Eternal War God Chapter 3751

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Chapter 3751 Town Haiwang comes

yun yi certainly detected a little strange, he didn’t know where to find the wind, but he felt that it was very likely that this guy was the smile tiger before.

Although the smile tiger did not appeared, Yun Yi missed the strange breath of the chasing the style, it seems that the breath of the people killed by the smile is very like, although it is very slight, but this breath Not performed by Yun Yi.

Of course, only Yun Yi discovers this, he did not grasp the confirmation of the chasing, which is the smile, but just they have found that the Sea Clan tribe is killed, there is no place to stay. prove!

and according to Yun Yi in time, the chasing the wind is likely to run it here.

Even more how to chase the wind, there is a sufficient murder motivation, after all, the wind and Bailiang are friends, two people are good friends, although because of the big Shopkeeper’s relationship, the order came out, put the hundred miles into the incense, But after all, I didn’t take the Baili incense back, I can see it, the two people are really very much.

and in this Time chasing this Sea Clan tribe, it is very likely that it will be murdered by the Sea Clan tribe because of the Town Haiwang’s things, so it will give these people all!

This is very likely that the people who have encountered before Yun Yi, some people are people of Azure Lotus Chamber of Commerce, some people are black snakes, more people are mysterious Face people.

These people’s ingredients originate, and clouds don’t know what these people are, but the reason can be determined is that the smile face will seem to have no choice, it is complete!

Although there is no evidence now, but willing to speculate that Most Likey’s smile is a chasing the wind.

but yun yi has not understood what it is really chasing the wind, why do you want to kill Azure Lotus Chamber of Commerce?

is it possible That is the bucket?

and when Bailiang Xiang saw the body of these Sea Clanu, it was also shocked. After all, these bodies were too strange. Everyone’s face has a strange smile, and there is no blood under the whole body. !

Such a horrible means, Baili Shenxiang has never encountered, after all, this guy even is a Powerhouse, but there is no powerful to fearlessly, Even more how is so strange things, she never have seen it. The more unknown things are Terrifying.

“Who is the means to be so vicious, and so weigh, this is certainly not ordinary divine will!” Baili Shenxiang is almost certain, ordinary Divine Ability, absolutely unable to cause this effect.

yun yi nodded: “I originally thought you know, this smile tiger has been actions in the quiet sea. I have encountered this smile tiger to kill the black snake tissue. I have killed it. Your Azure Lotus Chamber of Commerce, and later I met this guy several times … “

yun yi When he said Remark, carefully observe the fragrance of Baili, if the hundred miles scent really knowing that the wind is a smile, then there will definitely have any expression, and this slight expression will be Yun Yi Notice.

However, Yun Yi and the Others found that Bailiang incents did not seem to know this.

either this guy is actually playing Very Good, or this guy does not know that Zhuge’s chasing the wind is the strange killer.

“No matter what is still on the shore, if this time the emperor is already there, the opportunity we missed will not pay!”

yun yi and the others is preparing to log in to the shore, then they found a burst of the Earth Shook and the mountain quivered, and the cloud has only discovered that they are still a crow.

“I just wanted to say that the Haiwang guys won’t come, but did not think that this guy was really coming!”

yun yi shakes his head to know that there is a fierce battle soon, although he is not afraid of fighting, but he doesn’t want to shoot.

Only do not want to fight the rack, but since the Town Haiwang’s Disciple Town Haiwang came to find his own revenge, but Yun Yi also knows that the town of Sea will see this city of SEA If the CLAN is dead, it will be thinking that this is dry!

“Are we explained or not explained?”

Yun Yi asked this question.

Ray Azure Bamboo: “It is still a better explanation, and the town Haiwang is the only king on the surface of this sea. But he is still unchecked, although this guy is overbearing, it is estimated that it will not listen Our explanation … “

The blood ancestors are snorted: “I am afraid of him? What is explained to him, do it!”

Ray Azure Bamboo Laughd: “Dry him, you have to eat drink and can also increase the CultiVation Base.”

鲲 鲲 Coldly Snorted and Said: “I will be!”

Originally Ray Azure Bamboo is just the last saying, but he knows that this guy who speaks.

The Ray Azure Bamboo and The Others also knows that today I am afraid to say and can’t be told, and the Peng Peng will have a battle!

and countless Sea Clan at this time has surrounded the Sea Clan army of Several Millions, almost a water here, and a gorgeous king.

First encountering this guy in the town, this family should be an Old Monster, but now he looks very young, although wearing dress is still a sea claman, it looks a bit strange Blame, but it looks probably about 30 years old, very young.

Just watching it directly from the appearance, it is absolutely can’t see that this is an Old Monster who lives a few era, and it will not look out, this is a Rigorous Schemes and Deep ForeSight’s sea king!

yun yi gave a past, and Zhenhai Wang far away: “If you want to be the town of Zhenhai, it is better to meet!”

Zhenhai Wang Haha Care: “You don’t have to be polite, Mr. Yun Yi, I have earned, just Didn’t Expect, even my head disciple is getting lost in your hand, today this king Here, just want to ask for taught your means That’s all! “

At this time, there is a guy who appears to be moderate on the side of the town of the sea, refers to the city, which is clearly that the Sea Clanu that has been perceived is dead.

However, the Town Haiwang hooks: “A trifling tribe Yun Yi is destroyed, and what!”

The tribe of the town of the town is long, and the tribe of the Even More How Yun Yi has long had a rebellious heart, and Mr. Yi is so, or I have a busy! “

Listening to the town of the town, Yun Yi knows that the town Haiwang this guy Rigorous Schemes and Deep ForeSight, and it is not wanting to do with yourself, or if you are afraid, you will not talk to yourself so polite.

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