Eternal True God Chapter 62

“Then the talisman?” He Kangqi took a look, and Lin Buxui was very familiar with the talisman just used.

“Yes, this is the talisman you gave me by Senior Brother. I made a small modification, but, it’s a pity, this is a seventh-grade talisman.” Lin Buxui sighed.

But now, there is no way.

He didn’t want to waste Soul Power. He urged Qiankun Xiantu to deal with that Demon, so he had to consume a talisman.

“Junior Brother Lin, are you still a talisman?” He Kangqi was shocked hearing this, but Lin Buxui was really amazing.

Excellent innate talent, Array Master, Alchemist, and now a Talisman.

“How is it possible?” Huang Yunan’s complexion in the distance was greatly changed at this time. The sixth rank Demon on this side was actually beaten to death by Lin Buxui.

He has such a powerful talisman in his hands.


Since Lin Buxui cannot be killed, there is only escape.

He knows very well that with his current strength, it is okay to deal with Hong Yongxin, but against He Kangqi’s dísciple of this one Heavenly Luck Mansion, then he has absolutely no chance of winning.

What’s more, there are now two Martial Artists of Paradise Realm, one is He Kangqi and the other is Hong Yongxin.

It’s not too easy for the two to join forces to kill him.

Huang Yun’an saw that the situation was far from good, and went straight away.

“The person who killed my Lin Family, I just want to leave, there is no such easy thing.” Lin Buxui’s cold light flashed in his eyes, and now he can’t let him escape.

“Star River hit!”

Lin Buxui appeared in the hand of an ancient jade, this ancient jade, turned into a bright light, like a shooting star, in the blink of an eye It hit Huang Yunan’s body.


A muffled sound.

Huang Yunan, who fled, was directly knocked to the ground.

Star River ancient jade then turned into a rays of light and returned to his hands.

This is just a matter of breathing.

Hong Yongxin and He Kangqi were shocked.

Although I don’t know what Lin Buxui is using, this kind of strength is too shocking.

For He Kangqi, the strength of this Junior Brother Lin is too confusing.

Many methods are emerging one after another.

If anyone is an enemy, he doesn’t know how to die.

He was very fortunate that he helped Lin Buxui and became friends with him.

“It’s really lively.”

At this time, I walked out from the woods in the distance to count people.

“Kou Zhiyong.”

Regarding the leader, He Kangqi complexion changed.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be Kou Zhiyong. This time, things are in trouble.

Not only Kou Zhiyong, but also Gu Yuansong.

The strength of these two people is very strong.

Kou Zhiyong is the powerhouse of Paradise Realm 7 Heavenly Layer and the big brother of Kou Zhikuang. He came here, needless to say, to avenge his younger brother.

And Gu Yuansong, I am afraid it is because of Zuo Xingliang.

“He Kangqi, you killed my younger brother, today is your death date.” Kou Zhiyong’s powerful imposing manner directly locked He Kangqi.

As for Gu Yuansong, his target is Lin Buxui.

“Since your goal is me, you can let Junior Brother Lin leave.” He Kang said strangely.

“Let him go, how is it possible?” Gu Yuansong said coldly, “I blame him for offending people who shouldn’t be offended.”

Looking at several people, Lin Buxui sighed.

He said: “You are leaving now, there is still time, otherwise, you will all die here.”

“What a big tone.” Gu Yuansong looked at Lin Buxui coldly, ” trifling Martial Dao 6 Heavenly Layer, dare to be so arrogant? Who gave you the courage?”

“It seems that you are trying to force me, why bother? I wanted to spare your lives, but By the way, you don’t want to live, if you have to die, then I can only fulfill you.” At this time, in Lin Buxui’s eyes, the cold light exploded, and the breath of the whole person changed drastically.

Behind him, a powerful illusory shadow appeared.

That illusory shadow holds an ancient Divine Furnace in one hand, and the other hand controls an ancient big seal.

The power of Star River ancient jade is also poured into his body.

The terrifying imposing manner radiated in an instant.

The whole a side World seems to have stagnated.

Time Freeze, the space freezes.

Next, I saw the illusory shadow behind Lin Buxui, raised his hand, a finger pointed.

A terrifying force burst out.

Wherever the light goes, everything turns into nothingness at that moment.

Gu Yuansong, die.

Next, Lin Buxui raised his hand, and the vast mana condense a giant hand.

dropping from the sky, suppressed.

hong long!

A loud noise.

This giant hand directly shot Kou Zhiyong, Huang Yunan and the others into the ground.

Those who are already dead cannot die again.

In the blink of an eye, he has wiped out Kou Zhiyong and many other powerhouses.

This scene stunned Hong Yongxin and He Kangqi.


Too overbearing, too terrifying.

What a mighty force is this?

At the moment that illusory shadow appeared, both He Kangqi and Hong Yongxin felt that they were shocked by the stalwart pressure of Supreme.

The soul trembles, unable to move.

What kind of cultivation base is this?

What kind of existence is that?


The illusory shadow disappeared, and the terrifying majesty disappeared.

But the scene just now was deeply imprinted in the depth of one’s soul of the two.

At this time, He Kangqi finally understands why Lin Buxui has that many things.

Not only can he point him to the progress of cultivation, let him achieve Grade 5 Poison Master, but also pill concocting, and make symbols, which is really why he can set up an array.

This Junior Brother Lin is simply not an ordinary person.

Maybe, he is the Supreme powerhouse reincarnate and recultivate.

Or, he is simply Immortal God.

Lin Buxui was almost drained at this time.

Soul Power consumes half of it.

Killing Kou Zhiyong and the others may seem awe-inspiring, but in reality it is miserable.

I’m losing a lot.

Lin Buxui never thought that killing these guys would consume him so much.

Knowing this, I won’t fight.

These bastards are all damned.

“Lin…Lin…” At this time, He Kangqi didn’t know what to call Lin Buxui. Looking at Lin Buxui, he was already shocked by Lin Buxui’s powerful power.

“Senior Brother He, don’t be nervous.” Lin Buxui said, “This is just a little bit of my life-saving method. Kou Zhiyong and the others are so powerful that they have to use their life-saving cards. , I am at a loss.”

Lin Buxui smiled bitterly.

He Kangqi came back to his senses and said: “Junior Brother Lin, you are so amazing. With these methods, I am afraid that Immortal God will go down here only this, right?”

” haha…” Lin Buxui hearing this laughed and said, “What Immortal God is going to do, this is just a treasure. Unfortunately, there is no next time, but after all, this is just a foreign object. Only if it is strong is it. Basically.”

“Lin Buxui, you brat, but it’s so hard to hide it from me. With this ability, where can I get old fogey protection.” At this time, Hong Yongxin also recovered, he saw To Lin Buxui.

“Senior can’t say that. My own cultivation realm is only in the Innate Martial Dao environment. It can be done with the help of foreign object. Moreover, this time has been exhausted. If I meet again I am afraid I will lose my life to such a powerful enemy.”

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