Eternal True God Chapter 46

Lin Buxui slightly smiled.

“This broken picture is related to me.”

“Hey…well, it’s already out anyway. If you want to go back, it’s too late, but it’s a pity Now.” Zhong Yuda sighed.

“In the future, there will be a chance.” Lin Buxui said.

For Lin Buxui, there are indeed many treasures in the Hidden Treasure Pavilion.

There are many, which can give him a lot of help.

Not to mention the other, it is the sword of his dísciple, which is of great significance to him.

I don’t know, what is going on with him now?

Did it fall, or was it rebuilt?

After walking out of Hidden Treasure Pavilion.

Lin Buxui is separated from Zhong Yuda.

Lin Buxui returned to the courtyard.

Although Qiankun Xiantu has already recognized the Master, it is incomplete and constantly absorbing his power, which slows Lin Buxui’s cultivation speed again.

It is a huge problem.

And now, there is no news of my mother’s Shen Qingmei.

The cultivation realm itself is too weak.

At the moment, his identity has been exposed.

I’m afraid, I already know the secret mastermind who took my mother.

It will definitely be hidden.

Maybe, I will do it myself.

Therefore, what he needs to do now is increasing cultivation base, and then increasing cultivation base, to make himself stronger, and to improve his cultivation base in the shortest time and fastest speed. .

And, the most direct way is to find the Spirit Fire, light the Eternal Divine Furnace, and then wildly hunt the Demon. This is the fastest cultivation method.


At this time, Wu Xiaoyang came back.

“Have you found any news?” Lin Buxui asked.

Wu Xiaoyang shook his head: “Master, I did not find out about Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Pill, but there is news about Lu Panpan.”

“Where? “

“Three days later, Lu Panpan will come to Heavenly Luck Mansion to find Su Yihuan.” Wu Xiaoyang said, “So, the owner is looking for Lu Panpan. Three days later is the best time.”

The news that Su Yihuan was beheaded by herself has not yet been exposed.

The origin of Lu Panpan seems to be not simple.

It is very likely that there is also collusion with Demon.

Perhaps, this Lu Panpan is the person of Demon Holy Sect.

People of Demon Holy Sect should not dare to enter the Heavenly Luck Mansion unscrupulously.

So, I want to leave Heavenly Luck Mansion.

In this way, the danger will be much greater.

These things I have done before have attracted the attention of many powerhouses.

So, this is a bit troublesome.

It is also difficult to hide your whereabouts.

In addition, Zuo Xingliang and the others probably hate themselves deeply.

There is also a Huang Yunan guarding outside.

Once you leave Heavenly Luck Mansion, no, even after leaving Longheyuan, you will face a huge threat.

A little carelessness, you may be beheaded.

However, he had to do it.

“Okay, this thing, you did a good job.” Lin Buxui said, “Now, the most important thing for you is to find me in this Heavenly Luck Mansion, who really wants Heavenly? Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower and Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Pill, do you know?”

“Yes, master.”

Lin Buxui knows that to find each other, I’m afraid it’s not one piece Easy thing.

In this matter, perhaps, you can ask Guan Shian for help.

But now, the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion has been rioted because of the blood of Demon. I am afraid that the top management of Heavenly Luck Mansion are all dealing with this matter.

It is indeed a good choice to find Guan Shian.

However, Lin Buxui does not completely believe him.

No matter what, go find Linghuo first.


Three days later.

“Junior Brother Lin, are you going to make Heavenly Luck Mansion? How can this be?” At this time, Zhong Yuda heard Lin Buxui was going to make Heavenly Luck Mansion, complexion changed.

Now is not before.

Now Heavenly Luck Mansion is under martial law.

He still has Heavenly Luck Mansion?

“No, this is definitely not possible. You found the traitor who was hiding in Heavenly Luck Mansion who colluded with Demon. This is a great credit, but you also offended those who secretly colluded with Demon for this. , Will definitely become a thorn in their eyes. If you go out, doesn’t this give them a chance to deal with you? I never agree, not only me, Master His-Senior, I will never agree to you.” Zhong Yuda shook his head and said. .

“Senior Brother, today, I must go out. I have important things and I can’t delay.” Lin Buxui said, “Besides, I’m just a dísciple of Martial Dao 4 Heavenly Layer. They It shouldn’t be so important to me, right?”

“No.” At this moment, a voice came.

It is Guan Shian.

“Master, you came just right, Junior Brother Lin, he is leaving Heavenly Luck Mansion.” Zhong Yuda saw the arrival of Guan Shian, sighed in relief.

“You don’t understand the seriousness of this matter. You discovered that Shen Lian, Zhou Gu, and the two of them colluded with Demon and exposed the two of them. This is the major event that broke the other party. Therefore, your current situation is extremely dangerous. Even in the Heavenly Luck Mansion, it may not be safe, let alone going out.” Guan Shian shook his head and said, “From now on, you moved into my Anshen Mountain. I’ll protect your safety.”

Lin Buxui heard it, how can this work?

If you don’t go out, how can you find a spiritual fire?

How to quickly increase cultivation base?

How to hunt Demon?

“Senior, I forgive Junior for not agreeing to this matter. This time, my going out is very important and has something to do with my mother.” Lin Buxui knows that at this time, if you can’t convince Guan Shian , I am afraid that he really wants to stop himself, when the time comes, it will really be very troublesome.

“Your mother?” When Guan Shian heard it, he narrowed his eyes and said, “I have heard about your mother’s affairs. Back then, the reason why your father had to go out forcibly was related to your mother’s affairs. , Has a great relationship, but things are far from as simple as you think. This is not something you can mix in.”

The words of Guan Shian made Lin Buxui even more confused.

My mother has a heavy eyebrow. She is just an ordinary woman, and she doesn’t even have a cultivation base. How could it be so complicated?

Could it be your own mother, Shen Qingmei, what special identity does he have?

“Senior, do you know about my mother? It should be clear that my mother has been taken away, and the person who arrested my mother is probably in this Heavenly Luck Mansion, I This time I’m going out to find this clue.” Lin Buxui said, “So, senior, don’t stop me.”

When Guan Shian heard this, he shook his head and said: “Back then, your father was also because of this. I’ve been found, but the other party has a huge background, you…”

“senior, do you know my mother?”

“I only know that your mother background is quite extraordinary, I don’t know anything else.” Guan Shian said.

“Senior, Junior got the news that my mother was in this Heavenly Luck Mansion and she was arrested.” Lin Buxui thought for a while and said, “As a senior, can I inquire for Junior? Someone?”

“Someone caught your mother, and he was in Heavenly Luck Mansion?” Guan Shian was taken aback when he heard it, and said, “How is this possible? You father Lin Yi, in Heavenly Luck Although Mansion has offended people, but now, your father has disappeared for a long time, even if you have hatred with your father, you will not do what you did.”

Lin Buxui hearing this said with a bitter smile: “senior knows something, I learned from a dísciple in the clan, my father, in order to save my mother, gave her a lot of Heaven and Earth spiritual medicine. Among them is a Heavenly Mysterious Spirit. Yang Flower, rumors, in this Heavenly Luck Mansion, some people need Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower to refine Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Pill. I happened to know that my mother had taken it, so I captured my mother and wanted to refine her into a Spirit. Pill.”

“Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Pill?” Hearing these words, Guan Shian complexion greatly changed, “If it is like this, things might be troublesome.”

“senior , Since there is news, please tell me?”

From Guan Shian’s words, Lin Buxui understood that he must know some news.

“Hey…” Guan Shian sighed, with a complex expression, he said, “If so, you should give up.”

“This is absolutely impossible, my biological mother, How can you give up?” Lin Buxui heard it, and suddenly understood that the opponent’s strength might be very strong, making Guan Shian fear it. Could it be that Heavenly Luck Mansion’s commander failed?

“Senior, just tell me it is, it will definitely not affect the senior.” Lin Buxui said.

Guan Shian glanced at Lin Buxui and said quietly: “If what you say is true, the other party is for Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower, the person behind it is far from what you can deal with now. Even if it’s me, it’s far from it. You just need to know that even if it’s the master of Heavenly Luck Mansion, it’s not that person’s opponent unless you can reach the emperor realm.”

Listen to him. .

Lin Buxui’s face is solemn, and he has guessed something.

The person who took his mother is afraid of being from the upper realm.

If this is the case, let alone the Heavenly Luck Mansion, the powerhouse of the entire eternal continent may not be able to stop it.

“I don’t know the senior, can you find out about my mother for me?” Lin Buxui retreated.

“I will try my best to help you inquire, but you don’t have too much hope, the other party may have left Heavenly Luck Mansion.” Guan Shian heard this.

“Thanks Senior.”

“You have a good cultivation. If you need my help in any place, just say it.” After Guan Shian finished speaking, he turned and left.

He raised his hand with a wave, sealing the entire space.

To prevent Lin Buxui from going out.

“Junior Brother Lin, you just listen to Master His-Senior’s, here is a good cultivation. If you go out, you may lose your life. If you lose your life, how to talk about other things? Only save your life. You can only do other things when your strength rises. When the time comes, where can the world go?” Zhong Yuda paused, sighed said, “Only with enough strength, everything is everything. There is no strong enough. Power, nothing can be done.”

When he said this, Zhong Yuda felt bitter in his heart.

After he finished speaking, he also left.

Lin Buxui is left alone.

It is absolutely impossible for him to stay here for cultivation. In cultivation, the speed is too slow. Without what he needs, he must leave here.

He looked up.

This prohibition, what can’t be considered, it can be said that there are many weak spots.

However, his current cultivation realm is not enough. Even if he knows this restriction, there are many weak spots, but he cannot open this restriction in a short time.

The three-day period is about to come.

Although he can find a way to break the ban, it takes too long.

“If it doesn’t work, you can only try it.” Lin Buxui had cold light flashed in his eyes.

Something appeared in his hand.

It is the immortal picture of the universe.

For three days, he was studying the immortal map of the universe.

Now, although his cultivation realm is humble, it’s just Martial Dao 4 Heavenly Layer, not even the divine ability realm, so he can’t produce mana and stimulate this fairy map.

However, spirit strength can be used to inspire a trace of fairy power.

This trace of strength is enough to break this ban.

Lin Buxui has a thought.

Spirit strength burst out.

He used to be the Great Emperor of Heavenly Domain.

Soul Power is extremely powerful, and spirit strength is naturally extremely strong.

At that moment, the spirit strength exploded, motivating a ray of force of the Universe Xiantu.


This strand of power instantly shredded the prohibition left by Guan Shian.

Lin Buxui stepped out.

The next moment disappeared in place.


Luanqi Temple.

This is an ancient temple outside Heavenly Luck Mansion.

In the temple, there are hundreds of monks.

Incense is not a heyday, but there are many.

It is rumored that there are high monks in Luanqi Temple who have suppressed the powerful Demon. Therefore, Luanqi Temple has many people coming to pray for blessings.

Lin Buxui felt it.

In Luanqi Temple, there is also a nasty breath.

The breath of Demon’s blood.

I am afraid it is Demon Holy Sect again.

This is a little troublesome.

Lin Buxui did not dare to act rashly. This Luanqi Temple was guarded by a powerhouse, but I don’t know the specific strength of the opponent?

My own cultivation realm is still too low-minded.

However, Lin Buxui will not give up like this.

He not only felt the breath of Demon, but also the breath of Spirit Fire.

In this Luanqi Temple, there is actually a spiritual fire.

He was about to dive into Luanqi Temple and wait for an opportunity to act.

At this moment, someone appeared behind him.

Snatched him.

Lin Buxui complexion greatly changed.

I was about to resist, but I saw the humanity: “Don’t say anything, it’s me.”

Looking back, Lin Buxui realized that the person who grabbed him was not someone else. , It is Yu Wenhe, the instructor of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Why is he here?

You also found a lair of Demon Holy Sect?

Lin Buxui knows that this Yuwenhe can become the head teacher of Heavenly Luck Mansion. His strength is not weak, and his wisdom is naturally not bad.

Luanqi Temple is within the reach of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

There have been so many changes in this Luanqi Temple. As the head teacher of Heavenly Luck Mansion, there will be no news.

“Teacher, you… why are you here?” Lin Buxui said.

“This is what I should ask you, you are only a trifling Martial Dao 4 Heavenly Layer, you dare to come here, are you courting death?” Yuwenhe said, “You know, here Where is it? It’s the powerhouse of Martial Dao Celestial Realm, and I didn’t dare to rush into it. But what is your confidence to come here privately?”

On that day, Yuwenhe discovered Lin Buxui’s mysterious.

Lin Buxui’s soul is extremely powerful. Although the cultivation realm is not high, his soul and spirit are far beyond ordinary people.

However, he has tried.

The power in Lin Buxui is pure and bright, and it is by no means the Demon generation.

Because of this, Yuwenhe values ​​Lin Buxui so much and gives him the opportunity to enter the Hidden Treasure Pavilion.

Yuwenhe is not simple.

Actually, he is the reincarnation of a deity.

Lin Buxui should be the same.

Only the reincarnation of heaven and man can possess such a powerful soul and spirit.

For Heavenly Luck Mansion, having dísciple is the reincarnation of heaven and man, which is a great thing.

As long as the reincarnated celestial being awakens the previous life memory, the cultivation will be smooth sailing, and the strength will increase rapidly.

As long as there is no accident, it will grow up and become a peerless powerhouse.

Even if you can’t restore Peak and become a celestial being in the upper realm, you will stand on the Peak of this eternal continent.

Of course, it is also possible that Lin Buxui’s innate talent is amazing. He is not a reincarnated celestial being. If so, then he is also worth training.

No matter what, it is a good thing for Heavenly Luck Mansion.

As long as he is the dísciple of Heavenly Luck Mansion, this is enough.

“Teacher, dísciple…”

“Well, you don’t need to explain, you have a special ability to perceive the existence of Demon, then you should be clear, this letter There is the Demon powerhouse in the temple. Their strength is very terrifying, far from what you can deal with now. Therefore, you immediately return to Heavenly Luck Mansion, and things here, you can’t talk about it with others.” Yuwenhe Kan He said, “Just assume you haven’t been to Luanqi Temple.”

“Teacher, I will not leave.” Lin Buxui said, “I came here to find something. “

“What are you looking for?” Yuwenhe was very curious, and he asked, “This Luanqi Temple is now where Demon gathers. Danger lurks on every side. Once you go in, it will be exposed. , When the time comes will die without a burial site, what can be more important than your life?”

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