Eternal True God Chapter 69

“Senior Brother, don’t worry, I’m sure, if I encounter a situation that cannot be handled, I will evacuate quickly.” Lin Buxui faintly smiled, speaking with strong self-confidence.

When He Kangqi heard this, his brows frowned slightly, and he shook his head and said, “Well, I’ll go in with you, so I can take care of it.”

“Senior Brother, you don’t have to So, I’m safer to go in alone. The Demon in this tower is quite powerful. In the case of Senior Brother, it’s easy to be deceived by Demon, but I won’t.” Lin Buxui still shook his head and said, “I can Look at all the illusory Illusion Techniques, and Senior Brother can’t do it, when the time comes, if the Senior Brother is caught in an illusion, maybe, my senior and junior brothers will fight each other with swords, that’s even worse. .”

Seeing Lin Buxui’s attitude so determined, and what he said is indeed correct.

He Kangqi finally had nodded to agree.

“Junior Brother Lin, if you encounter any danger, you must quit immediately, don’t take risks.” He Kangqi warned repeatedly.

Lin Buxui laughed and moved towards that tower.

When he stepped into the tower.

I have already felt an invisible force in the tower, sealing the entire tower.

Lin Buxui has a smile at the corner of his mouth.

This imprisonment has no effect on him.

His cultivation is Eternal Inextinguishable Body.

In addition, with his Heavenly Dao magic eyes, it is easy to find the weakness of this imprisonment.

If it was before, he would still spend some effort, but now, he has the Universe Immortal Figure and the Great Seal of Cangyuan in his hands, these two Supreme Treasures, the formidable power is infinite.

This trifling imprisonment power can easily be swallowed.

However, he is not doing that now.

Walk forward slowly.

“It’s the breath of human beings, it turned out that a human has come in.” The Demons in this tower regained consciousness.

I stared at Lin Buxui one by one, drooling from the corners of his mouth.

“Kill him, ate his meat, and drank his blood.”

“This is mine.”

“Go away, That human is mine.”

These Demons, staring at Lin Buxui, started to fight.

One of the Demons finally couldn’t help it. He soared into the air and burst out in an instant, like a falling arrow, moving towards Lin Buxui shot at extreme speed.

This is just a little Demon.

Lin Buxui coldly snorted.

Punched out all the time.


With a muffled sound, the Demon on that end was directly killed. Then, Lin Buxui thought and grabbed it with his big hand, and grabbed the Demon on that end. head on.

A powerful Devouring Power burst out in an instant.

The Demon disappeared at a speed visible to naked eye, then turned into blue smoke, and was swallowed by the illusory shadow of a Divine Furnace.

Seeing this scene, the other Demons were all shocked.

At this time, Lin Buxui’s strength has also been improved.

Martial Dao Nine Layers Heaven.

These Demons were originally extremely powerful Demons, but after being suppressed and imprisoned by this tower for countless years, their power has been exhausted.

That’s why it is now very weak.

Lin Buxui can be killed so easily.

“The power of these demons has been wiped out, most of them are not saved, but what is left is the purest Source Power, all of which are refining, enough to make my cultivation realm Once again promoted, Martial Dao Golden Core is condensed.” In Lin Buxui’s eyes, a golden rays of light burst out.

He is going to kill him.

“If you want to drink my blood and eat my meat, if that’s the case, then I will kill all of you, refining all of you, and become the energy of my breakthrough Martial Dao Golden Core realm!”

With Lin Buxui’s shouting loudly.

His figure flashed quickly.

Like a bolt of lightning, the speed has been played to the extreme.

Fist and foot go hand in hand, between this fist’s foot, there is the power of one after another lightning, and the sound of thunder comes from my ear.

“Lightning and thunder punch, kill!”

A Demon was killed by a punch.

The other one was kicked to death.

Other Demons saw this scene and fled frantically.

“Flee, this human being is too powerful, too terrifying.”

Where is food, sheep?

This is simply a ferocious lion and tiger.

Much more cruel than them.

It was actually to kill all of them, and then devour the refining to improve his cultivation base.

This human being is more like Demon than they are.

More cruel.

“Want to escape?” Lin Buxui’s eyes flickered cold light, “I was staring at and want to escape. This is simply a dream. You have lived for countless years and are trapped in this Devil. In the Subduing Tower, it is also a kind of torture. Today, I, the eternal emperor, show great compassion and give you relief. You should thank me.”

Speaking, Lin Buxui yelled: “Eternal Divine Furnace, open it to me!”

An illusory shadow of an ancient Divine Furnace appeared.

It is Eternal Divine Furnace.

This Eternal Divine Furnace broke out with a shocking Devouring Power.

The horrible Devouring Power sucked these Demons directly into the Divine Furnace.

They have no way to resist.

“Heaven and Earth, everything is melted into one furnace!”

The spiritual fire of the Eternal Divine Furnace ignited at that instant, bursting out terrifying heat.

Those Demons were swallowed into the Divine Furnace, and between the breaths, they were already turned into energy, directly refining.

“Run away, run away, or you will be refining.”

These demons have gone crazy.

Don’t kill me.

This is just a low-level Demon.

It is the 1st floor of the Devil Subduing Tower.

The entire Devil Subduing Tower is an altogether nine layers.

The Demon on each floor has different strengths.

From the 1st floor to the 9th floor, the more you go up, the stronger it is.

The Demon on the 1st floor below has the lowest strength, but the one that can survive is also very powerful.

They were suppressed and swallowed by the lock demon Devil Subduing Tower, and their strength was huge.

It’s not a climate at all.

Even without the appearance of Lin Buxui, the Demon in this tower will be completely annihilated and dissipated soon.

Time is fast, Lin Buxui hunts wildly.

I don’t know how long has passed.

Lin Buxui felt that the whole person was exhausted.

These Demons have no idea how many he hunted.

Hundreds and thousands.

At this moment, his cultivation realm has reached the limit of Martial Dao Nine Layers Heaven.

Only a little bit, you can break the bottleneck, condense the Martial Dao Golden Core, and enter a higher level.

At this time, in this tower.

Only the last Demon is left.

This Demon has not moved.

He was sitting on a chair at the end of the 1st floor tower, quietly watching Lin Buxui kill.

It seems that I am not surprised by what happened.

This Demon also surprised Lin Buxui.

He seems to have known that this day will come.

Lin Buxui slowly moved towards this Demon and walked away. This Demon is thin and has a very weak breath, as if the wind blows, the Fire of Life will be extinguished, just like an old man with a dying wind.

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