Eternal True God Chapter 72

When the two are discussing.

A silhouette appeared.

That is a lithe and graceful silhouette.

Pretty and graceful.

She turned around, her extremely delicate face made people involuntarily attracted.

“Little girl, come here.” The woman said to Hu Sihui, “No human being is a good thing.”

Hu Sihui was shocked.

The woman in front of me is very similar to her mother.

If she didn’t know that her mother was dead, she would even suspect that the woman in front of her was her mother.

“Who you are?”

“I am who?” The woman hearing this said, “I am not a human being, like you, I belong to the Nine-tailed Sky Fox clan, you There is my bloodline on her body, and it is mixed with human beings. This is absolutely impossible.”

After that, the woman moved in an instant.

Appeared by Hu Sihui’s side, and grabbed her over.

Rao is Hu Sihui who got Fang Zhou’s Great Seal, and his strength increased greatly, but he didn’t react and couldn’t resist it.

The strength of this woman is too terrifying.

Lin Buxui is still so plain.

He didn’t feel this woman’s killing intent to Hu Sihui.

Moreover, what she said is also true. This woman has a strong bloodline connection with Hu Sihui.

Probably Hu Sihui’s blood relatives.

“You let me go.” Hu Sihui shouted, struggling frantically, but it was basically impossible to move. Under the strong suppression of that woman, Hu Sihui had no resistance at all.

The strength of this beautiful and disparate woman is very terrifying.

Even Lin Buxui felt the pressure faintly.

“Human, you unlock the contract with her, and I will let you go, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you.” She turned her head and said to Lin Buxui, her tone , Is very gentle, but in the eyes, there is a hostile spirit. From the gentle tone, people can hear a strong murderous intention.

Her powerful imposing manner burst out, oppressing Lin Buxui.

“What are you doing? He is my master. Don’t be rude to my master, otherwise, I will be perish together with you!” At this time, Hu Sihui saw this and became extremely angry. She struggled wildly. Shouted angrily at the woman.

The woman was very surprised. She didn’t expect Hu Sihui to react so strongly.

“Do you know who I am?” At this time, the woman looked at Hu Sihui and said.

“I care who you are. If you dare to be disadvantageous to my master, that is my enemy.” Hu Sihui scolded loudly. If the strength gap is too big, she can’t break free of this woman’s control. At this moment, she really He’s going to fight to the death with this woman.

“Hey…” The woman sighed, she said, “It’s exactly the same, it’s exactly the same.”

Helpless, extremely helpless.

“Who the hell are you?” Lin Buxui asked at this time, “What is the relationship with Hu Sihui?”

“My name is Hu Xueyan.” The woman said.

When Hu Sihui heard this, she was taken aback for a while, and then shouted angrily: “You are talking nonsense, Hu Xueyan is my mother’s name, she is dead, why are you pretending to be her?”

Hu Xueyan smiled bitterly.

She sighed and said: “I am your mother, but not your mother.”

When Lin Buxui heard this, he suddenly had a guess.

This woman is likely to have an extremely important connection with Hu Sihui’s mother, Hu Xueyan.

In other words, she is the real Hu Xueyan, and Hu Sihui’s mother is not the real Hu Xueyan, it may be just an incarnation.

Or, Hu Sihui’s mother is just a soul of Hu Xueyan, reincarnate and recultivate.

This is not impossible.

The strength has reached a certain level.

It is possible to separate a part of the soul, and then reincarnate with this part of the soul.

It’s just that, for the deity, splitting a part of the soul will greatly damage its own strength, not to mention the part of the soul that is split out will produce true self-consciousness, and will be completely separated from the body. Take control.

It can be said that doing so will definitely do more harm than good.

As a result, few people are willing to do this.

However, there are also very special circumstances.

For example, if the deity is suppressed and trapped, there will never be a day before, or there is no doubt that they will die. In order to survive, they separate a soul, so that even if is this Venerable dead, there can be a soul Keep alive.

And this lock demon Devil Subduing Tower’s seal prohibition is so powerful.

Even if it is weakened now, ordinary people, or ordinary Demon, are absolutely unable to escape.

Even Grade 9 is still the same.

Under the weakening of this lock demon Devil Subduing Tower, their strength is not as good as before, and they are basically impossible to escape.

And, there is only one way, that is to separate a soul, with a powerful force, tear the seal of the Devil Subduing Tower into a crack, and send a strand of soul out. Then reincarnated and reborn.

This is the only way to escape.

Hu Sihui’s mother is probably a Soul Clone that’s all of Hu Xueyan in front of me.

In this Devil Subduing Tower, the powerful Demon does not know how many. If they join forces to riot, they will tear the seal of this Devil Subduing Tower through a crack and send out a strand of soul. , This is completely achievable.

In this way, the Devil Subduing Tower might not be that simple.

Among them, there are probably many powerful Demons. In this way, they sent a strand of their souls out.

The establishment of Hunter Hall may have an extremely close connection with these Demons.

If you first interrogate Hua Youzhi, you might be able to understand a lot of things.

I was too anxious.

That mysterious voice confuses myself.

Thinking of this, Lin Buxui was shocked.

The strength of that person is really deep and unmeasurable.

I unexpectedly encountered the opponent’s plot against unconsciously, and the opponent was still in the Devil Subduing Tower, so he could have such terrifying power to arouse my own mind and deceive my actions , Too terrifying.

Be aware that although his cultivation realm was only Innate Martial Dao Realm before, his Soul Power and spirit were very powerful.

The previous life was the Great Emperor of Heavenly Domain. Even if he is reborn, he consumes a lot of soul and spirit strength, but he is still very powerful. The willpower is extremely firm and hard to be deceived.

The other party can penetrate the seal of this Devil Subduing Tower invisibly, bewitching one’s own mind, showing how terrifying the opponent’s strength is? How powerful?

Really careless.

He stared at Hu Xueyan: “If I didn’t guess wrong, you are Hu Xueyan, and Hu Sihui’s mother is just a Soul Clone you sent out.”

Hu Sihui heard it, Shocked.

She stared at the woman in front of her.

If it is really as her master Lin Buxui said, then the woman in front of me is indeed Hu Xueyan, or her mother.

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