Eternal True God Chapter 91

“How is it possible that the Martial Artist of the trifling Martial Dao Golden Core realm can ban me and devour my power?” The Abyss Demon Venerable complexion greatly changed.


“There is nothing impossible. The moment you enter my body, your death is already doomed.” Lin Buxui frantically refining.

Martial Dao Golden Core 5th Layer!

At this moment, his cultivation base has obtained a breakthrough.

“Damn human kid, do you know who I am?” Demon Venerable said, “I’m just a drop of Demon Venerable’s blood, a ray of will. If you refining me, it means In your body, the imprint of Demon Venerable is planted in the abyss. When the time comes, no matter where you go, you can’t escape the pursuit of Demon Venerable in the abyss, do you know?”

“Demon Venerable in the abyss The pursuit of death?” Lin Buxui laughed and said loudly, “What about Demon Venerable? I am not afraid. Today, you will be my strength.”

Where will Lin Buxui come? Scared by this guy.

A wisp of incomplete Demonic Will and a drop of Demon blood essence.

How about refining?

Lin Buxui started frantically refining.

That drop of blood essence is completely absorbed unconsciously.

And Lin Buxui’s strength has been crazy improvement.

Martial Dao Golden Core 6 Heavenly Layer!

Martial Dao Golden Core 7 Heavenly Layer!

Continuously broke through several realms.

At this moment, Lin Buxui has not stopped.

This drop of Demon blood essence is only a small part of refining.

Lin Buxui is preparing to in a spurt of energy, completely refining the power of this drop of Demon blood essence and integrating it into his own use.

But outside.

The array he placed has already been touched.

Lin Buxui had to give up the idea of ​​continuing to refining this drop of Demon’s blood.

Let’s take a look at what is going on.

After all, it is not a good thing if you are disturbed during cultivation.

He Kangqi’s strength is not weak.

The other party actually hit Formation, which means that He Kangqi has fallen into a crisis.

“I want to see, it’s who, it’s a good thing to bother me.” Lin Buxui’s cold light flashed in his eyes, and a tyrannical imposing manner burst out.

“The old man, take a good rest, the blood of Demon has been sealed by me. I can solve this problem completely in no time, so you don’t need to worry.” Lin Buxui said, “Now , Senior Brother He is in trouble, I will help him.”

Lin Tianxiao looked at Lin Buxui, sighed in relief in his heart.

From his tone and demeanor, it can be seen that Lin Buxui did not have any accidents and was not possessed by the body.

Neither was demonized.

This is a good thing.

At least, there is no problem for the time being.

In this way, he is also nodded.

On Lin Buxui, there is the Great Seal of Cang Yuan, so it shouldn’t be the body possession of a drop of Demon’s blood from that trifling.


Outside the house.

An extremely arrogant voice came.

“damned bastard, it is your honor for our skeleton Ghost Sect to see your yard.” Qiao Su said.

“What about Skeleton Ghost Sect?” He Kangqi coldly said, “Others are afraid of you Skeleton Ghost Sect, I am not afraid.”

“You are courting death, do you know Don’t stare at him coldly, “A trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm Early-Stage kid, dare to be so arrogant?”

“Senior Brother, what are you talking about with this kid, killing him?”

, You can train into a good Skeleton War General.” Qiao stared at He Kangqi quickly, looking towards He Kangqi, as if he was looking at prey, his eyes were very sharp, but he didn’t take He Kangqi seriously.

“Here, there is also a Formation.”

“Formation is also arranged, but it can’t stop me.”

Qiao speed coldly snorted, one Waving his hand, a pitch-black cloth bag appeared in his hand. On the cloth bag, there were countless skeletons depicted.

These skeletons are armed with war knives.

The chill flickered.

Then I saw him hit the skull bag with a seal.

next moment, the skull bag opens.

A skull was drilled out of it.

These skeletons are very powerful.

The weakest is Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm.

The strongest is already Peak at Martial Dao Paradise Realm.

There are a lot of them, there are more than ten.

These skeletons attacked Formation.

This Formation was hurriedly arranged by Lin Buxui.

The formidable power of this Formation is naturally not powerful.

It is far inferior to the array arranged by Lin Buxui on the top of Lingxiao Mountain.

But not too weak.

It’s just that, in the face of these skeletons’ attacks, coupled with Qiao Su’s own hands, this Formation was quickly torn open.

“Boy, your Formation can’t stop us. Today, I want to capture you alive and make it directly into the Vajra Skeleton War General. This is your Supreme honor! haha! haha!”

Qiaosu laughed heartily.

The look in He Kangqi’s eyes is full of playfulness.

He didn’t put him in the eyes at all, looked towards him, as if looking at a dead person.

He Kangqi’s face is solemn.

Don’t dare to be careless.

The dísciple of Ghost Sect, the skeleton of Paradise Realm in front of him, is not very jealous.

But another Celestial Realm skeleton Ghost Sect dísciple, which makes him very tricky.

When those skeletons War General approached.

He Kangqi is still very calm.

He said: “I advise you to leave now, and if you go further, I will not be polite.”

“It’s a big tone, I will go forward. “Qiao Su looked at He Kangqi and didn’t care about the threatening words he said.

There is no taking seriously at all.

trifling Martial Dao Paradise Realm 1 Heavenly Layer. In his eyes, it’s like clay chickens and pottery dogs, unable to withstand a single blow. The Martial Dao Paradise Realm 1 Heavenly Layer he once killed Guys, don’t know how many are there anymore.

But when he moved on, the skeletons fell down one by one, and then turned into thick water.

The two people who saw this scene were shocked.


This is bone water.

Furthermore, it is the top bone-making water.

This kid turned out to be a Poison Master.

“You…what a little bastard, you are actually a Poison Master, and you are not weak.” Joe said coldly, “I really underestimated you.”

Joe Don’t this time, his face has also become a little dignified.

A Poison Master, and his strength is not weak.

It’s a bit troublesome.

If he knew that he is a Poison Master, he would not be so unscrupulous.

The power of Poison Master is very clear to them.

Among the skeleton Ghost Sect, there is a Poison Master and a Grade 6 Poison Master.

It’s very scary, these guys kill people, it’s Demon.

In the blink of an eye, you can poison a city.

And, if the Poison Master is staring at him, the trouble will be big.

Even if he can’t compete with you head-on, but he secretly poisons, I don’t know how many.

Being stared at by a Poison Master will make you stabbed on your back.

Even cultivation sleep, eating and drinking water are not peaceful.

This is the real horror.

Take a step back, even if you are not afraid of poisoning, but everyone around you, impossible, is not afraid of poisoning. Therefore, most people don’t dare to offend the Poison Master easily. Once offended, then He must be killed directly, and he can’t be given any chance.

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