Eternal True God Chapter 57

“Cang Yuan Great Seal, suppress!” At this time, Lin Buxui furiously shouted, a giant seal, dropping from the sky.

This big seal is exactly the treasure he obtained in the secret room of the Lingxiao Courtyard.

The emperor seal of the Cangyuan Empire.

Although this emperor seal has not been completely refining yet, he used Bloodline Strength and Qiankun Xiantu to refining part of it, which can mobilize part of the emperor seal’s power.

When Emperor Cangyuan’s seal was printed, it was like an ancient mountain, suppressed.

In the seven kills of the crazy attack and the others, I couldn’t help but back off.

Avoid this terrifying attack.

“Damn it!”

Seven Killers looked solemn.

This big seal contains ancient and mysterious power, which is the power of the emperor.

He didn’t expect that besides Xuanjin divine spear, Yuwenhe also had a powerful Emperor Treasure.

The power of this Emperor Treasure is more powerful than the black gold divine spear.

In this way, if they want to break the array restriction, it will cost more.

“What should I do?” Su Bohai looked at the seven kills and said, “Sir City Lord, they have the Supreme treasure. In a short time, we have not been able to break this Formation.”

“Forcibly breaking the formation!” Seven Killers gritted their teeth, “At all costs, this Formation must be broken, otherwise, the Fangzhou Great Seal will be refined by them, and the entire Fangzhou Holy City will fall into their hands. We It is the dead end.”

“Yes.” Hearing this, the faces of several people were solemn, and no one wanted to die.

Only by breaking the formation and stopping them, can we have a chance.

They don’t want to die, but they don’t want to charge.

Then, only let others come.

The Demon in this city and other Demon Holy Sect dísciple.

“Go on, let me go on, broke this Formation, at all costs.” With an order, the Demon and Holy Sect dísciple in the entire city rushed towards the Formation crazily. .

Lin Buxui uses the Cangyuan Great Seal to cooperate with the immortal map of the universe to control the big formation, which is also complexion changed.

I never thought that these guys would be so crazy, desperate, and costing such a huge price to use the lives of these Demon and Holy Sect dísciple to impact the Formation to break the formation.

I have to admit that this is an excellent method.

“Hu Sihui, hurry, give me hurry.” Lin Buxui shouted.

His current cultivation realm is still too low, and his strength is far from enough.

If it’s your own cultivation base or Peak, these people are simply ants, and they can be destroyed with a single click.

Where can I be so aggrieved?

At this moment, Lin Buxui’s heart is really frustrated.

He is the eternal emperor of Heavenly Domain, how could he be so suffocated?

However, there is no alternative.

At the moment, if Hu Sihui cannot refining the Fangzhou Great Seal and control the Fangzhou Holy City in the shortest time and before this Formation is broken, they will be really in danger. .

Relive my life, Lin Buxui, but I don’t want to die here like this.



At this time, one after another small crack has appeared on the Formation.

Furthermore, this crack is still getting bigger under the impact of the outside world.

If this continues, I am afraid this Formation will be completely torn apart in a short time.

Once the Formation is torn apart, their three people will probably be torn apart together.

It’s not just Lin Buxui who is worried.

Yuwenhe is also very anxious.

Outside of Formation.

The Seven Kills are also frantically attacking.

Those Demon and Holy Sect dísciple, no longer know how many died.

The corpses have piled up into mountains.

The blood has flowed into a river.

The entire moat outside the city has been dyed red.



There are countless casualties.

Lin Buxui and Yuwenhe in Formation also have to admit that these seven kills are really a fierce person.

So not taking the lives of those creatures seriously.

Almost half of the creatures in the entire city have died.


There was another crisp sound.

At this time, the crack in Formation has become bigger.

This gave Seven Kills a hope.

This Formation will be broken soon.

“Let’s do it together, this Formation can no longer stop.” Seven Kills shouted loudly.

At this moment, seven kills Supohai and the others, cold light flickered in their eyes, and they started to make their best effort.

The vast power is gathered together.

“It’s over, I’m afraid I’m going to die here.” At this time, Yuwenhe smiled bitterly, and he was ready to open his last trump card.

Once it is deployed, you can save your life, but the price to be paid is also huge.

Seven Killers joined forces to condense a terrifying beam of energy, and this beam of energy directed towards the array arranged by Lin Buxui.

In an instant, the beam of light hit the Formation.

The power exploded and the light exploded. This blazing light made people almost unable to open their eyes.

“It’s finished.”

And at this time, Hu Sihui’s voice came.

I only saw that the big seal was directly integrated into Hu Sihui’s body.

Hu Sihui’s imposing manner has greatly increased.

Her cultivation base directly broke through Tier 5, and it is still improving.

It was suddenly promoted to the sixth rank Peak.

Hu Sihui’s strength skyrocketed.

At this time, she completely controlled the Fangzhou Holy City and became the master of this side world.

In this a side World, she is an invincible existence.

I saw, she raised her hand.

A rays of light shot out from her white jade hand.

“hong long!”

That white light instantly impacted on the attacks of the seven kills and the others.

The power of terrifying was instantly dissipated.

This time, seven kills and the others complexion greatly changed.

At this time, the power of Lin Buxui array has also disappeared.

The Great Seal of Cangyuan and the Immortal Picture of Universe, turned into two rays of light, merged into Lin Buxui’s body. ,

“Go, invincible.”

At this time, the seven kills did not hesitate and went straight away.

He knew very well that at this time, it was their best chance to escape here.

Trifling is a Tier 5 demon fox, although it has refined this Holy City and became the master of this Fangzhou Holy City.

Increased strength.

However, her consumption is also very huge. Although she became the lord of the Holy City, she could not completely control the power of this city in such a short time.

In this way, they have a chance.

At first, Seven Kills thinks that people who want to refining this Holy City in Fangzhou are not 7th grade, but also sixth rank Peak.

Therefore, they believe that once Holy City is refining, they will undoubtedly die.

Now they still have a chance.

“Can’t let them go.” At this time. Yuwenhe said.

His injury is not light and consumes a lot of money, so he has no energy to chase him.

Lin Buxui is the same.

However, Lin Buxui’s Spirit Beast Nine-tailed Sky Fox in front of him received this big seal and became the owner of this city. His strength has greatly increased. This is another Holy Land in Fangzhou. In the space of City, it should be possible to trap each other.

“hong long!”

Yuwenhe’s voice fell, seven kills and the others, he rolled up the Demon altar, and sacrificed a powerful Demon, bursting out The power of Demon’s altar tore a Space Crack open and escaped instantly.

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