Eternal True God Chapter 70

“You finally came.” When Lin Buxui approached, he spoke.

As soon as these words came out, Lin Buxui was stunned, co-authored, is this guy waiting for his arrival?

It really surprised him.

What the hell is this guy, why is he waiting for his arrival?

“Who you are?” Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes and stared at him. He has accumulated power in the dark, and can take out the Universe Immortal Figure attack at any time. If this guy has a slight change, he will hit Die him.

“The tower guard,” he said.

“The tower guard?” Lin Buxui sneered when he heard it, and said, “Why should I trust you?”

“Also, even if you are the tower guard, which How is it? Has anything to do with me?” Lin Buxui is not a fledgling child, so easy to trust others.

If he believes in others so easily, he will become the Heavenly Domain Emperor in his previous life.

The guy in front of me is very weird.

It looks like the wind is dying, as if it will fall when the wind blows, but in fact, there is a majestic energy in his body.

His Life Power is completely converged.

If it weren’t for his Heavenly Dao magic eyes, if he had already initial understanding, it would really be impossible to tell.

If anyone dares to underestimate the Old Guy in front of him, he will definitely not end well.

“Although the power of Xiantu is extremely powerful, it can be in this lower realm, but your cultivation realm is not enough. You need to consume Soul Power to support it. This is not advisable. Don’t rely too much on Xiantu. Strength.” At this time, the words of Old Guy shocked Lin Buxui.

He actually knew that he had an immortal figure in his hand, and he was accumulating strength, ready to launch a fatal blow at any time.

The strength of this Demon is beyond his imagination.

At this moment, Lin Buxui felt a little panicked.

Not right.

Next moment, Lin Buxui suddenly wakes up.

This Old Guy is really not simple, and it can actually arouse my strength of Star Spirit.

Heavenly Dao magic’s eyes may not be true.

“It’s very good, it’s actually an extremely rare Demon, which almost caught your way.” At this time, Lin Buxui smiled, and he clapped his hands to say with a smile.

“What kind of Demon?” The old man was slightly taken aback and shook his head, “Little Brat, you think too much and too complicated. I have been waiting for you here for thousands of years. Today, when you wait for you, my mission will be completed and I can be freed. Listen carefully. You must carefully remember every sentence I say below. This is related to your future life and death. Although you For the Child of Destiny of this era, but if you are not careful, you will also be consigned to eternal damnation and fall to death.”

This guy is very serious when he speaks.

As if all this is true.

The acting has reached the point where it has been brought to the point of perfection.

If you were an ordinary person, you would really believe him. There was a bewilderment in his words.

The power of this bewitching mind is so powerful, compared with the Nine-tailed Sky Fox that I encountered, simply not worth mentioning.

Moreover, it seems that this Devil Subduing Tower has a mysterious connection with the sub-altar of the Demon Holy Sect in Heavenly Luck Mansion and even Luanqi Temple.

“I’m Jiyuan Child of Destiny? I almost believed it. Your deceptive power is really extraordinary. However, you look down on me too much. If you were in the Peak period, Maybe you can really confuse me and deceive me, but now, your strength is greatly weakened, and you are suppressed by this tower, and it is difficult to fully display your strength. This made me seize the weak spot.” Lin Buxui said. The power of Qiankun Xiantu burst out, one after another talisman, consensus came.

“Qiankun Yongzhen!”

With a loud shout, one after another talisman, condensed into four characters.

I flew to that Demon instantly.

At a glance at Demon, the complexion has greatly changed.

My mouth shouted: “What I said, nothing is false and deceptive. If you don’t believe it, you can leave on your own, why bother to fight like this?”

His The figure moves quickly.

This speed is amazing.

However, although his speed is surprisingly fast, the talisman of the Universe Xiantu is even faster.

In the blink of an eye, he stopped him.

next moment, those four characters, come together.

It turned into a fairy symbol.

The suppression continued.

When Lin Buxui saw it, the thing suppressed by the fairy talisman turned out to be just a substitute talisman.

Lin Buxui brows frowned.

next moment, he felt a bitter chill behind him, and at this moment, his hairs stood tall.

Turning back suddenly, I only saw a furry paw with a terrifying cold light and grabbed it directly.

Lin Buxui dodges quickly.

This sharp claw directly tore the corners of his clothes.

It’s only a slight difference. If he slows down, the sharp claw will penetrate his heart.

At this moment, the Demon has shown its true shape.

The body is very short, with a thin head, a pointed mouth, a long nose, and small ears, turned outwards.

Black and white patterns, short limbs, but with extremely sharp claws, when exposed, the cold light flashes like a sharp blade.

At this moment, it bared its teeth, staring at Lin Buxui with an evil smile.

“Unexpectedly, you discovered it. It’s really not simple. For thousands of years, you have entered this tower. I don’t know how many humans there are. And you are one of the few, able to see through. People, it’s a pity that your cultivation realm is too low-minded. Even with the Supreme treasure body, it is far from my opponent.” It floats in the air, with a long tail, constantly sweeping, all around the space, panic There are waves.

One after another invisible power, driven by it.

“acknowledge allegiance I, I can give you everything, give you great strength, give you endless cultivation technique cheats, give you countless treasures, give you the authority of Supreme, give you between Heaven and Earth, the most beautiful woman, as long as you want, I can give you, as long as you acknowledge allegiance, all this is at your fingertips.”

At this time, it began to deceive people.

At this time, Lin Buxui’s eyes gradually became blurred.

“I want great strength, Supreme authority, the most beautiful woman between Heaven and Earth, countless treasures, endless glory and wealth…”

Then Demon saw a strange smile on his face.

The bewitching voice continues.

“Yes, as long as you want, everything can be achieved, submit to me…Come on…acknowledge allegiance, as long as you acknowledge allegiance, everything can be achieved…”

“Let go of your mind and accept my control.”

The Demon step by step approached.

“This is all I want, I…”

Suddenly, Lin Buxui’s eyes changed suddenly, and then he suddenly punched out.

this fist contains the power of the universe and the fairy picture.

Force of Immortal Dao.

“You can’t give all of this, so you die!”

The fierce and domineering fist strength bursts out in an instant, and this power is like an overwhelming force. At that moment, all pouring out, impacting on that Demon’s body, directly submerging it.

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