Eternal True God Chapter 87

“Oh, Senior Brother is suffering from Life Spring, is it possible that what else is special? Or is it controlled by others?” Lin Buxui asked.

“Not so.” He Kangqi shook his head and explained, “Ku Life Spring, right in the middle of Ku Ming Town, everyone can get water for drinking, but not everyone is the spring of Ku Ming. All can be taken, because this spring water may be fatal.”

“What do you say?” Lin Tianxiao also asked.

“For those who have served Life Spring, some people will see the memory of their past lives, but there are also people who have died because of the life Spring.” He Kangqi said, “Of course, there are also people, the cultivation base Dajin Some people did not happen after taking. Of course, some people had taken Supreme inheritance after taking the life spring water.”

paused He went on to say: “This is all probable. Different people have different fate after taking the bitter Life Spring water.”

“Is it so magical?” Lin Tianxiao was surprised, “I want to taste the bitter Life Spring spring water. “

“Yes, today, let’s take a look together to see if the suffering of Life Spring is like a rumor.” Lin Buxui also said aloud.

Since the bitter Life Spring is so magical, under the bitter Life Spring, I am afraid that there is some special existence.

Perhaps, what about Supreme Treasure?

“This bitter Life Spring is so magical, maybe, in the bitter Life Spring, there is the Supreme treasure, is it possible that, has no one ever explored it?” Lin Buxui asked again.

“Naturally.” He Kang said strangely, “There are many powerhouses who have explored the life spring, but they have not gained anything. Therefore, under the life spring, whether there is treasure exists, No one knows, perhaps, the treasure in this life spring is extremely powerful and has been arranged with array restriction, maybe, under this life spring, it is empty.”

“No matter what, we are advanced Hardship.” Lin Buxui said.

The three of them walked into the town.

Soon, I came to the position of Life Spring.

Lin Buxui opened the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic and tried to check Life Spring.

But there seems to be an invisible force blocking it.

Even if the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic are strong enough, they cannot see through.

“Sure enough, there is something weird.” Lin Buxui was secretly surprised, how powerful Heavenly Dao magic’s eyes are, Lin Buxui himself couldn’t be more clear.

But right now, when I opened the Heavenly Dao magic eyes, I couldn’t see through it unexpectedly.

Therefore, under the suffering of Life Spring, there must be weird.

But now is not the time to explore.

In this bitter town, there is the breath of powerhouse.

Moreover, there are two powerhouses in front of them.

Two powerhouses, one Paradise Realm and one Celestial Realm.

Wearing a black robe, with a skull embroidered on the corners of the clothes, it is not good at first sight.

“Senior Brother, who is that?” Lin Buxui said.

“That is the person of Skeleton Ghost Sect, Skeleton Ghost Sect, very powerful, but one of Evil Sect Great Sect, the strength of the two is not weak, it should be the True Disciple of Skeleton Ghost Sect.” He Kangqi said, “It is inconvenient for us to conflict with them. If Junior Brother wants to try to explore the life spring, we still have to wait. There is no need to worry.”

“Don’t worry, I will not conflict with them. “Lin Buxui laughed and said.

There is no need to ask for trouble.

if others didn’t offend me i will not offend others.

For Lin Buxui, time is very expensive now, so there is no interest in working with these young Luo Luo.

It’s a waste of time.

How about cultivation yourself?

“Let’s go, let’s find Inn first. The demonic nature of the old man has begun to break out again. I just need to suppress it to get rid of the blood of the old man.” Lin Buxui said.

The three came to an Inn.

“Bianan Inn!”

The style of this Inn is very unique.

In the Inn, there are all carved flowers from the other side.

Moreover, the entire Inn contains a special power, which is a Formation.

The entire one Inn is shrouded in it.

“It’s not simple!” Lin Xiao sighed, “In this bitter town, there are really hidden dragons and crouching tigers. It is an Inn. They are all so powerful.”

” The Hierarch Inn is unusual. The array and restrictions here can be arranged at least with the Grade 6 Array Master. The owner of the Hierarch Inn is an extraordinary person.” Lin Buxui also nodded said.

“A few guests, please inside!” After the three of them walked in, a shopkeeper greeted them.

“Secondary two, three upper rooms.” Lin Xiao said.

“Okay, let’s make arrangements for the small ones, how many guests, do you need anything else?” he said again.

“One more table of good wine and good food.” Lin Buxui said at this time, “The best one.”

The shop Xiaoer smiled like a flower.

Introduced the three into an Accord.

“Should the three guests eat here or go to the room?”

“Right here,” Lin Buxui said.

“Several guests, please sit inside, wait a while, and make arrangements right away!” After the shop’s little second finished speaking, he hurriedly left.

In this Accord, it is also extraordinary.

The incense ignited are all first-class.

There is actually a calming effect.

“It’s really a masterpiece, this incense, it turns out to be a scent of concentration.” He Kangqi is also a person who knows the goods.

This concentration is helpful for cultivation.

Ordinary people can’t afford it at all.

It is in Heavenly Luck Mansion, and only True Disciple has it.

In this Inn, it is so casual.

It’s amazing.

In a short while, I saw Xiaoer from the shop with people and served the food.

After the meal is put down.

The three looked at each other.

These dishes are equally precious.

They are all fired with first-class spirit material.

“A few guests, please take your time.” The shopkeeper said softly, “If there is anything else you need, just order it.”



Seeing the shop’s second child is leaving, Lin Buxui said: “I don’t know, who is the owner of your Inn? Can my second brother recommend me?”

“Unfortunately, the owner just went out for something. “At this moment, the second person from the shop said.

“Is something going out?” Lin Buxui was taken aback, but it was a coincidence.

“Yes, guest, are there any other orders?” he said again.

“Little second brother, please sit down, I have some questions for advice.” Lin Buxui said while looking at him.

“Don’t dare!” The shop’s little Er shook his head and said, “What’s the problem with the guest, just to put it bluntly, the younger ones don’t dare to sit together.”

Lin Buxui said Heavenly Dao Magic can see that the strength of this shop’s Xiaoer is not weak.

I actually arrived at Celestial Realm.

Moreover, this restraining aura, the method of concealing the cultivation base, is really surprising.

If he hadn’t used the Heavenly Dao magic eyes, he would have no way to see that this shop is a powerhouse of Celestial Realm.

It’s amazing.

A Celestial Realm powerhouse is willing to be in this small shop as a second person, how can it not be shocking?

“I wonder what major event has happened in this bitter town recently?” Lin Buxui said.

“Didn’t the few guests come for that matter?” At this moment, the shopkeeper was slightly taken aback, surprised, and he asked rhetorically.

“What’s the matter?” The three Lin Buxui heard this for a moment.

“The little second brother doesn’t know something. I waited for the three people. This time, I just passed through the town of Bitter Life. Let me see if the magic of the bitter Life Spring is as rumored.” Lin Buxui said.

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