Eternal True God Chapter 60

This day.

Lin Buxui is preparing to go out.

I met He Kangqi.

“Junior Brother Lin, are you… are you going out?” He Kangqi looked at Lin Buxui and asked.

“Yes, I’m going to go to the deserted sand and sea.”

When He Kangqi heard it, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he said: “The deserted sand and sea, you are going to find the soul Fire? That day, the deserted sand sea was not a joke. There were many dangers. If you are careless, you may fall there.”

“Spirit fire is very important to me, I have to Go, and, this time, I’m going to deal with Hunter Hall first.” Lin Buxui said.

“I will let you go.” He Kang said strangely.

“Senior Brother He, do you really want to follow me to the deserted sea?” Lin Buxui was taken aback after hearing this, and said, “That’s very dangerous, and, Senior Brother, you fought with Kou Zhikuang before. Let him self-destruct Celestial Grotto and offend Kou Zhiyong. You and him will have a battle sooner or later. If you follow me to the deserted sea, you may delay the cultivation.”

“No problem, Going to the deserted sea with Junior Brother, maybe there is another chance? On the contrary, if cultivation in Heavenly Luck Mansion, it is absolutely impossible to improve the progress of cultivation in a short time. Soon, Kou Zhikuang will return. It is difficult for me to beat him. Rather than that, it’s better to go out and venture out with Junior Brother, and you might gain something.” He Kangqi said, it’s a fact. In Heavenly Luck Mansion, the step-by-step cultivation is surely impossible to reach Paradise Realm in a short time. 7 Heavenly Layer level, if you go to the deserted sand and sea, there may be unexpected harvest.

“Senior Brother wants to walk with me. It’s no better. One more person will give you one more care.” With He Kangqi, the Grade 5 Poison Master following, it will save a lot of things.

Especially when dealing with Hunter Hall, he was a big help.

The two go together.

Leave the Heavenly Luck Mansion.


Executive court, God Liangfeng.

Zuo Xingliang is cultivation in another hospital.

Come alone.

“Senior Brother Zuo, there is news that Lin Buxui’s little bastard and He Kangqi went out and left Heavenly Luck Mansion.” Gu Yuansong said.

“Are you sure it is them?” Zuo Xingliang narrowed his eyes and said.

“Yes, I can see clearly, there is no mistake.” Gu Yuansong said nodded, with a very certain tone.

“Okay, very good, this time, they are bound to die.” Zuo Xingliang’s cold light flickered, Lin Buxui, this little bastard, caused him to be ugly, and he was confined to the court. , If you don’t deal with him, what’s your face?

If you dare to offend yourself, you will die.

“Gu Yuansong, listen, no matter what method you use, you have to kill Lin Buxui’s little bastard, do you know?” Zuo Xingliang said.

“Senior Brother, that kid, although the cultivation base is not very good, but on Dao of Array, the innate talent is outstanding, and there is a He Kangqi beside him, that He Kangqi is a Grade 5 Poison Master , With my strength, I’m afraid it’s not enough.” Gu Yuansong said, hearing this, lowering his head.

He is not sure enough.

If only Lin Buxui was alone, he would be confident.

But if you add a He Kangqi.

He is not without complete assurance.

How terrifying is a Poison Master?

A little carelessness, you may be poisoned by He Kangqi. At that time, I am afraid that Lin Buxui will not only be unable to kill Lin Buxui, but he will fight back instead.

“You are really stupid, then He Kangqi killed Kou Zhikuang, and Kou Zhikuang hated him to the bone. You only need to tell Kou Zhiyong the news and let him deal with He Kangqi, is it possible that, You still can’t deal with Lin Buxui’s little bastard?” Zuo Xingliang heard that he was very angry and shouted, “Also, Lin Buxui’s little bastard killed Huang Yun’an’s son, you find Huang Yun’an, he treats Lin Buxui’s little bastard If you hate it, he will naturally help you with all his strength.”

“If this is the case, then there is no problem.” Gu Yuansong said.

“Go away, if you didn’t kill that little bastard, you just use your head to see me.” Zuo Xingliang shouted.

Gu Yuansong left in a hurry.


At this time, Lin Buxui and He Kangqi have arrived in Yun City.

Lin Buxui has a bad feeling.

So rushed to Lin Family.

When the two came to Lin Family.

Lin Family is already blood flowing into a river.

Lin Family dísciple suffered numerous casualties.

In the distance, Lin Family Mansion.

Has been surrounded by the crowds of Hunter Hall.

The leader is not the victim, but Huang Yunan.

The person who confronted Huang Yunan directly was Hong Yongxin. At this moment, Hong Yongxin was already bloodied, riddled with scars.

“Hong Yongxin, you are already an arrow at the end of its flight. It is not worth losing your life for Lin Buxui’s little bastard.” Huang Yunan looked at him and said, “If so, you will persist in Your own wrong doings, if you want to fight me desperately, I will kill you and then destroy the Hong family.”

Huang Yunan murderous-looking, cold light flickering in his eyes.

And Hong Yongxin shook his head and said: “Huang Yunan, you want me to leave, impossible, what I promised Hong Yongxin will definitely be done, you can’t kill me, and you can’t kill Lin Family.”

“You are courting death.” Huang Yunan was completely angry, “I didn’t want to use this thing, but now it’s only useful.”

At this time, Huang Yunan There was something in his hand.

That is a seal of talisman.

A powerful Demon was sealed in the talisman.

A sixth rank Demon.

“Huang Yunan, you want to release Demon? You are fighting humans, do you know?” At this time, Hong Yongxin saw the seal talisman in his hand, and the complexion greatly changed.

If Huang Yunan releases the sixth rank Demon from the seal, I am afraid that the entire Yun City will be destroyed.

“hmph, Lin Buxui’s little bastard, killed my son. I want revenge. It doesn’t matter if I drag the entire Yun City to the funeral.” Huang Yunan’s eyes flashed crazy at this moment.

He can’t care much anymore.

“Huang Yunan, you are crazy.” Hong Yongxin shouted loudly, “You will die if you do it like this, do you know?”

“Death, so what? My son is dead, and he is my only hope, so I want you all people to be buried for him, haha…haha…” At this time, Huang Yunan crushed the seal talisman in his hand.

At that moment, a horrible breath of Demon burst out in an instant.

In the sky, monster clouds were suddenly covered, a horrible breath erupted, and all the birds and beasts scattered around and fled.

The appalling coercion enveloped the entire Yun City.

At this moment, Yun City has changed.

Everyone feels this terrifying breath.

“Damn, what is going on, Demon invaded? In Yun City, how could such a terrifying Demon gas appear? Could it be that the Demon channel was opened?” In Yun City, an old man The viewer looked at the terrifying demon cloud shrouded in the sky, and the complexion was greatly changed.

Such a powerful Demon gas means a terrifying big Demon.

Strength is by no means ordinary.

Yun City, no one can resist it.

The catastrophe, this is the catastrophe of Yun City.

Such a Demon can swallow the entire Yun City in less than half a day.

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