Eternal True God Chapter 58

“How did you let them go?” Yuwen and said.

“cough cough!” At this time, Hu Sihui transformed into his original form and coughed up blood.

“It’s not that I don’t chase, but I can’t.” Lin Buxui also said at this time.

He has a wry smile in his heart.

Although Hu Sihui forced the refining of Fangzhou Dayin, the cultivation realm was still not enough. Finally, with the help of Lin Buxui, he forced the refining.

But because of this, Hu Sihui did not have complete control. Instead, he encountered a backlash. In the end, it was Lin Buxui who suppressed it with the power of Heaven and Earth, which motivated the power of Fangzhou Holy City.

“so that’s how it is.” Yuwenhe is what and the others. At this time, I also saw the clues.

“It is luck to be able to retreat and kill them seven.” At this time, Lin Buxui said, “However, this time, we are not at a loss.”

“you brat , It’s not a loss, but I lost a lot.” Yuwenhe smiled bitterly.

He suffered a huge loss this time.

Almost hurt the origin.

“Teacher, don’t think I don’t know, this is just an incarnation of you that’s all.” At this time, Lin Buxui slightly smiled and said.

Yuwen and hearing this were surprised.

This time, it really is not simple.

I actually saw that I was just a clone.

“How is it possible?” He said, “This is my deity. With my strength, it is not enough to cultivation the External Body Incarnation.”

“haha, the teacher said No, it’s not it.” Lin Buxui haha ​​smiled and didn’t care about it. “Today, the mission has been completed. The Demon and Demon Holy Sect in Luanqi Temple have all left, and we should also go back.”

“you brat.” Yuwenhe looked at Lin Buxui. This guy is not a thing in the pool. Sooner or later, he wants Dragon Transformation to rise, soaring through the Nine Heavens. I’m afraid trifling Heavenly Luck Mansion. He still watches Not on.

“You should also go back. Your innate talent is good, and there are many means. Unfortunately, the cultivation realm is still too low. You should upgrade your own cultivation progress. Everything else is nothing but your own cultivation. Realm, your own strength, is the fundamental.” Yuwenhe looked at Lin Buxui and said, “In addition, you have to remember that after three months, Longling Secret Realm will open. Maybe you will have unexpected gains.”


Three days later.

Lingxiao Mountain, Lingxiao Courtyard.

Lin Buxui opened his eyes, and a terrifying light shot out from his eyes.

His cultivation base has been improved again.

I have been firmly established in Martial Dao 6 Heavenly Layer Peak, and you can enter Martial Dao 7 Heavenly Layer level in just one step.

“Sure enough, it is still hunting Demon, and the promotion base is faster.”

Last time, he entered Luanqi Temple and broke into the secret land of Demon Holy Sect. Obtained a huge gain, beheading how many Demons I don’t know, and obtaining a spiritual fire, which completely ignited the Eternal Divine Furnace, allowing his cultivation base to advance greatly.

Not only that, but also the Supreme Treasure of Fangzhou Holy City.

Although he is not in his control, Hu Sihui’s Nine-tailed Sky Fox is ultimately his Spirit Beast.

It’s just that Hu Sihui at this time has already entered the cultivation state.

I don’t know how long it will take to wake up, otherwise, Su Sihui will be a big help to Lin Buxui.

sixth rank Demon, which is equivalent to Celestial Realm’s cultivation base.

Compared with him, his Spirit Beast is much stronger.

Although he has many methods, he also has the Great Seal of Cangyuan and the Immortal Picture of Universe.

The cultivation realm is too low, it’s just Martial Dao 6 Heavenly Layer.

Not enough at all.

I haven’t even entered the Golden Core realm.

Although he killed many Demons, it was all with the help of external forces.

It depletes the origin of one’s own soul.

For Lin Buxui, such consumption is not worth it.

Just at this time.

Wu Xiaoyang came in a hurry.

He came to Lin Buxui, gasping for breath.

“Master, good thing, great thing, the news that the master asked me to inquire, I already have the eyebrows.” Wu Xiaoyang loudly said.

Lin Buxui hearing this, stood up suddenly.

He looked at Wu Xiaoyang and said, “What you said is true? There is already news about Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower and Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Pill? Who is it? Who is refining Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Pill “

Wu Xiaoyang is nodded, he said: “Three months ago, Leng Batian, the Peak Master of Xuyang Peak, had looked for Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower. In addition, there was a mysterious person before this. , I visited Heavenly Luck Mansion to find Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower.”

“The cold dominance of Xuyang Peak?” Lin Buxui’s eyes flickered cold light.

Guan Shian once said, let yourself give up, don’t be impulsive.

The person looking for Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower is very terrifying, and the cultivation base is strong. Isn’t the current self able to contend?

Even Yuwenhe of Heavenly Luck Mansion couldn’t compete.

Then, the other party’s background is too big.

Who in the end?

I’m afraid I have to ask Yuwenhe, or find Leng Batian to find out.

With my current cultivation realm, it is far from enough.

Unless one’s own cultivation base can be promoted to the Martial Dao divine ability level, then they are eligible.

After all, Leng Batian’s cultivation base is not weak.

He is the only one Elder who is independent of the Seventh Court of Heavenly Luck Mansion, and is the passer-on of Heavenly Luck Mansion.

Elder has an outstanding position.

second only to Master Yuwenhe.

Lin Buxui guessed that Yuwen and Yu would be afraid of him.

His cultivation base, even if it is weaker than Yuwenhe, will never be too weak.

Lin Buxui thought for a while, and then said, “Apart from Heavenly Luck Mansion, are there any other forces in the outside world who are deliberately looking for Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower or Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Pill?”


Wu Xiaoyang said: “Back to the master, and Hunter Hall, I have been looking for Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Pill.”

“Where is Danxinyuan?” Lin Buxui said again.

“This is unheard of.” Wu Xiaoyang shook his head.

“You did a good job with this matter, let’s go on.” After Wu Xiaoyang went down, Lin Buxui’s face was solemn.

It really wasn’t that simple.

My own mother, it is really possible to be transferred out.

What is the origin of the mysterious person?

From the upper bound?

Or the descendants of the Cangyuan Empire?

This is all possible.

Perhaps, it may also be the enemy of his father Lin Yi.

Of course, this probability is still very small.

If it is really father Lin Yi’s enemy, after taking away his mother and Shen Qingmei, there is no reason to leave Lin Family behind.

If revenge is to completely destroy the Lin Family, wouldn’t it be better?

Xuyangfeng needs to check it himself.

However, it cannot be investigated blatantly.

In this Heavenly Luck Mansion, the Leng Batian who has offended Xuyang Peak now is absolutely unwise.

If your current cultivation realm is still in the Peak period, that’s fine. You can use the secret technique of retrospective time and time backwards to find out who is taking your mother away.

However, if you want to use the time backward technique, at least you have to wait until your cultivation progress reaches the level of Martial Dao divine ability.

If that time comes, I am afraid it will be too late.

For Lin Buxui, the most lacking thing now is time.

Maybe, I asked Yuwen to talk to this head teacher and ask him to help.

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