Eternal True God Chapter 74

“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible.” Hu Xueyan shouted loudly, “I am an eighth-order Nine-tailed Sky Fox. I am extremely powerful. You are a trifling Martial Dao Golden Core human being. , How could it be possible to trap me? Even if you control the power of the Devil Subduing Tower, you can’t do it.”

Hu Xueyan’s body at this time suddenly changed.

She turned into an ontology.

A giant snow-white Nine-tailed Sky Fox.

Her eyes are staring at Lin Buxui.

Although golden’s giant net has trapped her, her body is constantly getting bigger.

The golden net is constantly stretched and stretched.

little by little is swollen.

“Drive me!”

An angry shout.

Hu Xueyan, Shengsheng tore a crack in this golden net.

At this time, Lin Buxui suddenly withdrew and backed away.

This Nine-tailed Sky Fox, Hu Xueyan, burned the origin of Demon, and wanted to tear up the Golden Dragon net that trapped her.


Finally, this Golden Dragon big net cannot hold her back.

After a loud noise.

The golden web burst open.

The huge white Nine-tailed Sky Fox broke the seal and went straight to Lin Buxui.

The sharp claws are like a murderous blade, and the cold light flickers.

In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Lin Buxui.

Just now.

A domineering force burst out.

In an instant, the Nine-tailed Sky Fox flew out, and then hit the ground hard.

Bloodstain from the corner of the mouth overflows.

However, at this time, Nine-tailed Sky Fox did not have any anger or anger, but panic.

Yes, it is panic.

As if seeing something terrifying.

She transformed into a human form, and immediately knelt down: “Spare, my lord, spare me, I don’t know this kid has something to do with you, spare me!”

See this scene , Lin Buxui feels incredible.

That force drove Hu Xueyan into the air. How powerful is it?

Although Hu Xueyan, Nine-tailed Sky Fox, is imprisoned in the Devil Subduing Tower, there is no one who can show it.

But it really broke out. Although my strength is not weak, I have broken through to the Martial Dao Golden Core realm, but if I want to avoid it, it will cost a lot of money.

And, what is the origin of the person who hit Hu Xueyan?

For Lin Buxui, is that person an enemy or a friend?


If it is the enemy, then the trouble will be great.

But if it’s a friend, it’s okay.

There is a powerful friend who is of great help to him assaulting the 7-Layer behind the Devil Subduing Tower.

However, it is also a concern.

After all, in the Devil Subduing Tower, the Demon in the Second Layer building is already so powerful. If it were on the 9th floor, how terrifying and powerful would it be?

“You are too courageous, you actually did something to my Lin Family descendants, not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth.” At this time, a voice came and followed the voice.

I saw a man with a delicate and pretty appearance.

Wearing a white gown.

Gentle and elegant.

A folding fan in his hand came slowly.

At this moment, Hu Xueyan, who was kneeling on the ground, had a torn scalp.

It still doesn’t stop.

She even didn’t dare to use her own strength to defend, blood was already flowing on her forehead, but she still didn’t stop.

Still begging for mercy, still kowtow.

“My lord, I really don’t know! I beg my lord to leave a way out.” Hu Xueyan begged for mercy, “Look at Hu Sihui as the Spirit Beast, and forgive the little fox. Right.”

At this moment, the male scholar looked at Lin Buxui and said: “Lin Buxui, do what you say, kill or stay, everything is up to you.”

“I don’t know who the senior is?” Lin Buxui didn’t care about Hu Xueyan, but looked towards the man in front of him. There was no energy fluctuation in his body.

But, it is so amazing.

Hu Xueyan like the eighth-order Nine-tailed Sky Fox is so afraid.

Can imagine, how powerful is his strength?

“My name is Lin Tiandu.” He said, “On seniority, you should call me Uncle.”

“Uncle?” Lin Buxui was stunned and called. His uncle, is he also a member of Lin Family? Is his father’s big brother?

“Yes, my father and you are brother, and his big brother, you call me uncle, as it should be.” Lin Tiandu said with a faint smile.

“Why don’t I know?” Lin Buxui shook his head, “You said, you are my uncle, what proof do you have?”

“haha, my good nephew, Sure enough, he is still so vigilant.” Lin Tiandu smiled haha ​​and said, “However, the soul of the Lin Family is unique. There is the Soul Seal of the Lin Family. You have it on you, and I have it on me. This can’t be faked. “

As he said, Lin Tian had a thought.

Only seeing him, a mark flickered from the center of his eyebrows.

A quaint “Lin” character appeared.

I saw him raise his hand again.

Lin Buxui found that something in his soul had been drawn out.

Then I saw a scene that shocked him.

In his own soul, there is also such a mark, the word’Lin’ exactly like Lin Tiandu.

This shocked Lin Buxui.

He didn’t expect at all that in his soul, there was also the word’Lin’, which was shocking.

I can’t believe it.

He had this when he was in Heavenly Domain?

Or did you only have it after being reborn?

Lin Buxui doesn’t even know.

The strength of Lin Tiandu in front of him is very terrifying.

His Soul Aura is extremely powerful, even vaguely stronger than his Peak period.

This uncle, his strength is really terrifying.

“Nephew, do you believe it now?” Lin Tiandu said with a laugh, “You haven’t seen me. It’s normal to suspect. It’s also your father’s fault, he deliberately concealed a lot However, it’s all for your good.”

Lin Buxui hearing this, it’s not a bad thing to have such a powerful uncle, after all, my current cultivation realm is too low-minded. , Far worse than in the previous life, the gap was too big. He looked at Lin Tian and said: “Uncle, why are you in this Devil Subduing Tower? Then summon, is it you who came in?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Lin Tiandu said, “Your cultivation realm is too weak now, your strength is too low, you don’t have a few decent treasures, and you don’t have a few powerful servants around you. If you encounter some powerful enemies, you may fall, which is not good.”

Lin Tiandu paused and continued: “In fact, you have to blame your father Lin Tianyi, this little bastard, unexpectedly. Even his son doesn’t care about it like this, but it’s just for a woman, and he doesn’t even want his own life. The cultivation base has fallen, it’s a jerk, and your grandfather is almost pissed off.”

Lin Tiandu’s words made Lin Buxui even more curious.

Although I don’t know true or false yet.

But, if it is true, then my identity seems very special.

Could it be the descendants of the legendary Cangyuan Empire?

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