Eternal True God Chapter 52

Next, Yuwenhe condensed mana again, and slapped his hand to Song Beiqiao.

At this moment, Song Beiqiao is already a dead soul.

Yuwenhe is too domineering.

He is not an opponent at all.

Now that he has lost the magic eagle under his feet, his strength is much lower.

In the face of Yuwenhe’s fierce and powerful attack, he could not resist.

The body flashed, crushed a talisman, and turned the whole person into a stream of light.

He escaped.

“Streamer Talisman.” Yuwenhe stopped, not chasing.

The streamer is extremely fast, allowing people to escape quickly.

He has no choice but to catch up.

At this time, after Yuwen and greatly showing divine might, after beheading several powerhouses, the entire city of Demon kept backing away one by one.

The threat Yuwenhe brought to them was too great.

No one dared to rush up.

Even Song Beiqiao are not opponents.

The remaining people, it is even more impossible to defeat the opponent, rush up, is to die.

Yuwenhe walks forward step by step.

At this time, Lin Buxui has already escaped.

Yuwen and his eyes narrowed slightly, scanning all around, they didn’t notice the existence of Lin Buxui.

However, he knew that he had made such a huge disturbance, and now he has become the focus of the entire city of Demon.

The city of Demon, all the powerhouses, all focused on him.

Several tyrannical auras have been felt by him.

There is a very domineering atmosphere in it, and his strength is almost equal to him.

That person is probably the City Lord of this city of Demon.


At this moment, Lin Buxui has escaped into the city of Demon.

Go to the Altar of Demon.

He restrained his breath.

Yi burst out of Demon’s breath.

He will wrap his whole body with the breath of Demon that has not been completely refining.

The breath is manic, and it seems to be a Demon.

In addition to his low strength, the powerful Demon in the city of Demon would never notice his existence.

Soon, he has appeared outside the Altar of Demon.

Look from a distance.

On the Altar of Demon, there are several people.

Among them, one has a restrained breath.

It is the Seven Kills of the City Lord of the City of Demon.

I saw him stand up.

Coming in the air.

step by step, walked towards the entrance of the city of Demon.

His purpose is Yu Wenhe.

“Yuwenhe, you actually broke into the Holy City of my Fangzhou by yourself. You are very courageous. If there are other powerhouses from Heavenly Luck Mansion, I might still be a little afraid, but now , You are the only one, you are courting death.” Qi Sha looked at Yu Wenhe with sharp eyes, his voice with terrifying murderous intention.

“Seven kills, is it you?” Yuwenhe looked at the seven kills, cold light flashed in his eyes, “You have become a human traitor and a running dog of Demon.”

These seven kills were once a peerless genius of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

It is also his Junior Brother.

I didn’t expect that today, seeing the seven kills again would be like this.

The seven kills in front of me are no longer the seven kills back then.

He became a traitor to mankind and a lackey of Demon.

“Yuwenhe, Nian once had a Senior Brother friendship between you and me. If you are willing to acknowledge allegiance, I can give you the status of under one person above ten thousand people.” Seven Kills whispered.

Lin Buxui hiding in the dark did not expect it.

The teacher Yuwenhe has such a relationship with these seven kills.

This seven-kill City Lord turned out to be from Heavenly Luck Mansion.

No wonder, he is so familiar with Heavenly Luck Mansion and dared to build a city of Demon within the sphere of influence of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Not only that, place the Demon altar here.

“Shut up, you human traitor, today, I will kill you and clear the door.” When Yuwenhe heard this, he was very angry. He did not expect that the Seven Kills Junior Brother back then was actually Betrayed a traitor, betrayed Heavenly Luck Mansion, betrayed the entire Human Race, since he is a traitor, he must die.

No matter what, no matter how high the price is, the seven kills must be cut off.

Yuwen and furiously shouted.

The spear in his hand broke out.

It turned into a golden dragon, shaking his head and making the sound of dragon roar.

The power of horror burst out, and Heaven and Earth trembled.

The golden great dragon rises into the air, and the bursting power directly bursts wherever it goes.

Wherever I went, one after another huge crack appeared on the ground.

The building collapsed, and the low-powered Demon who was still underneath, under such power, were killed again. I don’t know how many.

After looking at the seven kills, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Seven killing swords appeared all over his body.

These seven killing swords kept vomiting sword qi, as if they had turned into seven terrifying poisonous snakes, with their tongues constantly sticking out.

The sound of’si si’ is made.

next moment, just watch him open his mouth and spit out a mana above the seven killing swords.

At that moment, the seven killing swords kept trembling.

It turned into seven silver snakes, and went straight away.

It’s like seven silver lightnings, the speed has reached the extreme, and in the blink of an eye, it has collided with that golden dragon.

ding ding ding~!

ding ding ding~!

bang bang bang!

The spear collided with the seven killing swords.

Countless lights appeared.

The powerful impact burst out with a powerful impact.

The air wave rolled, the manic power, like the stars exploded, countless Fireballs burst out, exploding all around the ground one after another huge pits.

The whole city is shaking.

next moment, Yuwenhe ejected out.

At the same time, the seven kills turned into a black lightning.

The two collided in an instant.

Fighting frantically.

Strong shock, power burst.

With the two as the center, the power of terror constantly impacts all around.

In the distance, everyone watched the attack of these two people, too terrifying.

The strength of the two has far exceeded their imagination.

Lin Buxui also watched. The strength of the two is probably almost on par.

Even if Yuwen and the strength are slightly stronger, they are not much stronger.

I definitely have reached the peak of Martial Dao divine ability.

“Too terrifying, if this continues, I am afraid this city will be destroyed.”

“What to do?” Su Bohai browses frowned.

“Let’s go together, how about?” At this time, Song Beiqiao also appeared beside Su Bohai, and he said.

“Wait, at this time, if we intervene, I am afraid Sir City Lord will be annoyed. When the time comes, we cannot afford to sin.” Another person said.

“Not bad.” Everyone was nodded, “Sir City Lord, if you dare to do it alone, you have absolute certainty.”

A few more powerful demons appeared.

These people are all beside the altar.

Lin Buxui looked at the flames burning above the altar. It was the spiritual fire, the heavenly spiritual fire.

This spiritual fire, although not as good as the sacred fire, is already the closest to the sacred fire.

It’s just that, right now, this Demon altar is guarded by someone, and the strength is amazing. It is either the sixth rank Demon or the Martial Artist of Celestial Realm.

Even, there is a 7th grade Demon.

If there is no suitable opportunity, it is really not an easy task to seize the spiritual fire.

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