Eternal True God Chapter 55

Why is Yuwenhe not clear about this?

He is a little careless.

Now, the city of Demon is completely closed.

In a short time, it is not easy for him to break the closure of the city of Demon.

However, the Seven Kills want to use this city of Demon to completely trap themselves, but it is not realistic, because the Supreme Treasure of this space may not be controlled by the Seven Kills.

Although he is the City Lord of the City of Demon, he does not really control the Supreme Treasure of this space.

I didn’t really master Fangzhou Holy City.

At this time, Lin Buxui regained consciousness.

His cultivation base has been greatly improved.

After waking up, he broke through the Martial Dao 5th Layer and came to the point of Martial Dao 6th-layer.

The power of the incarnation of the original demon emperor was really amazing.

“Lin Buxui, you are awake.”

“Master, what’s the situation?” Lin Buxui said.

“Not optimistic, we are trapped in this space, do you have a way?” This space is very special, and Yuwenhe discovered that he could not break through.

Even, I can’t use the messaging jade talisman to pass the message, which is really a big trouble.

This also means that they have no way to wait for rescue.

Only break from the inside.

However, this probability is too small.

“Let’s go back to the city of Demon and go to the Altar of Demon.” Lin Buxui said at this moment.

“What?” Yuwen and hearing this were taken aback, but then he said, “The most dangerous place is the safest place. This is a good idea.”

“This The main body of the Supreme Treasure of the piece space is on the Demon altar.” The cold light flickered in Lin Buxui’s eyes.

This time, he not only wants to completely destroy the Demon altar, but also obtains this space Supreme Treasure.

“Okay, I’ll be crazy with you.” Yuwen and said.

For him, there is still a way to escape if it comes to as a last resort.

It’s just that it’s all that it will cost some money.

The two returned directly.

Hidden breath, once again entered the city of Demon.

Outside of city.

Seven kills everyone, frantically searching for the location of Lin Buxui and Yuwenhe.

However, they did not feel the breath of the two at all.

“Sir City Lord, their breath has disappeared, they can’t be found.” Song Beiqiao said.

“Maybe someone knows where they are.” At this time, one person said.

“Who?” Seven Kills hearing this.

“We have to ask our Su commander.”

“Xia Pingwei, what do you mean?” Su Bohai furiously said when he heard it.

This Xia Pingwei and Su Bohai until now are both rivals. At the beginning, this command position was taken by Su Bohai from Xia Pingwei.

Now, Xia Pingwei actually attacked him at this time, making Su Bohai angry.

In the eyes, murderous-looking.

“Do you dare to frame me, do you want courting death?”

“Frame?” Xia Pingwei said, “Where can I frame the leader of Su, Sir City Lord, this matter? Sir City Lord went to find out. The reason why the two of them could enter the Fangzhou Holy City is because of one person, the nephew of Su commander, Lu Panpan.”

Su Bohai Coldly snorted, staring at him firmly and said: “If you want to use this thing to frame me, then your thinking is too simple. Sir City Lord also knows this matter. He is there. If it were not for Lu Panpan to remind us, I don’t even know that Yuwenhe has already sneaked in. This time, she has done a great job, and that’s why she let Yuwenhe trap him in Fangzhou’s Holy City without preparation, otherwise. If so, what we have to face is probably the siege of the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion.”

“Joke, if so, where is Lu Panpan now? After the battle begins, Lu Panpan’s people are already there. disappeared.” Xia Pingwei said.

“Lu Panpan’s cultivation realm is not strong. Under the impact of such a powerful force, she doesn’t even know whether she will survive.” Subor Haidao, “City Lord, I see, Xia Pingwei’s The suspicion is the biggest, maybe, he is to delay the time and give Yuwen and the chance to escape.”

“Okay.” At this time, seven kills browse frowned, he interrupted the argument between the two and said, “The most important thing now is to find Yuwenhe. I don’t want to listen to you to argue. Now whoever finds Yuwenhe, I will give him a chance to start the holy sacrifice.”

Everyone heard, All were very pleasantly surprised.

A chance to open the holy sacrifice?

That’s a huge good thing.

The holy sacrifice can obtain the upper realm inheritance, or treasure, and at the worst, it can also make its own cultivation progress one small realm.

If it is good luck, you can communicate with the Demon Holy Lord of the upper realm.

The benefits obtained are incalculable.


At this time.

Yuwen and Lin Buxui have already returned to the city of Demon.

At this time, the city of Demon, especially the Altar of Demon, only left two 7th grade Demon guards.

As for the others, they have already gone out to chase Lin Buxui.

“Two 7th grade Demons, one is the Divine Beast, and the other is the Mountain and Sea Thunder Eagle, in charge. You can be sure that within ten breaths, these two Demons will be killed?” Lin Buxui said .

Yuwenhe was a little confused.

He looked at Lin Buxui and said, “Are you kidding me? Ten breaths suppress and kill the two 7th grade Demon? Do you think this 7th grade Demon is an ant? You stepped on it when you stepped on it? “

“Naturally, it’s not possible to be alone. What if I can help?” Lin Buxui said.

“If so, if you use your Supreme Treasure to suppress these two Demons, I can kill them instantly.” Yuwen said.

His strength has been suppressed here, and he can’t fully display it at all.


Lin Buxui said, his body moved.

At that moment, he once again took out the immortal map of the universe.

The immortal map of the universe is like a world, hiding the sky and covering the earth directly, suppressing the Demon altar.

Die listen to the beast and the mountain and sea thunder eagle, at this time, reacted instantly and launched an attack frantically.

But at this time, where does Yuwen and Yuwen give them a chance to resist?

At the moment when Qiankun Xiantu was suppressed, Yuwenhe’s mana exploded.

The golden spear in his hand exploded directly, turning into a golden rays of light, and went away.

This time, Yuwenhe used the secret technique.

His mana has doubled out of thin air.


Die Ting Beast and Shanhai Thunder Eagle did not have time to resist. Their power was suppressed by Qian Kun Xiantu, and their frenzied struggle could not break free from the suppression of Qian Kun Xiantu.

The two Demons perceive that it is actually very easy to break free from this immortal picture.

Because Lin Buxui’s strength is too weak.

This fairy picture, although it is Supreme Treasure, formidable power is terrifying.

But they can only suppress their breath.

The expert dispute, just this one breath, is deadly enough.

They are facing Yu Wenhe, the instructor of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Yuwen Heke is a Supreme powerhouse, his strength is absolutely extraordinary.

And it is Yuwenhe who uses the secret technique, doubles his mana, and shoots with all his strength. At the moment when they were suppressed by Qiankun Xiantu, they could only watch the golden spear and penetrate them. Body.

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