Eternal True God Chapter 92

At the moment, Qiao Su and Qiao Bie Brother are facing this situation.

A Poison Master, if it is not offended, it’s okay. Now that it’s offended, it must be completely wiped out. Otherwise, it will cause no end of trouble.

However, the cultivation realm of this one Poison Master is not high right now. It is just a newcomer to Paradise Realm. For Qiao Su, it is a bit difficult, but if you add Joe to this one Celestial Realm Powerhouse, the two teamed up, it was not difficult to kill this one Poison Master.

“However, in front of my brother, even the Poison Master, that would have to die!” Joe Bie’s tone was quite domineering.

After the voice fell, a terrifying breath erupted from his body, and the whole person turned into a giant skeleton.

This is the strongest cultivation technique of Skeleton Ghost Sect.

Consolidate itself with countless skeletons War General, forming a powerful skeleton giant.

This is the 1st Transformation of Skeleton.

“Want to kill me?” He Kangqi is coldly snorted, “I am Heavenly Luck Mansion dísciple, trifling demon, what is there to fear? Let me behead you.”

He Kangqi body The shape flashed, and the Power of Celestial Grotto burst out.

There are countless poisons in the Celestial Grotto.

Poison qi surging, condenses a Poison Dragon.

Poison Dragon roared, shaking in all directions.

Then opened his mouth, Poison Dragon breathed out.

The skeleton giant raised his hand with a punch.


The breath of Poison Dragon was instantly broken up.

The giant fist was thrown again.

Another punch hit the body of Poison Dragon.


Poison Dragon was knocked into the air by that tyrannical force.

In the distance, He Kangqi looks pale.

There is blood in the corners of the mouth.

But the eyes are full of killing intent.

“What a Poison Master, really powerful.” At this moment, the skeleton giant stopped attacking. Although the skeleton giant broke the breath of the Poison Dragon and knocked the Poison Dragon into the air, it was in the skeleton giant. The body was also contaminated with highly poisonous poisons. Although these poisonous poisons could not kill the skeleton giant in a short period of time, they also began to corrode the skeleton giant.

This skeleton giant’s body has already begun to show signs of one after another corrosion.

“But, I still have to die!”

Joe Don’t has already completely moved his murderous intention.

This one Poison Master, even if the cultivation base is still weak, it has unlimited potential.

Now it’s only Grade 5, and it has been forced to this point.

If you give him some more time to grow up, then I am afraid that this kid will kill him.

So, it must be strangled in the cradle.

“cough cough…”

He Kangqi coughed.

He smiled bitterly in his heart.

But the fighting intent on the face still hasn’t faded.

He knew that he was going to die here.

With his cultivation realm, it is simply not enough to compete with Celestial Realm’s powerhouse, and he has gathered the Poison Dragon this time, which is already his biggest trump card.

But it still failed to block the dísciple of the skeleton Ghost Sect of this one Celestial Realm.

The gap between Celestial Realm and Paradise Realm is too big.

He can perceive that the skeleton Ghost Sect dísciple of this one Celestial Realm in front of him is actually far from fully capable in actual combat.

The skeleton transformation of Ghost Sect, only True Disciple can cultivation.

Since the one in front of you can perform Skeleton Transformation, it must be the true biography of Skeleton Ghost Sect, and, it is already Celestial Realm, how can his strength be just like this?

He is far from an opponent.

What we can do now is to delay Junior Brother Lin.

Let him go quickly.

He Kangqi took a deep breath and stared at the giant skeleton in front of him.

Poison Master, there is a hole card.

If you are a Poison Master, you can become a poison source and cast a poisonous spell with your own life when you want to be perish together with others.

This is the most terrifying attack of Poison Master.

This is the practice of perish together.

These methods, if the opponent is strong enough, can’t kill them, but they can also suffer heavy losses.

When he was about to cast a poisonous curse.

Lin Buxui appeared.

He came out.

“Skull Ghost Sect, really arrogant.”

Lin Buxui stopped He Kangqi.

“Senior Brother He, let me take care of the rest.”

When He Kangqi saw him come out, he shook his head and said, “Junior Brother Lin, your cultivation base Not enough, these two people, very strong, you are not an opponent, I block them, you go quickly.”

Lin Buxui heard it and said: “Senior Brother He, don’t worry, these two guys, I still Don’t take seriously.”

“It’s a toad yawning, what a big tone!” Hearing Lin Buxui’s words, Qiao Su couldn’t help but sneered, “trifling Martial Dao Golden Core 7 Heavenly Layer, I dare to do this.” How arrogant? I don’t know life and death, big brother, this kid, let me take care of it. Look at his soft skin and tender meat. Take care of it. If you want to come to the Master, you’ll like it.”

Don’t Joe Upon hearing it, nodded and said: “Second Brother, you are clever, this kid is indeed good-looking. Master is good for this bite. Be careful not to kill you.”

“Don’t worry, trifling Martial Dao Golden Core 7 Heavenly Layer.” Qiao Su said, then turned around and looked towards Lin Buxui, “Boy, if you look good, you can save yourself from death. If you can get my Master’s attention, it’s your Supreme Fortunately, are you banning the cultivation base yourself and follow me, or let me do it? However, I advise you to be more conscious, so as not to ask for trouble.”

“Seeing that I look good, you can avoid death. “

Lin Buxui was irritated by these words.

These two people are ugly, or are they men who actually fell in love with themselves?

No, it should be these two people who plan to capture themselves alive and give them to their Master.

Really damn it.

Lin Buxui has never had such annoyance in his mind.

“I, Lin Buxui, the eternal emperor of Heavenly Domain, I was attracted by people and wanted to be caught as a male favorite?”

“You completely irritated me.” Lin Buxui looked at Looking at the two, between the eyebrows, with a terrifying baleful aura, coldly said, “Today, if I, Lin Buxui, don’t cut you two a lot, I will not be called Lin Buxui.”

“Are you actually angry?” Qiao Su laughed heartily and said, “I have to cut my brother and my brother. This is the biggest joke I have ever heard, boy, come, come, come, I’ll stand here. Come and kill me!”


Lin Buxui’s eyes were cold and the killing intent was boiling.

The whole person rises into the sky.

On top of his head, a group of ancient big seals gathered together.

Behind it is another ancient tower.

Suppress countless Demons.

There is a fairy picture all over the body.

Various natural phenomena are born.

It is very shocking.

After that, these natural phenomena disappeared, and a silhouette appeared again.

A stalwart silhouette.

Hold a Divine Sword in hand.

The great illusory shadow appears.

This is Lin Buxui’s past life.

This time, Lin Buxui was extremely angry.

The emperor must not be insulted.

He lightly shouted.

The drop of Demon’s blood in the Eternal Divine Furnace was extracted by him, condense Supreme’s power, and then pointed out a finger in the void.

This one refers to the god extinguishing demons!

Only saw a giant hand, coming from the void.

a finger pointed.

The huge fingers fell directly in the space where Qiaobie and Qiaosu were.

The two of them were horrified to the extreme.

What a stalwart existence is this?

What a mighty power?

They couldn’t resist at all, unable to move, they could only watch the giant finger attack.

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