Eternal True God Chapter 61

“The trouble is big, that is the sixth rank Demon, the entire Yun City, there is no one, can fight.” In the distance, the two people who saw this scene, the complexion greatly changed.

“Damn it.” Lin Buxui didn’t expect Huang Yunan to be so crazy.

“That’s the sixth rank Demon, the blue poisonous fire spider.” When the demon cloud dispersed, a huge giant spider appeared in front of everyone.

This blue-patterned poisonous fire spider is covered with blue patterns on its body.

Looking from a distance, it is very hideous.

The spider silk it sprays contains terrifying poison.

That is very poisonous.

Once contaminated, it will make people burn as if they are in a fire.

Even if a person of low power is caught with such a severe poison, the internal organs will be burned out by the poisonous fire.

It’s pretty scary.

“You run away and go to Heavenly Luck Mansion to find Lin Buxui.” At this time, Hong Yongxin smiled bitterly, and he stood in front of him.

The sixth rank Demon in front of him is not something he can fight against.

But, in order to delay the time for everyone in Lin Family, he couldn’t stand in front.

Otherwise, with his own cultivation base, although he can’t compete with this blue-patterned poisonous fire spider, he still has a chance if he wants to escape.

But he didn’t do that.


The blue-patterned poisonous fire spider made a zi zi sound.

The body is huge, but the speed is extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, he rushed to Hong Yongxin’s front.

Its forelimbs, moved towards Hong Yongxin, waved away, like a sharp sword, emitting a dim-blue light.

Hong Yongxin flickered and quickly avoided.

Just listen to “resounding”.

The forelimbs of the blue-patterned poisonous fire spider slammed on the ground, and suddenly the flames splattered, bricks and stones broke apart, and the entire ground, under the impact of this domineering force, was like a spider web. , Burst open, one after another crack moved towards all around, extending away.

“Boom hong long!”

Next, there was another blow.

A terrifying pit was smashed into the ground.

Hong Yongxin has no power to fight back at all, so he can only run away frantically.

“Escape, you can’t escape.”

Seeing the Lin Family fleeing wildly, Huang Yunan will give them a chance.

“You all have to die, kill you first, and then I will kill Lin Buxui. I want to make your Lin Family whole family go extinct, and don’t even want to live.” Huang Yunan face looks sinister, his tone is crazy .

“Heaven all catches hands!”

Shouting loudly, Void grabbed it with a big hand.

Several Lin Family children cannot escape at all.

The strength gap is too big.

I was caught in front of him in an instant.

Next, Huang Yunan squeezed his hands and directly crushed their bodies.

At this time, Lin Buxui took a look, and the cold light flickered in his eyes.

He loudly shouted and moved towards Huang Yunan and galloped away.

“Huang Yunan!”

“Junior Brother Lin, don’t be impulsive.” At this time, He Kangqi hurried to catch up.

The strength of Lin Buxui is just Martial Dao 6 Heavenly Layer.

But Huang Yunan is also Paradise Realm.

In front of me, there is such a terrifying sixth rank Demon. Going up like this is no different from death.

“Lin Buxui, you little bastard, finally here.” Seeing Lin Buxui’s appearance, Huang Yunan was overjoyed. He threw the man in his hand aside and walked directly towards Lin Buxui.

As soon as he stretched out his hand, a long spear was held in his hand.

It is the divine spear of nine revolutions.

Lightning arc, above the long spear, keeps flickering.

Drag to the ground, making a zi zi sound.

He step by step moved towards Lin Buxui.

In the eyes, hatred is strong.

“old fogey, I could have spared you from dying, but you just brought about one’s own destruction, and did it to my Lin Family. Today next year will be your anniversary of death, but unfortunately, at that time, there was no more People, I can offer sacrifices to you.” Lin Buxui looked at such a powerful Huang Yunan with no fear at all.


Huang Yunan’s speed instantly increased, as if turned into a flash of lightning, and moved towards Lin Buxui rushed straight.

When Lin Buxui was about to use the immortal map of the universe, He Kangqi stood in front of him and said: “Junior Brother Lin, he will leave it to me.”

He Kangqi raised his hand.

A cold glow shot in his eyes.

Next, punched out.

The fierce and domineering fist strength, like a steel sledgehammer, raises a strong fist wind, and the tyrannical fist strength, strikes above Huang Yunan’s spear.

The sound of “peng”.

Huang Yunan was shaken back several steps.

“You are so courageous, you dare to do something to my Heavenly Luck Mansion’s Inner Disciple.” He Kangqi coldly said, “Hurry up and catch you, I can spare you not to die.”

“Heavenly Luck Mansion’s Inner Disciple? So what? It’s the same death.” Huang Yunan’s eyes flashed crazily.

Kill these two people.

How about taking the Star River ancient jade from Lin Buxui, when the time comes, and getting the inheritance of the Star River the Great, it is Heavenly Luck Mansion?

He is not afraid.

“Blue Venomous Fire Spiders, kill them for me!”

He released this sixth rank Demon from the seal talisman, and he could only control it for one hour.

After an hour, the blue poisonous fire spider will be completely free.

At the moment, he is alone and can never kill the dísciple of this one Heavenly Luck Mansion in front of him.

Only with the power of Demon.

The blue-stranded poisonous fire spider has resisted Huang Yunan’s order, but there is no way.

The power of talisman restricts it.

It gave up hunting down Hong Yongxin, and the two moved towards Lin Buxui rushed over.

The breath of Demon hiding the sky and covering the earth is terrifying.

“Go, Junior Brother Lin, you go quickly, I block this Demon.” He Kangqi looked at the aggressive spider Demon, his face was extremely dignified, and he shouted to Lin Buxui.

“Trifling sixth rank Demon is nothing but no need to be afraid.” Lin Buxui said coldly.

He has a talisman in his hand.

This talisman is exactly the talisman given to him by He Kangqi at that time, and it can withstand the powerhouse blow of divine ability.

This is a 7th grade talisman.

Very domineering.

But there is only defensive power.

However, it was modified by Lin Buxui with the power of Qiankun Xiantu, which turned that talisman into an Offensive Talisman seal.

Using the power of Xiantu to modify the talisman, ordinary people can never do this.

But Lin Buxui is different. In his previous life, he was not only an invincible emperor, but also a powerful talisman.

With the power of the Universe Xiantu as an aid, it is enough to modify a small rune on the 7th grade talisman.

For Lin Buxui, the Attack Type talisman is more effective than the defense type talisman.

He mobilized the power of the Universe Xiantu and instantly activated the talisman in his hand.

At this moment, that talisman shining masterpiece.

In the void, it condenses into a terrifying spear.

This spear carries a terrifying Destruction Strength.

“go! ”

Lin Buxui a light shout.

The spear flew out instantly, ignoring any obstacles.


There was a crisp sound, only to see the spear, which directly penetrated the head of the blue-patterned poisonous fire spider.


The body of the blue poisonous fire spider burst open.


A powerful sixth rank Demon was directly beheaded.

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