Eternal True God Chapter 56

After suppressing and killing the two Demons.

Yuwenhe consumes a lot of money.

But sighed in relief.

“Teacher, please close this place.” Lin Buxui said.


When Yuwen and Mind moved, the majestic mana exploded, and all around was blocked.

The things here will not be revealed.


Lin Buxui a light shout, and the Demon altar was lifted.

Under the altar is a big seal.

That is, the real core of this Fangzhou Holy City, Fangzhou Dayin.

“This is the city of Demon, the City Lord Dayin of the Holy City in Fangzhou, Fangzhou Dayin!” At this time, Yuwenhe couldn’t believe it, Lin Buxui found the Demon’s name directly. Where the seal is located.

To seize the Fangzhou seal of this Demon Holy City is equivalent to seizing this Demon Holy City.

“No, this Fangzhou seal contains the aura of Demon. It is the City Lord seal of Demon Holy City. You and I are both Human Race. It is impossible to get this side of Demon Holy City. It’s impossible to refining with the approval of the City Lord of the City Lord.” Yuwenhe looked solemnly, “But now, it’s impossible to take it away. As for destroying it, with my strength, I can’t do it yet.”

“I know this.” Lin Buxui smiled and said, “Be prepared, come out.”

At this time, a rays of light flashed across Lin Buxui’s body.

A silhouette appeared in front of the two.

“This is Nine-tailed Sky Fox?”

“Master, you are finally willing to let me out.” It was not someone else who was let out, but Lin Buxui conquered it. Nine-tailed Sky Fox Hu Sihui.

until now, Lin Buxui sealed Hu Sihui on his body.

Her breath was completely concealed, and even Yuwen and such a powerhouse could not find out.

“Yes, although you and I can’t refining this Fangzhou Great Seal, but I can, Spirit Beast Nine-tailed Sky Fox,” Lin Buxui said.

“Good boy, this Nine-tailed Sky Fox, although the cultivation realm is not high, but the bloodline is very good. If it is well trained, it can hit the eighth or even the ninth level.” Yuwenhe said.

“Master, who is he?” Hu Sihui looked at Yu Wenhe in front of him, quite nervous.

Yuwenhe put her under tremendous pressure.

You can suppress her by turning your hands over.

“Don’t worry, this is the instructor of our Heavenly Luck Mansion. You are now my Spirit Beast. He will not treat you. Now, letting you out is a great opportunity for you “Lin Buxui said, “Did you see that thing?”

“Demon altar, this is Demon altar?” Hu Sihui saw the Demon altar and was shocked, “Master, why are you here?”

There is an altar of Demon here, which means that this is the city of Demon.

Lin Buxui is a human, plus the master of Heavenly Luck Mansion, can’t break into the city of Demon easily, right?

“This is the Altar of Demon. You are the Nine-tailed Sky Fox. Can you refining, this Demon seal?” Lin Buxui said, “If it is refining, you can control this city of Demon. “

“I will try.” Hu Sihui nodded.

This is indeed a huge opportunity.

The Great Seal of the City Lord in the City of Demon.

Once refining, she is equivalent to controlling a city of Demon.

She will ascending to the skies with a single leap.

Although the cultivation realm cannot be improved quickly, it is only a matter of time.

After Yuwenhe and Lin Buxui glanced at each other, he looked at Hu Sihui and said, “Small Fox, let’s get started. Lin Buxui and I will help you refining this big seal of Fangzhou.”

Hu Sihui nodded.

She began to concentrate one’s mind, merged into that big seal, and began to refining this big seal.

In fact, Lin Buxui can also be forced to refining.

But that would take too much time.

And now, for them, the most lacking is time.

Under the suppression of Lin Buxui and Yu Wenhe, Hu Sihui started refining a little bit.

At this moment.

Seven kills complexion greatly changed.

He sensed the changes in Demon’s altar.

Fangzhou Holy City is actually being refining.

“The major event is not good. Go back to Holy City and go to the altar.”

“City Lord, what’s the matter?” Hurriedly asked.

“Something happened to the altar. An external enemy broke in. Someone was forcibly refining Fangzhou Holy City.” Seven Kills absolutely did not expect that the City Lord Great Seal of Fangzhou Holy City was actually at the Demon altar. inside.

If Fangzhou Dayin is refining by others, it means that Fangzhou Holy City is controlled by others.

In the city of Demon, there are traitors.

As for who is the rape? unknown.

Wuwenhe can enter this place, I am afraid it is related to this traitor.

His purpose is Fangzhou Holy City.

Seven kills rushed back crazy at the fastest speed.

Soon, he has returned to the outside of the Altar of Demon.

“Yuwenhe.” Seeing the restriction outside the Demon altar, the seven kills were extremely angry. He took out his weapon and all the mana burst out.

The vast power, like the eruption of a mountain torrent, instantly poured over the restriction.

He wants to break this restriction as quickly as possible.

In this way, we can stop the other party from refining Fangzhou Dayin.

Once Fangzhou Dayin is refining, this Fangzhou Holy City will be controlled by others.

When the time comes, they are in the space of the Holy City in Fangzhou, that is, the turtle in the urn, with only the dead end.

“Break the ban, quickly and with all your strength, break the ban, otherwise, we will all die here.” Qisha attacked frantically while roaring.

And, forbidden inside.

Yuwenhe and Lin Buxui naturally discovered the seven kills outside and the others.

Yuwenhe set up a ban, and Lin Buxui also set up a Formation.

However, because it was too hasty, the array is placed, and the formidable power is limited.

Faced with these powerhouses of Seven Kills, the array arranged by Lin Buxui will not last long.

Outside, the restrictions placed by Yuwenhe are already in jeopardy.


Under the impact of a powerful force, Yuwenhe’s prohibition is about to be torn apart.

At this time, Hu Sihui still has some time to completely refining Fangzhou Dayin.

“Hurry up, hurry up.” Yuwen and said, “My prohibition can no longer be stopped.”

At this moment, Hu Sihui is also very anxious.

The prohibitions on the Fangzhou seal were refining layer by layer by Hu Sihui.

But to really refining Fangzhou Dayin, there are several restrictions.

“hong long!”

A loud noise.

Yuwenhe’s prohibition was torn apart.

He spit out a mouthful of blood, face deathly pale.

The previous clone of Antigen Demon Great has already injured him, but just now forcibly used the secret technique to raise the cultivation base and behead the two 7th grade Demon, which made his injury worse. Now the ban he set up has been torn apart, and he has encountered a backlash. Now he has been greatly damaged, and it is difficult to fight the seven kills and the others.

“Lin Buxui, it’s up to you now.” Yuwen and said.

“Teacher, take a break, and I will take care of the rest.” Lin Buxui’s cold light flickered and murderous intention surged.

When Hu Sihui was refining Fangzhou Dayin, Lin Buxui also used the power of the Divine Beast and the Mountain and Sea Thunder Eagle into the Eternal Divine Furnace.

His strength has not only been restored, but also improved.

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