Eternal True God Chapter 86

Three talents came out of Lin Family.

There is a strong breath.

Lin Buxui complexion changed.

Lin Xiao also narrowed his eyes.

The breath of the people here is terrifying.

Very powerful.

And a bit familiar, as if back to Lin Family.

Could it be that Lin Family from Upper Realm is here?

I saw a person walking out of the sky.

This person, step by step.

It’s really shocking.

Here, he is seven points similar to Lin Buxui.

It’s just that the breath is too strong.

“Lin Buxui, I didn’t expect you to come out of there alive.” The man’s eyes fell on Lin Buxui, looking at him and said.

Lin Buxui’s face changed slightly when he saw the person coming.

I was secretly crying out in my heart.

“This guy, shouldn’t it be my younger brother Lin Tatian.”

“Who are you?” Lin Buxui said, “Do we know each other?”

“I know, I have never seen it before, but your name has long been heard.” Lin Tatian said, “My name is Lin Tatian and I come from Lin Family.”

” Are you Lin Tatian?” Hearing what he said, Lin Buxui took a deep breath and said, “Are you here to kill me?”

“Kill you?” Lin Tatian hearing this could not help said with a smile, “I will not kill you. With your strength, you are not qualified enough to let me do it myself. Although I don’t like you, I have to admit that you are also a Lin Family person, and you have the same thing as mine. bloodline, it’s just that you’re really too weak, too weak, it’s very annoying.”

When Lin Tatian said this, the cold light flickered in his eyes.

And, at this moment, Lin Xiao and He Kangqi beside him could not help standing in front of Lin Buxui.

The person in front of me is not kind.

And the strength is very terrifying.

He Kangqi is not clear at all.

However, Lin Xiao, or Lin Tianxiao, is very clear.

The young man in front of him is very terrifying. He comes from the Lin Family from the upper realm. He is probably here to snatch the Great Seal of Cang Yuan.

If it is like this, it is really dangerous.

“What are you going to do?” Lin Buxui said, “I admit that you are very strong, stronger than me, but if you want to kill me, it is not easy.”

“I said, I won’t kill you.” Lin Tatian looked at Lin Buxui coldly, “But if you want to save your mother Shen Qingmei, you have to listen to me.”

“What?” Lin Buxui furiously heard the cold light flashing in his eyes, locking Lin Tatian, “You caught my mother? Why did you do this?”

“Why Catch your mother?” Lin Tatian looked at him and said, “Don’t you know?”

“You better not let my mother suffer any harm, otherwise, I will let You are better off to die!” Lin Buxui stared at Lin Tatian clenching one’s teeth and said.

Lin Buxui knew very well that his current cultivation realm was nothing more than a trifling Martial Dao Golden Core realm, far from Lin Tatian’s opponent.

You know, Lin Tian has said that he is not Lin Tatian’s opponent, let alone himself?

In front of Lin Tatian, the current self is really like a trivial ant, which can be killed by a finger.

No, even when he sneezed, he couldn’t stop it.

So, now I want to kill Lin Tatian and rescue my mother Shen Qingmei from his hands. That is basically impossible.

Only think of other ways.

“It depends on you.” Lin Tatian said serenely. In his eyes, Lin Buxui was too weak and unable to withstand a single blow, which really disappointed him.

“In three years, I will give you three years. After three years, you come to Lin Family to find me. There will be a battle between you and me.” Lin Tatian said, “If you don’t die, I will Let go of your mother’s light eyebrows, but if you don’t come after three years, then your mother’s light eyebrows will definitely die.”

“Three years?” Lin Buxui’s eyes flickered, only Three years is really too short.

What kind of cultivation realm is Lin Tatian?

Lin Buxui still doesn’t know, and he can’t see his depth at all.

However, it is almost impossible to reach Lin Tatian’s level of cultivation progress within three years.

But, do you have a choice?


So, I have to be crazy about cultivation and increasing cultivation base in these three years to be able to compete with Lin Tatian.

“Well, after three years, I will definitely go to Lin Family to find you.” Lin Buxui said coldly.

“haha…I’m waiting for you, I hope you don’t let me down.” Lin Tatian smiled haha ​​and said, “Also, in the Heavenly Luck Mansion, there is your mother with Shen Qingmei left behind The things that are very important to you, if you don’t get it, then your mother will die…”

After that, when Lin Tatian raised his hand, the void tore a crack, next moment, Stepped into the void channel and disappeared in place.

very terrifying strength! “

He Kangqi was shocked when he saw this scene.

The cultivation base, too terrifying, is too powerful.

This kind of cultivation base, too terrifying, is too powerful.

Strength, I’m afraid that Supreme can’t do it.

“Lin Tatian! “Lin Buxui felt the tremendous pressure.

Three years, only three years.

At this time, Lin Tianxiao, Patted Lin Buxui said on the shoulder: “Lin Buxui, it seems Your enemy is stronger than I thought. “

“It’s okay. “Lin Buxui’s eyes flashed with a strong light, and he said, “I will not admit defeat. For my mother, I must also win and never fail.” “


Lin Tianxiao hearing this, looked at Lin Buxui and said, “Maybe, there is a place that can help you, but your current cultivation realm is not enough. , When you wait for your cultivation progress to Celestial Realm, you can go to that place. “

“The old man! “Lin Buxui looked at Lin Tianxiao, he said, “What are you talking about?” “

“You are still too weak. “The big clan old Lin Tianxiao shook his head and said, “There is no benefit if you know it. Besides, you can’t go there at all now. When, your cultivation realm arrives, when will I tell you.” “

Lin Buxui didn’t say anything about the old clan.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the deserted sand sea. “Lin Buxui said.

The three rushed all the way.

Very fast.

At night, I came to a small town.

This small town is called the town of Bitterness.

The town is not crowded.

“The town of Bitterness, the name is very strange. “Lin Buxui looked at the stone tablet in the small town and was very surprised. There is a special power in this stone tablet.

It seems that this small town is also not simple.

“The town of Bitter Life is actually named after a spring. “He Kangqi said at this time, “In this town of bitter life, there is a spring water called bitter Life Spring, bitter Life Spring is very special. It is rumored that if you drink the spring water of bitter Life Spring, you will see the memory of bitter life in the past, but This is true or false, but it is unknown. “

“Interesting. “Lin Buxui hearing this was taken aback for a moment and said, “I’m going to taste this bitter Life Spring to see if it’s as rumored.” “

But He Kangqi shook his head and said: “Bitter Life Spring water, not easy to drink. “

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