Eternal True God Chapter 94

The second person in the shop was completely blinded when he heard Lin Buxui’s words.

Qiao Su and Qiao Bie were killed?

How is this possible?

What kind of cultivation base is he just?

Trifling Martial Dao Golden Core is only a realm, even if he is now in Martial Dao Golden Core 7 Heavenly Layer.

But that’s just the Martial Dao Golden Core environment.

Qiao Su and Qiao Bai’s cultivation realm are Martial Dao Paradise Realm and Martial Dao Celestial Realm.

The strength of the two is definitely first-class.

It is the True Disciple of Skeleton Ghost Sect.

There are countless skeletons in the hands of War General.

Even if you encounter a real strong enemy, it is enough to drag the opponent with the Skeleton War General, and then find a chance to escape.

In his opinion, unless it is a powerhouse with Martial Dao divine ability, it is impossible for someone to kill Qiao Su and Qiao’s brother so easily.

However, now, there is indeed no other breath of Qiao Su and Qiao.

The breath of the two has completely dissipated.

There is only one possibility, the two were really killed.

At this moment, his eyes looking towards Lin Buxui and He Kangqi have completely changed.

Become fierce.

It’s no longer like the atmosphere of the second shop in the past.

In an instant it became a powerhouse.

“How did you see it?” The shopkeeper said.

“What? Junior Brother Lin, this shop’s second person, really is a powerhouse?” At this moment, He Kangqi was shocked, and his eyes were full of killing intent. He stared at the shop’s second person, “What are you Who? Any conspiracy?”

At this time, He Kangqi was extremely hostile.

If there is a slight unfavorable move by the second person in this shop, He Kangqi will use Thunder to kill him.

“Two, no need to be nervous.” The shopkeeper said, “If I want to plot against the three of you, I won’t wait until now to do it.”

“However, You killed the dísciple of the Skeleton Ghost Sect, and you got into big trouble.”

“Trouble?” Lin Buxui said, “I don’t care. If you dare to do it to me, then you must have the consciousness of death. , Trifling Skeleton Ghost Sect, I still don’t care about it.”

Confidence, extremely powerful confidence.

That shop Xiaoer was slightly taken aback.

The young man in front of me, the background is quite extraordinary.

Although it is only the cultivation base of the Martial Dao Golden Core realm, such confidence and tolerance are by no means comparable to common martial artists.

This kind of person is either a peerless Heaven’s Chosen, with a powerful force behind it, or a fool with a clueless mind, commonly known as stupid and bold.

However, the young man in front of him is definitely not second.

He is not stupid.

Moreover, with the cultivation realm of these three people.

The strongest is just Martial Dao Paradise Realm.

Normally, it is absolutely impossible to kill Qiao Su and Qiao Bie.

Can skipping grades to kill these two people, then, how powerful is their strength?

So, these three people are definitely not simple.

He could still see that among the three, the young man had the absolute right to speak.

The status is respected.

He is the master.

Although the cultivation realm is only the Martial Dao Golden Core environment.

However, his status is the most honorable.

Being extraordinary.

Now that he is standing there, the imposing manner on his body bursts out, giving him a faint feeling of kneeling and worshiping the acknowledge allegiance.

This is the imposing manner of the superior.

Supreme majesty.

An imposing manner that cannot be rebelled.

This imposing manner is definitely not something ordinary people can have.

It seems that he has the power to kill.

One word can determine life and death.

“This guest, I’m afraid I don’t know. Skeleton Ghost Sect is not that simple. It is rumored that Skeleton Ghost Sect is immortal.” He said, “That is a peerless powerhouse, so today’s Skeleton Ghost Sect is no longer the previous Skeleton Ghost Sect. I don’t know how many times its strength has been improved. Because of this, my family’s Master is afraid of the Skeleton Ghost Sect and is unwilling to easily provoke the Skeleton Ghost Sect.”

paused, he said again: “But right now, two guests killed the dísciple of Skeleton Ghost Sect and completely offended Skeleton Ghost Sect, so…”

“is it possible that, You want to catch us and give it to Skeleton Ghost Sect?” He Kangqi coldly said, “If so, then I have to ask if my fist agrees or not.”

If this shop’s second child, it may not be able to do it all. letter.

In his opinion, this is just alarmist that’s all.


How can you fancy trifling Ghost Sect?

That sect is an evil way.

How can I get the favor of immortal?

Is that immortal?

Even in the Heavenly Domain of the Upper Realm, there may not be immortals.

And, at this time, Lin Buxui had a faint hunch that what the shopkeeper said was not false.

“You are not the one who can be the master, please call your family master, I want to meet him.” Lin Buxui looked at him and said.

Lin Buxui has a hunch that the owner of this shop’s second child is probably the same as him, from the upper realm.

As for whether to reincarnate and recultivate, or to come directly, this is not known.

Things are getting more interesting.

The immortal of the immortal land unexpectedly descended, and this eternal Heavenly Domain became more and more chaotic.

However, he still hasn’t touched that stage yet.

Because his current cultivation realm is far from restored.

Even if he has the immortal map of the universe in his hands now, this is the real Immortal Treasure, but this immortal map of the universe has not completely recovered that’s all.

Since I am here within the realm, I can get Immortal Treasure, and even Hu Sihui has the news of Immortal Artifact, which means that the lower realm has more Immortal Treasure and Immortal Artifact.

In this way, Immortal World is immortal, what is impossible?

Dian Xiaoer hearing this, hesitated a bit, but still nodded and said: “Okay, I can promise you, but I have to wait until tomorrow.”

Lin Buxui hearing this slightly smiled and said: “Okay, then tomorrow.”

“So, the little one will leave first. If there is anything else for the guest, just let the subordinates say hello.” The shopkeeper said.

He Kangqi browses frowned after watching the second of the shop leave.

“Junior Brother Lin, the sophomore of the Inn on the other side, is very weird. He hides his head and shows his tail. I am afraid there is no good intentions. If not, let’s change another place?” He Kangqi is a little worried, although he is Grade 5. Poison Master and cultivation realm are also Paradise Realm, but if it is the same as before, against Celestial Realm’s powerhouse, although his poison skills are powerful, they can only fight for a while.

Lin Buxui didn’t care at all when he heard it. He said, “Senior Brother He, don’t worry, the master here, although mysterious, is extremely powerful. If he wants to deal with us, he won’t As for using those inferior methods.”

Bitter Life Spring, Hiran Inn.

This reminds Lin Buxui of something.

The place of Sea of ​​Bitterness, Life Spring emerges, and Resurrection Lily opens.

This bitterness of Life Spring, Hiran Inn, is it related to this?

“Junior Brother Lin, I think we still have to be careful. After all, people’s hearts are unpredictable. If you don’t be afraid of ten thousand, you are afraid of accidents.” He Kangqi is persuaded.

“Yes, what Xiaoyou He said is not bad, patriarch, now, in this town of hard life, the situation is very complicated. I think that the so-called forging Grandmaster came to town of hard life to find a descendant. , There was a lot of noise, and it was by no means that simple at this time. I’ll be more careful when I wait.” At this time, the big clan old Lin Tianxiao had recovered, he pushed out the door and said.

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