Eternal True God Chapter 85

These collected resources are enough to give Lin Family a huge improvement in strength.

“patriarch, this…this is too precious.” Lin Xiao, the elder of the big clan, looked at it, this is incredible, the resources here are simply unimaginable.

It is estimated that the entire Lin Family, accumulated for hundreds of years, will not be able to have so many resources.

“patriarch, your cultivation is the most needed resource. Our Lin Family, as long as your strength improves, it is the most important.” At this time, Lin Xiao said, “Only the stronger you are , Our Lin Family will be stronger.”

Lin Xiao is very clear about what Lin Buxui means to Lin Family.

A family, if there is a Supreme powerhouse, it is like the Sea Calming Divine Needle.

As long as he does not fall, no one in this family will dare to move.

This is why Lin Xiao had to spend huge resources to obtain a Martial Dao Golden Core for Lin Buxui and let it hit Innate Martial Dao Realm.

This is too significant for Lin Family.

Now that Lin Buxui’s strength has been greatly improved, it must hit the higher realm.

What’s more, now he has many enemies.

If something happens to him, Lin Family is afraid it will be over.

So Lin Buxui is there, then Lin Family is there.

Lin Buxui is dead, and Lin Family will disappear with it.

Prosper together, shame and shame.

This truth, Lin Xiao couldn’t be more clear.

“Yes, we can work hard to obtain this kind of resources, but patriarch can’t do anything. The stronger the patriarch, the more beneficial to our Lin Family.” Other Elders also echoed.

“It’s okay.” Lin Buxui hearing this shook his head and said, “I need too many resources for my cultivation. This resource, for me, is just an utterly inadequate measure, but yes As far as Lin Family is concerned, these resources are enough to raise Lin Family to a higher level. This is very important. If you are a big clan, you should not refuse.”

Lin Xiao looked at Lin Buxui.

His memory has been restored a lot and he is no longer the Lin Xiao before.

So, he knows that the resources needed for Lin Buxui cultivation are definitely a terrifying number.

And, this time, the resources obtained in Hunter Hall, although not able to greatly improve Lin Buxui’s strength, can also give him a lot of breakthrough.

However, he also knows that these resources are also very important to Lin Family.

As Lin Buxui said, these resources can bring the strength of Lin Family up several steps.

“Well, these resources, I will send them into the Lin Family Treasure Room, and redistribute them when the time comes.” Lin Xiao nodded, accepting the resources.

“There is one more thing. The old man has not recovered from his injury. I will heal the old man in the past few days. Therefore, in this short time, I will take the old man and leave Lin Family.” Lin Buxui said.

The blood of Demon in Lin Xiao’s body must be dealt with by himself.

Originally, it took time to deal with the blood of Demon.

But for Lin Buxui, time is the most important thing. He can’t afford to delay it. What he lacks most is time.

This matter, it is best to deal with it together.

Therefore, Lin Buxui plans to take Lin Xiao to go to the deserted sea.

On the road, deal with the blood of Demon in Lin Xiao’s body. In this way, you can not only save time, but also bring it up a level in your own cultivation base.

For Lin Buxui, this is the most suitable method.

Lin Xiao, the elder of the big clan, should have restored the previous life memory, which can also be of great help to himself.

After all, this Cangyuan Great Seal is a part of the Lin Family. Since Lin Xiao has heard of it, he should know something about it.

He also wants to know more about Lin Family.


The next day.

Lin Buxui took He Kangqi and Lin Xiao and set off.

As for Hong Yongxin, he is back to Hong’s house.

“The old man, you are from the Lin Family, can you tell me about the Lin Family?” Lin Buxui said.

“Lin Family…” Hearing this, Lin Xiao couldn’t help feeling a little bit. He recalled what happened back then. His name is actually Lin Tianxiao.

The cultivation realm in the Peak period was also very powerful.

However, when he went out to practice, he entered into the ruins of an ancient Demon, where he was stained with the blood of this terrifying Demon.

Let his cultivation base surge.

However, he gradually lost control.

Become extremely manic, extremely bloodthirsty.

Because of some unfathomable mystery things, there will be big killings.

He is also aware of his emotional changes.

Because of the blood of Demon.

He thought of a lot of ways, but after all he could not solve this problem. In the end, he could only ban himself.

But he did not expect that under such circumstances, he would wake up his memory and break the seal.

Now that so many years have passed, the blood of Demon has been sealed, but it is still very powerful.

Nowadays, he has completely regained consciousness and has become stronger a little bit.

Only one day in the past, Lin Xiao has already discovered that his strength has entered the Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm.

Because of Lin Buxui, the magical nature in the body has been suppressed, but it is still growing.

If this continues, the demon nature in the body will once again break through the seal restriction. At that time, it will be difficult for anyone to control himself in this world.

“Your current strength is still too weak, Lin Family, it is not something you can contact now.” Lin Xiao said, “You are now recognized by the Great Seal of Cang Yuan. This is Cang Yuan. The identity of the emperor of the empire, this identity, is actually not a good thing for you.”

“Why did the big clan say this?” Lin Buxui hearing this was slightly taken aback, but did not expect. He would say something like this, the Great Seal of Cang Yuan is a Supreme Treasure, with infinite formidable power. Now, he is far from controlling the power of this Great Seal of Cang Yuan, and cannot exert one-tenth of its power. Come, this is not enough with one’s own cultivation base, it has a great relationship, if the cultivation realm is upgraded, and then the Cangyuan Great Seal is activated, how powerful is that?

How can I say, this is not a good thing?

“Your cultivation realm is too low, and your strength is too weak. If you are known by the Lin Family, you will face a huge threat.” Lin Xiao said.

paused said: “How many geniuses are in the Lin Family of the Upper Realm, and their strength is very powerful. It is far from what you can handle now. If you can reach the realm of undead True Master Realm, you can cooperate with the realm in your hands. Yuan Dayin may be able to compete with them, but…but if not…”

Speaking of this, Lin Xiao stopped talking.

The meaning in the words is self-evident.

“Haha, don’t worry about the old folks, my strength is always improving, and, under the same realm, I am invincible!”

This is Lin Buxui’s self-confidence.

Absolute confidence.

At the time of Heavenly Domain, he was the same realm invincible.

Now it’s the same for another life.

Under the same realm, he is absolutely invincible without all kinds of treasures.

What’s more, how domineering and powerful the’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’ he cultivates today is?

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