Eternal True God Chapter 83

“The old man, don’t you believe me?” Lin Buxui looked at Lin Xiao. This old man was stubborn and didn’t believe his own words. Could it be that I couldn’t believe it?

Lin Buxui reached out and grabbed Lin Xiao’s arm.

Qiankun Xiantu instantly suppressed the demonic nature of his body.

Next, he turned on the’Eternal Divine Furnace’ and directly began to swallow the gas of Demon in his body.

At this moment, the demonic energy on Lin Xiao’s body is constantly surging and is drawn by Lin Buxui.

At this moment, Lin Xiao complexion greatly changed.

Lin Buxui was thrown away suddenly.

He shouted: “Lin Buxui, you are crazy, the demonic energy on me is not something you can get rid of. You extract the demonic energy from me, when the time comes, it will make you fall into demonic path.”

Lin Xiao was very angry at the moment, but also extremely worried.

The blood of Demon on his body is not the blood of ordinary Demon, it is the fierce blood of ancient Demon beasts, even if it was him, it cost a huge price at the beginning to be able to be suppressed. Come down.

It not only sealed the blood of the ancient Demon, but also sealed his own memory, sealed Soul Power, and allowed him to survive for decades.

At present, the blood of Demon has been awakened, and his devilish power has been released. The seal is broken, and his memory has also been awakened.

He only knew the terrifying point of the blood of the ancient Demon.

His strength is far more than that.

Now, in his cultivation realm, although his strength is weak, it is because the blood of Demon in his body has just awakened.

That is the blood of a Peerless Great Demon.

Even just a drop of blood is enough to subvert the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion, and even the eternal continent.

“The old man, don’t worry, I dare to do it, I have enough confidence.” Lin Buxui was surprised to see the old man so shocked, why is the old man so angry? is it possible that, what is special about the blood of Demon?

However, when Lin Buxui swallowed part of Demon’s breath.

Suddenly surprised.

“This Demon gas is so powerful and overbearing? My cultivation base has been faintly improved, and this is only a trace of refining.”

Think of it here. , Lin Buxui divine light flashes.

“If I can completely refining the blood of Demon in Lin Xiao’s body, wouldn’t my strength be greatly improved, or even directly impact Martial Dao Paradise Realm?”

A trace of Demon’s breath gave me such a huge improvement, complete refining, which is simply incredible.

“shameless brat, what do you know?” Lin Xiao shouted at this moment, “You don’t know anything at all. This blood of Demon is the blood of ancient Demon, and it can’t be suppressed in my Peak period. , It’s your Supreme Master of Heavenly Luck Mansion. It can’t be suppressed. If my magical nature can’t be suppressed and it breaks out completely, the entire Heavenly Luck Mansion will face extinction. Do you think I’m joking with you? “

Hearing this, He Kangqi and the others were completely blinded.

Lin Xiao’s crazy, angry expression does not seem to be lying or exaggerating.

Does he not know the power of Heavenly Luck Mansion?

Don’t you know the strength of Supreme Master?

No, in the sphere of influence of Heavenly Luck Mansion, who does not know the power of Heavenly Luck Mansion?

Don’t know how powerful the Supreme Master is?

The Supreme Master at the time, but killed the eighth-order Demon.

Unless the Demon’s strength has reached the ninth level, no, even the ninth-level Demon will be impossible to terrifying like this. After all, Lin Xiao’s body is just a drop of Demon’s blood, let alone, it has been sealed. Having been suppressed that many years old, how could it be so strong and so terrifying?

Even a Demon beyond the ninth order, after all, is just a drop of blood, it is impossible to be so terrible.

I am afraid that Lin Xiao himself is too worried.

“Old Lin clan, you are too worried, things are far less terrifying than you think. Junior Brother Lin is extraordinary. You have to trust him and Heavenly Luck Mansion.” He Kangqi said.

“Yes, Lao Lin, you are too worried. Because of the devil blood, you have a big change in your mind. As long as you have a good life and recuperate, you will recover for a while. There is no need to be too nervous.” Hong Yongxin said.

In his opinion, Lin Xiao should have been imprisoned by these guys in Hunter Hall for a long time, causing some disturbances in his mind.

A period of meditation and recuperation is enough.

“What do you know?” At this time, Lin Xiao’s breath suddenly became stronger, and his eyes made the two of He Kangqi and Hong Yongxin chill.

That is the pressure from in the depth of one’s soul, the pressure from the Supreme powerhouse.

This has been far surpasses Paradise Realm.

This time, both of them trembled.

This…this is probably not fake.

too terrifying.

How can such coercion be possible?

“The old man, I know the worries in your heart. Do you think I am the kind of person who acts rashly? If I am not sure, how would I do it?” At this time, Lin Buxui guessed at this time, Lin Xiao, the elder of the big clan, probably has already revived the memory of Lin Family. In that case, he should know the existence of Cangyuan Great Seal.

As long as you take out the Great Seal of Cang Yuan, release the breath of the Great Seal of Cang Yuan.

Should be able to convince him.

“The old man.” Lin Buxui slightly smiled, releasing the aura belonging to the Great Seal of Cang Yuan, and instantly blocked the powerful pressure of the old man.

Lin Xiao has one eye for the leak of this breath.

“This is the breath of Cangyuan Great Seal?” Lin Xiao was very surprised.

Lin Buxui is a member of the Lin Family. He understood it after his memory awakened, but he absolutely did not expect that Lin Buxui would have received the Great Seal of Cang Yuan.

That is the status symbol of the emperor of the Cangyuan Empire.

Lin Buxui is not only the person of the Lin Family, but also the emperor of the Cangyuan Empire.

This identity is really noble.

With the suppression of the Great Seal of Cang Yuan, he can really suppress the demon blood and demon nature in his body for a long time.

As long as Lin Buxui’s strength improves, he can even seal the magical nature in his body.

However, if you want to completely remove the demonic blood and demonic nature in his body, this is not an easy task, unless Lin Buxui’s strength can break the shackles of this world, maybe it can be done .

“Okay, okay, Lin…Lin Buxui, I didn’t expect you to have such a means.” Lin Xiao said, “I believe in you.”

“Don’t worry, Big clan elder, Lin Buxui has done what I said, only the blood of trifling Demon, when my strength rises, I will completely solve this problem for the big clan elder. For Lin Family, do I need a big clan elder? I don’t have that many. Time to manage the Lin Family, so Lin Family needs a big clan, and you cannot be without the Sea Calming Divine Needle.” Lin Buxui knew that the big clan already knew his thoughts at this time, so hehe smiled and said Said.

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