Eternal True God Chapter 45

Luo Sheng cuts the Demon Sword, that is one of his dísciple, Lin Luosheng’s saber, Lin Buxui personally built the sabre for him.

It’s just that Lin Luosheng fell into love and was trapped by love.

Finally left the Eternal Heaven Mansion and disappeared.

But he didn’t expect that on this day, he saw this Luo Shengzhan Demon Sword that he built by himself.

Moreover, it became Broken Sword.

I don’t know what Lin Luosheng has experienced?

He is a sword cultivator.

For the sword cultivator, the sword is there, and the sword breaks and kills.

This Luo Sheng Slash Demon Sword has been broken, and Lin Luo is afraid that he is also dead.

He sighed.

The past is over.

Let go of this Luo Sheng Zhan Demon Sword and continue to move forward.

At this moment, the treasure hunt jade order in his storage ring actually moved.

It seems to be breaking out of the storage ring.

This surprised Lin Buxui.

What is it?

The treasure hunter in his storage ring has such a strong reaction?

Lin Buxui took out the treasure hunt and jade order.

The treasure hunting jade order suddenly flickered and turned into a treasure hunting rat, rushing out quickly.

Lin Buxui took a look and immediately followed.

In this huge Hidden Treasure Pavilion, there are exquisite eyes.

But there is no one that can attract the treasure hunting rat that this treasure hunting jade makes to stay in the slightest.

On the contrary, he shoots away at a very fast speed.

Lin Buxui almost couldn’t keep up.

You must know that there are still many prohibitions in this treasure house. A little carelessness triggers the prohibition, which can be troublesome.

However, Lin Buxui knows very well that something that can cause such a big movement in the treasure hunt is definitely not simple.

Emperor Treasure.

Most likely it is the Emperor Treasure.

In the end, Lin Buxui caught up with the treasure hunting jade order, and saw that the treasure hunting rat transformed by the treasure hunting jade order actually stayed on a side of the broken picture.

Then turn it into a rays of light and blend into the residual picture.

The light dissipated, and the broken picture was revealed.

Lin Buxui reached out and grabbed it.

A flash of light actually popped up and shook him flying.

“Xingchen Treasure Refining Technique, town!”

Lin Buxui whistled, circling True Qi inside his body, condensing a big net, moved towards the broken picture and enveloped him.


A muffled sound.

The big net was directly shattered.

He can’t suppress the broken picture even with the Treasure Refining Technique of the stars.

Even, there is a strong strength of Backlash that shook him.

This surprised Lin Buxui.

“Good luck, great good fortune!”

Lin Buxui kept talking.

This treasure is definitely an extremely precious existence.

It is the Emperor Treasure. He uses the Star Treasure Refining Technique to suppress it, and it is absolutely impossible to encounter a backlash. After all, this is a broken treasure, just a broken picture.

Even the complete Emperor Treasure may not have such a powerful force.

However, this broken picture is so domineering and so tyrannical.

This means that the grade of this broken picture is still above the Emperor Treasure.

On the Emperor Treasure, there is only the legendary Immortal Artifact.

Immortal Artifact, how powerful is that?

Supreme Existence, beyond the emperor.

An Immortal Artifact, he did not own it in his previous life.

Even if it’s just a broken Immortal Artifact, it’s the same.

If you are in Heavenly Domain and learned by those emperors, I am afraid that the entire Heavenly Domain will be blown up.

In order to compete for such an Immortal Artifact, we will surely kill blood flowing into a river and Heaven and Earth will lose its color.


Lin Buxui shouting loudly, at this moment, he ran the’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’, and the true essence in the body turned into a big hand, grabbing the incomplete picture .

Unexpectedly, I thought that a strong force would be needed to suppress the remnant picture, but this time, the remnant picture did not resist at all.

It fluttered and fell into his hands.

Next, a rays of light shot out from the remnant picture, and instantly submerged between his eyebrows.

“The immortal map of the universe.”

Lin Buxui was shocked when he got the information.

It really is an Immortal Artifact.

The immortal figure of the universe.

It was actually a top grade Immortal Artifact.

Although it is incomplete, its power is far better than Emperor Treasure.

It’s just that, this incomplete Immortal Artifact, although it is now in the hands of Lin Buxui, he can’t move it at all.

Xiantu Spirit Physique enters his Soul Consciousness Sea.

Like a fairy mountain.

I can’t shake it at all.

Not to mention urging Xiantu to confront the enemy.

Lin Buxui smiled wryly.

What’s more terrible is that this Xiantu can even absorb his power.

True Qi, which he cultivated, was swallowed by Xiantu a little bit.

As a result, his cultivation speed will slow down again.

The resources consumed by cultivation must be doubled.

Xiantu is powerful and precious, but for Lin Buxui now, it doesn’t help at all. Instead, it will slow down his cultivation speed.

This makes Lin Buxui a little bit eager to cry.

But in any case, it is also a fairy map.

In the long run, with this immortal picture, he will have the possibility of breaking through the emperor realm in the future.

Only with the breath of immortals, can you attack the legendary immortals.

In general, this is more pros than cons.

With Immortal Treasure, there are endless possibilities.

With this fairy picture, this trip is worthwhile. Lin Buxui stood up and moved towards the Hidden Treasure Pavilion and walked outside.

“Come out.” Seeing Lin Buxui coming out, Zhong Yuda was overjoyed, “Junior Brother Lin, how, what kind of treasure has been selected this time? Is it Emperor Treasure, is it Heavenly Grade Divine Weapon? Or other treasures? ”

Lin Buxui smiled without saying a word.

And when the old man saw what Lin Buxui was holding, it turned out to be a broken picture.

“Little Brat, this broken picture, the origin is mysterious, impervious to sword and spear neither water nor fire can approach, but after all, it is just a broken picture, it is not very useful, you are sure to choose it “” Bao Lao said.

“Just choose it.” Lin Buxui nodded.

“Although this broken picture may be the Emperor Treasure, it is incomplete after all and cannot be repaired. It doesn’t matter, since you have chosen it, perhaps this is also your chance. I hope that one day, you can The complement is to reproduce the Supreme Heavenly Might of Supreme Treasure.” Bao Lao, as the Protector of Hidden Treasure Pavilion, has long since become a cultivation base.

His strength, deep and unmeasurable.

I’m afraid I’m still in charge of Yuwenhe.

It is natural to see the extraordinary features of this broken picture.

“Junior is here to thank Senior Yuyan.”

Lin Buxui gave a salute and said to Zhong Yuda: “Senior Brother, let’s go.”

On the way, Zhong Yuda looked at Lin Buxui and actually selected a broken picture, and couldn’t help feeling a great pity.

“I said Junior Brother Lin, how did you choose such a thing? This broken picture, although extraordinary, is of no use. There was an Elder comprehend, but there was no gain. You got this broken picture. You can only take a look at the picture. It’s better to choose a Heavenly Grade weapon to improve your battle strength.”

In Zhong Yuda’s view, Lin Buxui does not have a suitable weapon in his hands. The strength has to be reduced a lot.

If there is a Heavenly Grade treasure, his strength can definitely be increased several times.

And, Lin Buxui chose such a thing, it was a great opportunity, you know, how rare is the opportunity to enter the Hidden Treasure Pavilion?

Even True Disciple, if you want to get a chance to enter the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, you need to kill a hundred sixth rank Demon, or kill a 7th grade Demon to qualify.

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