Eternal True God Chapter 77

“What the hell is going on? Don’t worry.” Lin Buxui was still very calm, he said.

“It’s too late to explain that many, and He Kangqi can’t stop the other for long.” At this time, there was a terrifying breath in the distance, moved towards here, Hong Yongxin complexion greatly changed, he said , “Xiaoyou Lin, go quickly, I will block the opponent and delay the time.”

“It’s too late.” Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes at this time and didn’t move.

The comer is not good.

Demon Transformation.

This person is not a real Demon, but a cultivated Demon Transformation.

In this case, Lin Buxui would not take it seriously.

This guy’s cultivation, Demon Transformation, has limitations.

The Demon Transformation allows people to obtain a powerful Demon power in a short period of time, and the whole person becomes like Demon.

However, the weak spot is huge.

Not the right way.

As long as you disperse the energy of Demon on his body, the Demon Transformation will be broken.

In this way, his strength is naturally greatly reduced.

“Lin Family people, want to escape, this is a dream.” The person in front of him, looking at Lin Buxui, with a cruel smile on his mouth, he smiled and said, “You can’t escape If you are interested, kneel down and beg for mercy immediately, maybe you can save a lot of pain, otherwise, it will be worse than death.”

“It seems that you are not simple, you know Lin Family, who the hell are you?” Lin Buxui stared at him, coldly said.

This guy, the cultivation demon Demon Transformation, the cultivation realm has reached the Celestial Realm level, and has even reached the threshold of the Martial Dao divine ability.

It can be said that it is a half-step divine ability environment, far surpasses Paradise Realm.

It’s no wonder that He Kangqi and Hong Yongxin are far from rivals when they join forces.

With the power of Demon Transformation, battle strength is almost comparable to the general Divine Ability powerhouse. How could it be possible that Hong Yongxin and He Kangqi, the two Martial Artists who have just entered Paradise Realm, can compete?

His strength is even stronger than Hua Youzhi.

“Don’t try to delay time, it’s useless, this place has been sealed off, no one can save you.” His eyes looked at Lin Buxui with a tone of disdain.

Speaking, he suddenly moved, the whole person turned into a rays of light, and moved towards Lin Buxui rushed over in an instant, extremely fast, like lightning.

In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of him.

“Be careful.”

Hong Yongxin saw this scene, complexion greatly changed.

He quickly took out the long sword in his hand, a sword light enveloped all around.

Want to block the opponent.

But that person’s strength is extremely strong, Hong Yongxin’s strength is good, but the gap is too big.

That a sword light, in front of that person, is like paper.

It was broken in an instant.

Hong Yongxin was hit and flew out severely.

Seeing to be in front of Lin Buxui.

He at a moderate pace and raised his hand.

With a wave of the void, an invisible barrier instantly blocked the man’s blow.


There was a muffled sound, and the light flickered.

That figure was blocked.

“Damn, what is this?” The moment Chen Wenmo was shaken back, he felt something was wrong.

This power gave him a familiar feeling.

He saw a smile on Lin Buxui’s face, and he murmured in his heart. He instantly reacted, missed a hit, and quickly drew back.

Just, where would Lin Buxui give him a chance?

“Aren’t you asking me to kneel and beg for mercy? Why, I want to go now, it’s so easy.” Lin Buxui hummed, his eyes exploded with terrifying cold light, imposing manner all over his body, Suddenly ascended up, like a human War God.

His clothes are hunting.

As if the wind was blowing.

True essence broke out.

One raises his hand.

An ancient and mysterious treasure tower appeared.

Lin Buxui threw this treasure tower out.

This is the Devil Subduing Tower.

The treasure tower becomes larger and the moved towards Chen Wenmo covers it.

“How come?” At this moment, Chen Wenmo, who saw this treasure tower, instantly lost his calmness. He couldn’t believe the scene before him. He couldn’t help but screamed, “You How can you control this thing?”

“Since you know that I am a member of the Lin Family, you should be able to guess that as a member of the Lin Family, nothing is impossible to do.” Lin Buxui said Then, the big hand pressed down.

That treasure tower was instantly suppressed.

hong long long!

There was a loud noise.

Shengsheng detonated Chen Wenmo’s Demon breath.

The Demon Transformation is broken.

Chen Wenmo’s imposing manner vented instantly.

The cultivation base is greatly reduced.

At this moment, his breath is sluggish.

The powerhouse of Celestial Realm powerhouse is completely gone.

He got up, corner of the mouth flow blood.

Staring at Lin Buxui.

Then he laughed, and he said: “Little bastard, although you are a member of the Lin Family, you can control the power of the Devil Subduing Tower, but your cultivation realm is too low to really drive that A treasure tower, but with the help of a trace of power, you can’t kill me, now, it’s my turn.”

If it were the real Devil Subduing Tower, he would be dead now.

Or, be included in the Devil Subduing Tower.

How could it still be here?

That’s why he has such confidence.

Even the Demon Transformation is broken.

Making him seriously injured, the cultivation base was greatly reduced.

But his strength is still in the Martial Dao Paradise Realm, the kid in front of him, the cultivation realm is just trifling Martial Dao Golden Core 1 Heavenly Layer.

There are still two great realm gaps with him.

How could he be afraid?

Kill this kid, take the treasure from him, and get his bloodline.

Maybe I can steal the day and change the day, with Lin Family bloodline, I can practice Supreme Divine Law.

Thinking of this, he laughed even louder.

Step by step.

I seem to see my Peak.

Become an invincible powerhouse.

Everyone must acknowledge allegiance at his feet.

That is the man who also kneels in front of him, licking his toes, so humble.

“Boy, come over to me.” Chen Wenmo loudly shouted, the true essence remained condensed, as if transformed into a swallow, his body floated up, and he grabbed Lin Buxui.

Lin Buxui smiled at the corner of his mouth.

The body shape flashed instantly, backing away.

Before mobilizing the power of the lock demon Devil Subduing Tower, Lin Buxui is indeed very expensive.

He is unwilling to use the power of the Universe Immortal Figure and the Great Seal of Cangyuan, but it will consume Soul Power. It is not worth it to deal with this guy.

What’s more, he still has hole cards.

“Come out!”

Lin Buxui raised his hand.

One person appeared.

It is Hu Xueyan.


Suddenly she was sent out of the Devil Subduing Tower, which surprised her.

I didn’t expect that my deity would come out of the Devil Subduing Tower one day.

However, she knows that her soul has been planted with a stigma, and she cannot resist the master of the lock demon Devil Subduing Tower, which is Lin Buxui.

If it is against Lin Buxui’s will, then Lin Buxui can be consigned to eternal damnation as long as she is a single thought.

“He will leave it to you to deal with, don’t kill, I want to live.” Lin Buxui said.

Hu Xueyan heard it, eyes shined, and said charmingly: “Okay, master, leave it to me.”

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