Eternal True God Chapter 48

old man temple.

This is an old temple not far from Qixia Temple, which has been abandoned.

At this time, Lin Buxui and Yuwenhe have arrived first.

In a short while, I saw a woman who hurried over. This person is Su Yihuan’s fiancee Lu Panpan. In her body, Lin Buxui clearly perceives the breath of Demon, which is very rich. .

Her cultivation base has already reached the Spirit Refinement Realm Peak.

Obviously, it is also cultivation with the blood of Demon.

“Su Yihuan, you are here.”

“en. “Lin Buxui nodded, looking at Lu Panpan, this woman is very shrewd and seems difficult to deal with. It seems, Only use special means, otherwise, I’m afraid it will be exposed before entering.

“Who is he?” Lu Panpan pointed to Yuwen and Dao.

“It is one of my followers.” Lin Buxui said.

“You are lying, you are not Su Yihuan.” At this moment, Lu Panpan stared at Lin Buxui, “Who are you? How dare you pretend to be Su Yihuan, you are courting death.”

Speaking, Lu Panpan actually stretched out his hand and turned into a sharp claw, and instantly moved towards Lin Buxui caught him.

The strong wind tore the air, making a sound of tearing cloth.

When Lin Buxui saw this, he slammed back.

At this moment, Yuwenhe has started his hand. His mana is running, a vast force that instantly draws Lu Panpan over.

Let it have no resistance at all and be captured directly.

Lu Panpan was caught, complexion greatly changed, and shouted loudly: “Hurry up and let me go, otherwise, you will all die.”

“Lu Panpan, don’t you Delusion to escape, do you know who this is? He is the instructor of Heavenly Luck Mansion. With your strength, wanting to escape from him is simply a dream. Only by cooperating with us, you may still have a glimmer of Survival, otherwise, there is only dead end.” Lin Buxui stopped hiding at this time, restored his appearance, and stared at her coldly said.

Lu Panpan did not speak, but stared at Lin Buxui fiercely.

“It seems that you don’t want to cooperate with us anymore, so, then I can only kill you.” Then Lin Buxui raised his hand and grabbed his neck.

The powerful force suffocated her instantly.

If it continues, she will undoubtedly die.

“I…I…I am willing to cooperate.” Lu Panpan was frightened after all.

“Don’t play any tricks, in front of the head teacher, your little tricks, not worth mentioning, and, to kill you, I have a thousand ways.” Lin Buxui said coldly.

“What do you want me to do?” Lu Panpan looked at Lin Buxui and Yu Wenhe, the hatred in his eyes flashed away.

However, Lin Buxui doesn’t care.

“You just need to take us into the Demon Altar.” Lin Buxui said.

“You are going to the Altar of Demon?” Lu Pan looked forward to hearing this, and couldn’t help but smiled, and said, “You are the road to courting death.”

How powerful is the Altar of Demon, among them What a mighty power is contained.

Even Yu Wenhe, the instructor of Heavenly Luck Mansion, is absolutely impossible to resist.

Unless several Sect Masters of Heavenly Luck Mansion are dispatched together, otherwise, the Demon altar will be activated and the power of the upper realm will come. Even Yuwen and such a powerhouse will become sacrifices.

“You care about that many, just take us there.” Lin Buxui said coldly.

“You are going to die, of course I would love to see it.” Lu Panpan said.

Immediately, the entire group moved towards Luanqi Temple.

Soon the three of them arrived at Luanqi Temple.

Luanqi Temple is heavily guarded.

But Lu Panpan is very familiar with this place.

Before approaching, Lu Panpan said: “Don’t talk, follow me, otherwise, once a weak spot is found, you and I will both die.”

Threats to Lu Panpan , Yuwenhe didn’t care.

Although the strength of Demon here is good, it is not in his eyes.

With his strength, it is not difficult to deal with these demons.

However, once you beat the grass to scare the snake, you won’t be able to get close to the Altar of Demon.

His purpose is to destroy the Demon altar.

Rather than deal with these Demons here.

“Stop, who are they?” The guard blocked the path of the three.

“The people they command Su wants to see, I will bring them to find Commander Su.” Lu Panpan said.

“Newcomer?” The guard coldly said, “Don’t you understand the rules? Newcomers must pass the audit to enter Luanqi Temple, otherwise, they cannot enter, even if they are under the command of Su, it is no exception .”

“You have to block it. If you delay the major event of Commander Su, can you afford it?” Lu Panpan scolded, “Leave me aside, otherwise, I will tell Commander Su and let him kill You.”

Lu Panpan slapped the man’s face hard, and suddenly a slap print appeared.

The man’s eyes were angry, and the long knife in his hand was instantly unsheathed.

“you are courting death!”

He roared, he wanted to cut it down with a knife.

At this time, another guard instantly grabbed him and said: “This woman has an extraordinary relationship with Su commander. It is the fiancee of Su commander’s nephew. If you do something to her…”

“But… But, Great Commander has explained that any newcomer who wants to enter must pass the audit, otherwise, they cannot enter.” That humanity.

“If you want to die, you can try.” Lu Panpan coldly said, “This is something that Su commander explained, you can’t afford it.”

“brother, Hearing me, she killed you, and Great Commander would not offend Commander Su without you, and therefore punish her.” Another guard persuaded.

In the beginning, Lin Buxui and Yuwen were in preparation. If they couldn’t, they would have to break in.

However, at this time, the guard still succumbed.

“hmph, no next time.” He was coldly snorted, put away the long knife, and stood aside, “Go in.”

“Count you out.” Lu Panpan After a glance, he turned to Lin Buxui and said, “Let’s go.”

The three successfully entered Luanqi Temple.

Passed the entrance and entered a secret passage.

This passage is very dark, with many Demons on both sides.

These demons are all above the fifth level.

Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes.

It seems that this Demon Holy Sect has big moves.

Along the way, Yuwenhe was shocked.

In the small Luanqi Temple, it seems simple, but among them, there is such a powerful Demon power.

It’s amazing.

These Demons are all sealed with special restrictions.

No wonder, in Heavenly Luck Mansion, no one can discover the existence of these Demons.

Moreover, the more you go in, the stronger Demon’s breath becomes.

There is a breath of 7th grade Demon.

Who is the leader of Nasu?

Who is Great Commander?

How strong is it?

Many doubts arose in their hearts.

It didn’t take long for the three to arrive at an underground entrance.

That is a Transmission Passage.

Lin Buxui and Yuwenhe glanced at each other. This Transmission Passage is very special and very secret.

Ordinary people, if there is no one to lead, they will not even be able to find it. Moreover, this channel requires a special secret technique to open it.

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