Eternal True God Chapter 93

“hong long!”

After a loud noise, a huge pothole appeared on the ground.

The two were shot to death.

This kind of power is staggering.

He Kangqi at this moment is extremely shocked.

He never thought that Lin Buxui said that he had reached the limit and his hole cards had been completely exposed, but every time he encountered a strong enemy, there would always be unexpected endings.

In front of them, one of these two people is Paradise Realm and the other is Celestial Realm.

The strength of the two is extremely strong.

Yes, Lin Buxui actually killed the two of them.

How shocking?

“Junior Brother Lin, your strength is too strong.” He Kangqi looked at Li Buxiu and muttered, “I really don’t know where your limit is?”

But in fact, Lin Buxui was very depressed at this time.

In order to kill these two people, it took his drop of Demon blood essence.

A drop of Demon blood essence of Demon Venerable in the abyss was only partly refined by him. Now, in order to kill these two people of Skeleton Ghost Sect, he has no choice but to consume the remaining Demon blood essence Only with the power of, can such a powerful attack erupt and kill the dísciple of the two skeleton Ghost Sects in one fell swoop.

This is also one of the most mysterious methods of his cultivation of’Eternal Inextinguishable Body’.

As long as the energy collected in the Eternal Divine Furnace, it can explode with a tyrannical blow.

However, the loss is huge.

The attack that broke out is probably less than one-tenth of the original energy.

Even if the conversion rate is only one-tenth, such an attack is enough to guard against the sky.

This method is simply appalling.

“Senior Brother He laughed, this is just a fluke, but the dísciple of the two skeleton Ghost Sects is too careless, otherwise, I may not be able to kill the two, and, this etc. The secret technique consumes a lot of money. In a short time, I have no way to implement the exhibition for the second time. If we wait and encounter such a powerful enemy again, we may only have to avoid its edge.” Lin Buxui said, shaking his head.

In fact, Lin Buxui himself had no idea that this method in the Eternal Inextinguishable Body was so powerful.

But in the current situation, if he really encountered two such powerful enemies again, he would really have to escape.

But He Kangqi didn’t believe it.

“Junior Brother, don’t lie to me. Didn’t you say that you have reached the end of the mountain? But every time, you can use a more powerful attack method, in my opinion Come, you will meet the legendary gods and monsters, Junior Brother, you can solve them.”

For He Kangqi, if someone tells him now that he, Junior Brother Lin, beheaded a true one. Fiendgod, he will not feel surprised.

After all, to kill the enemy beyond the level, this situation is not surprising to Lin Buxui.

“da da da!”

Outside the courtyard, there was a knock on the door.

Lin Buxui and He Kangqi looked at each other.

“Three guests!”

“It’s the shopkeeper. He actually came here at this time and there is a problem.” He Kang said strangely, “Junior Brother, wait a minute, I Go and check it out.”

“Three guests, the major event is not good, there are two skeleton Ghost Sect dísciples, I saw this courtyard, those two skeleton Ghost Sect dísciples are not Good stubble.” The shop Xiaoer said outside the door.

Lin Buxui narrowed his eyes.

“Senior Brother, open the door.”

“Junior Brother, this…”

“Senior Brother don’t need to worry, I’m afraid this shop’s Xiaoer has already sensed it. “Lin Buxui said, others don’t know, but Lin Buxui has already seen the strength of this shop’s junior, extremely powerful, but he completely concealed his own cultivation base, ordinary people can’t see it at all.

So, this Hiran Inn is by no means that simple.

The entire Inn is equipped with a mysterious array and prohibitions.

This small courtyard is no exception.

Therefore, it is very difficult for outsiders to break into the guest room.

However, right now, in this other courtyard, the dísciple of two skeleton Ghost Sects broke in. How could this be an accident?

There is definitely a problem with this shop’s second child.

It’s just that He Kangqi doesn’t know these situations.

Only Lin Buxui knows this in his heart.

“Come in.”

The gate of the courtyard was opened.

That shop Xiaoer glanced all around.

To my surprise, I didn’t find the dísciple of the two skeleton Ghost Sect.

I was surprised.

But not bluntly.

“Two guests, I just got the news that the dísciple of two skeleton Ghost Sects has taken a fancy to this other courtyard. I am worried that they will come to trouble the three guests, so this is the reason. Come to remind.” The shop’s little Erdao.

“The dísciple of the skeleton Ghost Sect has already come.” Lin Buxui said.

“Have you been here?” The shop Xiaoer showed a slightly dazed expression, he said, “The two are not easy to provoke. Skeleton Ghost Sect has always been domineering and will never give up unless it reaches its goal. So, three If a guest… If you are not sure enough, I suggest you give this other courtyard to those two people.”

“Little second brother, is that how your Hiran Inn treats guests like this? We have already rented this other courtyard first, and there are others who come to make trouble and look for trouble. Don’t you at the other side Inn guarantee the safety of the guests’ lives?” He Kangqi hearing this is coldly snorted, and said very dissatisfied.

Actually, if Lin Buxui hadn’t had extraordinary strength just now, he would probably have died in the hands of the two skeletons, Ghost Sect dísciple.

And now, this shop Xiaoer still comes to the door to say this, how can he not be angry?

“This…this…” The second in the shop said with a bitter smile, “The two guests misunderstood. It’s not the case. Originally, I’m the other side Inn, and the guest room is full. Those two skeleton Ghost Sect’s When dísciple arrived, there were no guest rooms. The two had already left. Unexpectedly, they turned their heads and went to this other courtyard. The little one just got the news, and the two took a fancy. I am here to find trouble.”

“In this way, the three guests, in order to avoid those bad things, to avoid the three guests being disturbed by the two, the little one makes his own way. Give the three guests a better courtyard. It is a courtyard left by my family’s Master alone. It was originally my family’s Master. It was reserved for his relatives and friends. But now, in order to solve the trouble, the three guests You can transfer it over.” The shop Xiaoer said sincerely.

“In addition, the young one also prepared a table of medicated meals for three guests, and offered them free of charge.”

Lin Buxui hearing this, shook his head and said: “No need , Those two people won’t come to trouble anymore.”

The second person in the shop was shocked by hearing this.

“Small is not joking. Skeleton Ghost Sect’s dísciple has always been very domineering, not a small alarmist. The guest absolutely cannot be used for a while and offends Skeleton Ghost Sect. In that case, the gain is not worth the loss. “The shop’s little second continued.

“I said I don’t need it, because the dísciples of the two skeleton Ghost Sects have been killed by me.” Lin Buxui’s eyes flickered, and the Qi machine locked the shop’s second child.

“You don’t have to pretend, let’s talk, who the hell are you?”

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