Eternal True God Chapter 63

“Lin Buxui, you are finally back.” Lin Xian watched Lin Buxui’s arrival, excited. At this time, his body was stained with blood and his cultivation base had been abolished. .

“What’s the matter? How about the old man?” Lin Buxui said.

“He…he was arrested, along with the younger generation of my Lin Family, all arrested.” Lin Xian cried and said, “You are our patriarch, you can’t let it go. Lin Family don’t care, you are going to save them.”

A big man, full of tears.

I couldn’t cry anymore.

“Yes, patriarch, only you can save them now.” The others cried.

Lin Buxui’s cold light flashed in his eyes, he said: “What’s the matter? Who did it?”

At this time, Hong Yongxin said with a bitter smile: “I will It’s late. I’m sorry. The other people in Lin Family were arrested before I arrived.”

“Senior Hong, the person who arrested my Lin Family kid Who is it? Why do you do this?” he said.

“Hunter Hall.” Hong Yong said, “Those people are the dísciple of Hunter Hall.”

“Patriarch, the beast of Lin Antong brought the people, the one who took the lead People also told me to tell patriarch that if you want to save people, you can take the Star River ancient jade to Hunter Hall. Only three days later, if you don’t go, he will kill everyone and also annihilate my Lin Family. “Lin Xian said with a wry smile.

Star River ancient jade.

Lin Antong, Hunter Hall.

Lin Buxui understands now.

The news about Star River ancient jade has been leaked by Lin Antong.

Killing his two sons by himself, it is normal for him to hate himself.

This Lin Antong is more dead than necessary.

“Go, go to Hunter Hall.” Lin Buxui’s eyes flashed cold light, and terrifying murderous intention burst out.

Lin Family unexpectedly has such a traitor.

“Junior Brother Lin, are you going to Hunter Hall?” He Kangqi looked at him and said, “I have heard of Hunter Hall, the master of Hunter Hall, that is the powerhouse of Celestial Realm, we rushed forward There is no chance of winning at all.”

“Yes, Brat Lin, can’t be impulsive. The head of Hunter Hall has already entered Celestial Realm a year ago. It’s our teamwork, not If his opponent wants to save people, he can’t force himself, but only outsmart.” Hong Yongxin also said at this time.

“Didn’t he want Star River ancient jade? Then I will give it to him.” Lin Buxui coldly snorted.

Star River ancient jade is something of Zhou Xinghe.

Originally, in this Star River ancient jade, there is a source of Zhou Xinghe, Lin Buxui did not intend to use it.

Now, since the other party is a Martial Artist of Celestial Realm.

The Lin Family members were arrested again.

I’m impossible to let everyone in the Lin Family ignore.

So, people must be saved.

Since the other party wants Star River ancient jade, it is related to the disappearance of his mother.

So, the matter of getting rid of Hunter Hall by yourself must be advanced.

Hunter Hall must be pulled up by the roots.

Hong Yongxin and He Kangqi looked at each other.

They have heard of Star River ancient jade. It is rumored that this Star River ancient jade is related to the inheritance of Star River Emperor Zhou Xinghe. It is an extremely precious thing.

But I didn’t expect that in this small Yun City, he is still in the hands of Lin Buxui.

Lin Buxui is not only an excellent innate talent, but also an endless stream of methods. There are so many treasures in his hands.

It’s just Child of Destiny.

Follow him and definitely have boundless prospects in the future.

“Well, since Junior Brother Lin you are going, then I will be with you, at worst is a death.” He Kangqi also said.

“old fogey, I have also spared it. How many conditions do I owe Lin Xiaoyou?” Hong Yongxin also said.

“You have to think about it. Going to Hunter Hall this time is full of crises. If you are not careful, you may lose your life.” Lin Buxui looked at the two and said, “In Hunter Hall, it’s not just There is a Celestial Realm powerhouse. The entire Hunter Hall has a huge power, many dísciples, and many powerhouses. As far as I know, Hunter Hall and several Old Ancestors are all Paradise Realm powerhouses.”

” So what? Junior Brother, you are just Innate Martial Dao Realm. You are not afraid of it. You must be confident, and I am already Paradise Realm and I am a Poison Master. What terrifying is there? For a Poison Master, the person who is most afraid of Too much.” He Kangqi narrowed his eyes and said with a smile.

“Okay, in that case, let’s go, Senior Hong. When I destroy Hunter Hall, the resources of the entire Hunter Hall will be handed over to Senior Hong.” Lin Buxui turned his head to Lin Xian again. Said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely return with everyone from Lin Family.”


half a day later.

Outside Hunter Hall.

At this moment, it is already evening.

Hunter Hall is filled with smoke.

The whole Hunter Hall is full of hustle and bustle.

Many dísciples, drinking and eating meat.

“hong long!”

At this time, He Kangqi made a move. He raised his hand and punched. With his domineering fist strength, he hit the gate of Hunter Hall with only one sound. With a loud noise, the gate of Hunter Hall collapsed, and smoke billowed.


This loud noise made everyone in Hunter Hall furious.

“Dare to come to Hunter Hall to make trouble, courting death.”

At this moment, everyone in Hunter Hall rushed out with evil spirits and evil spirits.

They tyrannically abuse power in Yun City, who dares to provoke them?

People from the government dare not do anything to them.

Now, someone dared to break into Hunter Hall directly and smashed the gate of Hunter Hall. It was bold and impudent.

“Senior Brother He, kill them all!” Lin Buxui had a terrifying killing intent in his eyes, and his tone was extremely cold.

He Kangqi nodded.

With a wave of his hand, the crowd of smoke moved towards Hunter Hall blew past.

Wherever the smoke reaches, the people in Hunter Hall suddenly fall down one by one.

All of a sudden, Hunter Hall’s gang died.

Other dísciples saw this scene, and their complexion was greatly changed, and they were ashen-faced.

Continuously crawling, fleeing frantically.

Poison Master.

This is the Poison Master. Hunter Hall turned out to provoke a powerful Poison Master.

For those low-powered gangs, they have heard the rumors of Poison Master, a Poison Master can easily destroy a city.

How terrifying and terrifying is this?

If you provoke the Poison Master, do they have a way to survive?

The three Lin Buxui watched these gangs fleeing frantically, but did not care.

The three of them went all the way in.

Since it is here to kill, then kill it all the way.

Getting started, it’s really soft.

At this moment, the powerhouse of Hunter Hall finally came out.

“It’s who? I’m so brave to come to my Hunter Hall to kill. It’s impudent.” A high-pitched voice came out and saw a man with a high crown, wearing armor and hanging from his waist. A big sword with a tiger head, the eyes are very sharp, and the baleful aura is soaring.

This person is another Vice Hall Master of Hunter Hall.

“Hong Yongxin? It’s you, you are so brave, dare to come here impudent, you are in courting death, do you know?” Gan Qingsha saw Hong Yongxin, shouted, “You still Don’t abolish the cultivation base, let me go to the hall master to apologize, otherwise, your Hong family will be completely destroyed because of you.”

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