can go in. Remember, there are only 5 minutes of time, and you can only choose one. As for what you choose, it depends on you.”

Bao Lao Waved.

Lin Buxui suddenly felt a force, lifted him up, and sent him into the Hidden Treasure Pavilion.

After entering Hidden Treasure Pavilion.

There are many treasures displayed in a dazzling array.

There are weapons, knives, guns and clubs, and battle axe hooks and forks. We have all kinds of weapons.

Other treasures, the pill furnace, are also emerging in endlessly.

It was dazzling.

It’s just that, some of these are not in Lin Buxui’s eyes.

In the eyes of ordinary people, these things are good, but Lin Buxui was who?

In previous lives, that was the eternal emperor of Heavenly Domain.

The things in this treasure trove were rubbish in his previous life. Take a look at Will Not, keep it and take up space.

At least Heavenly Grade treasure is required to be eye-catching.

Of course, since there is an Emperor Treasure in the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, his purpose is to obtain the Emperor Treasure.

If you can get it, it would be better.

If not.

Then also look for something that can help you.

Lin Buxui walked slowly in.

He doesn’t even look at some weapons.

I have to admit that many things in this Hidden Treasure Pavilion are good.

Although it is of no use to the Great Powerhouse, it is extremely precious to Paradise Realm and even the Martial Artist of Celestial Realm.


One thing caught his attention.

An unremarkable black stone.

That’s the thing under the table.

“This is a mysterious Heavenly God stone, which is actually used to cushion the table foot.” Lin Buxui was surprised that this stone can be used to create a divine weapon.

If there is a powerful Refiner Master, this small piece of ore can create a dagger that no stronghold one cannot overcome.

can compare with Emperor Treasure.

Really a waste.

However, within the realm, no one can create the Emperor Treasure.

A few more steps.

A rusty Broken Sword came into view.

Lin Buxui picked up Broken Sword.

Broken Sword is engraved with a few primitive words.

“Luo Sheng cuts Demon Sword.”

“Didn’t expect, I can still see his saber.” Seeing this Broken Sword, Lin Buxui was deeply moved. thousand.

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