Eternal True God Chapter 99

“Reincarnation? Transcendence?” Lin Buxui heard this, “senior laughed, I am trifling a Martial Artist in Martial Dao Golden Core, how can I have Samsara Power and the power of detachment? If senior wants to deal with me, there is no need to use such awkward excuses.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are believing or not, but today, I must extract the mysterious law in your body. Power, that is the power of reincarnation and transcendence. Once I get it, I can wield reincarnation and transcend destiny.” The Emperor Yellow Springs said, and the terrifying Law Power burst out, condensed into a big net, and instantly enveloped Lin Buxui. .

Seeing, I’m going to be trapped.

Lin Buxui’s face is solemn.

The gap between him and Emperor Yellow Springs is too big.

Far from above one level, between the two, one in the sky and the other underground.

Only the power of the previous life can be used to fight against one.

Yes, at this time.

Another tyrannical breath appeared.

A jade-like fist appeared.

Coming from the void, smashed the big net of Emperor Yellow Springs.

Next, a silhouette came in the air.

Floating like an immortal.

A woman holding an umbrella.

Falling down.

Someone follow closely from behind.

The visitor surprised the three Lin Buxui.

It’s the second in that shop.

One of the people following him is the shopkeeper of the other side Inn.

The woman who took the lead seems very noble.

The strength is also extremely strong.

It is Lin Buxui himself, who can’t see a trace of depth.

Lin Buxui didn’t know the man who blocked the attack of Emperor Yellow Springs for him.

I don’t know why she came.

However, she blocked Emperor Yellow Springs, at least, it is not the enemy now.

“The other shore, it’s you.” The Great Emperor Yellow Springs looked at the incoming person, his eyes narrowed, and he said, “You want to stop me?”

“The Great Emperor Yellow Springs, this one The boy is my distinguished guest of the Inn on the other side. You do not seem to put me in your eyes when you act on my guests.” The woman’s voice is clear and sweet, making people feel like listening to fairy music.

“Bi An, it turns out that you are also fond of Law Power on him. In that case, you and I have done one.” The Yellow Springs Emperor, but he didn’t want to retreat so easily. The seeds of Samsara Power and the power of detachment, he is inevitable.

Otherwise, how can he be able to wield reincarnation and detach himself from fate?

The Great Emperor Bi’an shook his head and said: “The Great Emperor Yellow Springs, you think too much, but if you want to fight, then you have to fight, but you have to take a look at the strength of the Yellow Springs Great Emperor. How much improvement has been made.”

Emperor Yellow Springs and Emperor Bi An, both of them are the great powerhouses of the Netherworld.

They are all ancient emperors.

Same as powerful.

The difference in strength between the two is actually not that big.

“Yellow Springs reincarnation!”

Yellow Springs the Great, once again took out the disk of reincarnation.

That is the power of reincarnation.

The vast shore is boundless, the will of Emperor Cang Primordial Spirit was suppressed and killed by this disc of reincarnation.

Now, Emperor Yellow Springs, in order to defeat the Emperor Overland, once again used these cards. Moreover, at this time, the power he used was stronger and more domineering than before.

Six Paths Samsara Channel, like six terrifying black holes.

The horrible Devouring Power was issued.

“What a Yellow Springs reincarnation, Reincarnation Dao, already comprehend to such a point, but unfortunately, it is not enough to deal with me.” The Great Emperor said, the crystal-like jade hand lifted slightly. A mysterious force, condense came, and a powerful force was born in the void.

An ancient illusory shadow has been opened.

It is still the land of the ghostly Yellow Springs.

An ancient Divine Flower opened.

This is the real Emperor Bian, the real flower of the otheran.

Emperor Yellow Springs and Emperor Overland jointly control the Netherworld Yellow Springs.

until now, neither of them accepts each other.

It’s a pity that the two of them couldn’t help each other.

“Resurrection Lily!”

a light shout, the flower from the other side opened.

Six petals shot out at that instant.

Directly rushed to the Six Paths Samsara Channel formed by the reincarnation of Yellow Springs, and burst open.

A powerful impact, all around, everything is destroyed under this overbearing power.

Within several ten zhang, he was raze to the ground instantly.

At this moment, under the impact of these forces, the entire Hard Life Town has become devastated.

“What a great Emperor Bian, I didn’t expect your strength to have risen to such a level, it was my eye.” At this moment, the will of Emperor Yellow Springs has been wiped out a lot.

Before he fought with the emperor Cang Primordial Spirit.

Although the consciousness of Emperor Cang Primordial Spirit is completely erased, Emperor Yellow Springs himself consumes a lot of money.

His wisp of will is only 70% before.

But even so, his strength is very terrifying, ordinary people, no one is his opponent.

Unfortunately, his opponent, the Great Emperor, appeared.

“Let’s go.” The Great Emperor Bi An said, “This young man, I will save him. If anyone dares to attack his idea, he will be my enemy.”


Yellow Springs the Great is coldly snorted.

His consciousness is not an opponent of Emperor Bi An.

You can only choose to withdraw.

But that is Samsara Power and the power of detachment, these two stalwart avenues of Supreme, if they can comprehend a bit, his cultivation base bottleneck will probably be broken in an instant.

It can even impact the Supreme realm.

So, he did not want to give up, nor did he want to give up.

Just now, I have to choose to retreat first.


When you retreat, take a fight.

A terrifying cold light burst into the eyes of Emperor Yellow Springs.

The power of terror broke out again.

He punched towards the Great Emperor Beyond.

Only seeing the jade umbrella in the hands of Emperor Bi An waved, Di Yao quickly spun out.


This fist strikes are on the jade umbrella.

The jade umbrella was slightly shocked.

But it doesn’t hurt anything.

The powerful counter-shock force directly knocked out the Yellow Springs.

But before that, Emperor Yellow Springs had already separated an incarnation.

This incarnation has reduced its strength.

At the moment when he approached Lin Buxui, this incarnation started.

I caught Lin Buxui directly.

“Is it really good to be bullied?” Lin Buxui’s eyes burst with cold light, whether it is Emperor Yellow Springs or Emperor Bi An, these two powerhouses from the ancient times, and they are extremely powerful.

Since I have focused on myself, it is by no means a good thing.

So, I have to give them a little color.

“Eternal Law body, the power of the past, add to my body.”

At this moment, Lin Buxui chanted, and the ancient mysterious power burst out.

In the long river of time and space, a silhouette appeared, and then merged into Lin Buxui’s body.

The breath of horror burst out at that moment.

The power of the emperor.

Lin Buxui’s cold light flickered, and he returned to Peak again.

Restored the power of the emperor.

Although only trifling for a quarter of an hour, it is enough.

“Great Emperor, how could it be possible, this is the breath of the Great Emperor.”

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