Eternal True God Chapter 66

“Big brother, I said, Zuo Xiangyun’s slut, harbor ulterior motives, you don’t believe it.” Zhou Xinghe smiled bitterly and said, “Now, I too There is no way. I am stuck and cannot go back at all.”

“I will deal with this matter in the future. I will make them pay for the two slut.” Lin Buxui’s cold light flickered, Murderous intention is fleeting.

“Big brother, your current cultivation base is too weak and small. Now, the catastrophe is approaching. If you can’t restore the cultivation base, I’m afraid it will be in great danger.” Zhou Xinghe looked at Lin Buxui, very serious Said.

Lin Buxui said: “I also know that the catastrophe is approaching, but the cultivation base must be restored. It is not an overnight thing. This time, I reincarnate and recultivate, maybe, I can hit a higher level.”

“Big brother, what can I do for you? Let’s just say it.” Zhou Xinghe looked at Lin Buxui and said, “This is just an incarnation of me. Now, time is running out and it will disappear soon. “

“Your Inheritance Land, there should be a lot of things that can help me cultivation.” Lin Buxui thought for a while, and said, “So, I will go to your Inheritance Land.”


Zhou Xinghe hearing this said with a smile: “My things are the things of the big brother. Whenever the big brother needs it, just go and fetch it. In this way, I will leave a mark on the big brother. If you enter my Inheritance Land, you won’t be attacked.”

Speaking, Zhou Xinghe turned into a starlight, and it fell into Lin Buxui’s forehead.

At this moment, Lin Buxui feels that his strength is constantly improving.

Martial Dao 7 Heavenly Layer.

Martial Dao 8 Heavenly Layer.

After arriving at Martial Dao 8 Heavenly Layer Peak, this stopped.

“Big brother, I can only help you so much. Your physical body is too strong. My remaining energy can only improve you two small realms.” Zhou Xinghe was also shocked.

Unexpectedly, Lin Buxui’s body is so terrifying today.

For ordinary people, the remaining energy of his incarnation can definitely enable a Martial Artist of Innate Martial Dao to be promoted to Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm.

But Lin Buxui has only improved two small realms, which is really amazing.

How powerful is the foundation?

It is far from the average person can compare.

However, this is also disadvantageous, that is, the resources required for cultivation are too large, so the cultivation speed will be much slower than that of ordinary people.

The advantage is that it is absolutely invincible under the same realm.

“Star River, this time, many thanks to you.” Lin Buxui said.

“Haha, what else did we say thank you brother, big brother, I’m leaving first, you have to be careful of the people in Eternal Heaven Mansion.” Zhou Xinghe disappeared after speaking.

His words surprised Lin Buxui a bit.

Eternal Heaven Mansion, that is the force he founded, and it is his foundation.

For his birth and death, it is an existence he absolutely trusts.

It is Zhou Xinghe, also a member of Eternal Heaven Palace.

But now, Zhou Xinghe actually makes himself be careful of Eternal Heaven Mansion. What does this mean?

Could it be that something went wrong in Eternal Heaven Mansion?

Are these two beasts Zuo Xiangyun and Dong Lingfeng?

They control the Eternal Heaven Mansion?

No, this is also unlikely.

Eternal Heaven Mansion was founded by himself and will not obey anyone’s orders except himself.

Even Zuo Xiangyun at the beginning is impossible to move Eternal Heaven Mansion.

In fact, Lin Buxui trusts Eternal Heaven Mansion very much and does not doubt his own ability.

He is very confident.

However, Zhou Xinghe’s words also made him suspicious.

He will not aimlessly.

Since I have said it, there is definitely a problem.

But now, he can’t ask Zhou Xinghe anymore.

This matter will only be discussed in the future when his cultivation progress goes up.

He looked at the Star River ancient jade in his hand. Now the energy in this Star River ancient jade has completely dissipated. Today’s Star River ancient jade is just an ordinary jade pendant. , It’s just a key that’s equivalent to entering the secret mansion of Star River.

He put away the ancient jade.

At this time, far away.

He Kangqi and Hong Yongxin have already arrived.

Both had varying degrees of injuries, but their opponents were also beheaded.

“Junior Brother Lin (Junior Brother Lin), are you okay?” The two hurried to see Lin Buxui alone, a little surprised.

Lin Buxui shook his head and said: “It’s okay, but your injuries are not light.”

Lin Buxui can tell at a glance, the injuries of the two are not minor, one injury I lost an arm, and the other hurt the inner palace. This injury will not be half a month for ten days, I am afraid it will not be healed.

“haha, Junior Brother Lin is okay, that’s okay, we just got a minor injury, we just go back to recuperate, and it’s fine.” He Kangqi heard Lin Buxui’s words and didn’t care. For them , This kind of injury is not serious, what’s more, this battle is of great benefit to them.

After going back, take a good rest, then you can bring it up a level.

“Xiaoyou Lin, where are the other people in Hunter Hall?” Hong Yongxin clearly felt that there were a few powerful auras in this chamber. Among them was the chief of Hunter Hall, Hua Youzhi, and There are other Hunter Hall’s Old Ancestor and Elder, each of them is quite powerful.

But now, the breath of these people has disappeared.

If they were beheaded by Lin Buxui, their bodies have not been seen here.

Hong Yongxin was very surprised.

“They have been beheaded.” Lin Buxui said.

Actually, the same is true. He only left one Hua Youzhi. He was sealed by Lin Buxui as a talisman and stayed in the sealed talisman.

It’s just that, he wouldn’t let He Kangqi know about it.

After all, this is related to many secrets.

This cannot be known to the two of you.

“Xiaoyou Lin, you are so amazing.” Hong Yongxin was hearing this without doubt, but very shocked. Since Lin Buxui said that everyone was killed, there would be no problem.

Otherwise, now they are impossible to speak in the chamber of Hunter Hall so easily.

“It’s just relying on the benefit of treasure that’s all.” Lin Buxui shook his head, “This time, the cost is too great, of course, this is also something that can’t be helped, Hunter Hall, damn it.”


“Yes, these beasts, I just discovered that in this Hunter Hall, there are many people in captivity. These people are reduced to Demon’s food.” At this point, the killing intent in Hong Yongxin’s eyes is surging.

Lin Buxui was also extremely shocked when he heard this.

Raise people in captivity as Demon’s food.

This is simply frantic, not as good as a beast.

You must know that they are humans. They raised their own clan in captivity and used them as food for Demon. This is audacious.

That Hua has aspirations, so bold?

He is a Martial Artist of trifling Celestial Realm, dare to do so?

Among them, I am afraid there is a huge secret.

“Is there a child of my Lin Family?” Lin Buxui said hurriedly.

“No.” Hong Yongxin shook his head, “No children of Lin Family were found.”

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