Eternal True God Chapter 59

Xuyang Peak must be visited.

However, not now.

We have to find the time.

Now the cultivation realm is too weak. There is no absolute certainty that Lin Buxui will not act.

Go to Tianyun Peak first.

Lin Buxui left Lingxiao Mountain and rushed to the main peak of Heavenly Luck Mansion, Tianyun Peak, where Yuwenhe was taught.

“Lin Buxui, don’t you have a good cultivation, what are you doing here? The head teacher values ​​you so much, but don’t let him down on his Senior’s expectations of you.” This is a deacon from Moriyama. He had met Lin Buxui, Gu Xianqi.

The strength is not weak.

Paradise Realm 6th-layer.

He didn’t underestimate Lin Buxui. Although this guy is only in the trifling Innate Martial Dao environment, he can use Formation to defeat the Spirit Refinement Realm, and even fight against the Paradise Realm.

I have to admit, how terrifying is this guy’s innate talent on Formation?

this is one peerless evildoer, otherwise, it is impossible to get the approval of the master teacher, and give him the opportunity to enter the Hidden Treasure Pavilion to choose treasure.

That was a great opportunity.

“Senior Brother, I’m here to find the head teacher, so I can tell you that Lin Buxui has something to see.” Lin Buxui said.

“What are you going to do to find a master teacher? He will manage everything in the future, but there is no idle time.” Gu Xianqi shook his head and said, “You should go first, take a good training, and strive for an early breakthrough Martial Dao Golden Core. That’s the most important thing.”

“Let him come in.” At this time, the head teacher Yuwenhe’s voice came from the Tianyun Courtyard.

Gu Xianqi was slightly taken aback when hearing this.

This kid seems to be really liked by the master.

At this time, when he was in charge of the cultivation, he took the initiative to let Lin Buxui go to see him. This is evident.

“Go in!” Gu Xianqi didn’t ask much.

Lin Buxui was released directly.

Lin Buxui enters the Tianyun Courtyard.

This other courtyard is very simple.

Even, it is far inferior to his own Lingxiao Courtyard.

However, here, there is a unique power.

Stepping into this place, people immediately calm down.

No external interference.

This is definitely a cultivation treasure land, where the cultivation can be calm and without interference.

“Little Brat, what can you do for me?” Yuwenhe looked at him and said, “Now that you have a spiritual fire and a treasure, you should refining well to consolidate the cultivation base and be a dragon Ling Secret Realm is to be prepared, not to run around and waste time.”

“Senior, I am here to ask you about something.” Lin Buxui said, “Senior is it right? Do you know about Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower?”

“Why are you asking this?” Yuwenhe was taken aback for a moment, said.

“It has something to do with my mother.” Lin Buxui said, “Senior should also know that my father Lin Yi is also the dísciple of Heavenly Luck Mansion, and he had received Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang to save my mother. Flower was given to her, but now, my mother is caught and disappeared. As far as I know, the person who caught my mother should be to get the Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower in her body.”

Yuwen and hearing this face changed slightly.

“I can inquire about this matter for you, but you should absolutely not act rashly.”

“Senior, you have news, don’t you?” Lin Buxui looked at Yuwen and Tao.

“Lin Buxui, I will help you inquire about this matter, but you must not investigate without authorization. You are a smart person. You should know that I am doing this for your good.” Yuwen He said in a very serious tone.

The same is true.

Guan Shian is like this, and now, Yuwenhe is the same.

Things are really not simple.

The person who took away his mother is so strong that he completely surpassed his expectations.

“I see, the palm teacher can rest assured.” Lin Buxui said, “I will not act rashly.”

“If you understand, I can tell you the truth. Someone once came to Heavenly Luck Mansion to find news about Heavenly Mysterious Spirit Yang Flower. The power of the other party was very terrifying. It is far from what you can contend with now. Even if it is me, in front of them, it is no different from the ants. If you inquire about the news, if it is true, then if you want to save people, you can only improve your cultivation base. When you enter the longevity emperor level, then you will be eligible.” Yuwenhe looked at Lin Buxui and said .

“Well, go to cultivation. If you encounter any difficulties, you can come to me. Of course, you can also find Elder.”

Lin Buxui walked out of Tianyun Peak.

He had anticipated the result of coming here.

Just, who is that person?

Guan Shian did not say, Yuwenhe did not say either.

Only find a way to check.

Although he is very anxious, there is nothing he can do about it.

The cultivation base is still too weak.

Wait for Lin Buxui to leave.

Tianyunfeng came out alone.

He and Yuwenhe looked at Lin Buxui’s back.

“You can tell him.” Yuwenhe said.

“It’s not the time yet, he is too weak.” The mysterious person sighed, “When will his cultivation base reach the Martial Dao realm, he is qualified to know, otherwise, he is now If he knows his cultivation base, he is going to die.”

“Do you think he would give up so easily?” Yuwenhe said again, “This kid is not simple?”

“My time is running out.” The mysterious person said, “If he can’t grow up quickly, then what he will face will be more cruel than death.”

” You are really cruel.” Yuwenhe shook his head, “He is just a child.”

“Haha, cruel, is this cruel?” The man haha ​​smiled and said, “As a Lin Family For posterity, this is his destiny. There is no cruelty or cruelty. If you own the bloodline of Lin Family, you must assume this responsibility.”


Lin Buxui doesn’t know these things.

After he left Tianyun Peak, he did not return to the Lingxiao Courtyard.

But to find another spiritual fire.

That is to go to the deserted sand sea, to find another spiritual fire news there.

If he can get the second spirit fire, then he can cultivation out of Supreme Yang Divine Fire.

Let Eternal Divine Furnace bring it up a level.

In this way, his strength will also be amazingly improved.

In a short time, it can break the bottleneck of Innate Martial Dao Realm, directly cross the Martial Dao Nine Layers Heaven, and enter the Martial Dao Golden Core realm.

This was the first thing he did when he went out.

And, the second thing is to find another Immortal Artifact.

Nine-tailed Sky Fox The Immortal Artifact mentioned by Hu Sihui.

Although he already has the immortal map in his hand, this Supreme Immortal Treasure, but the immortal map is only incomplete after all. Although the formidable power is huge, the consumption is too terrifying.

It was actually necessary to consume one’s own soul to drive.

So, I have to solve this problem myself.

In addition, outside, there is Hunter Hall to deal with.

Lin Family, although there is Hong Yongxin’s protection, Hong Yongxin is only one person after all, even if his cultivation base has been greatly improved, he can’t stand the siege.

In Heavenly Luck Mansion, I offended Zuo Xingliang.

That guy, it’s not good.

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