Eternal War God Chapter 3752

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Chapter 3752 Virtual Zhang

yun yi understands that the Zhenhai Wang said that he wants to ask himself, but it is only for bluntness, scare yourself, and it is definitely preparing to recruit himself.

Sure called Yun Yi guess, Zhenhai Wang Haha smiled, looked at the reason, and looked at other people next to Yun Yi: “Mr. Yun Yi is so powerful, and these friendside are also They are the Imperior Uncle of the Powerhouse Zhong Prefecture Royal, the blood ancestors of the night tissue … “

yun yi: “You don’t have to say anything so polite, there is something to say, I have always been a very honest and real person, you are looking around, I really don’t like it. “

Zhenhai Wang Nodded: “You are a speech, I just like this, but I am looking for you to find your battle, you can teach my dísciple, but this is also He is full of sins! Although he is called by you, there is no light on the face, but if you are willing to enter my, this matter will be in the past! Even more how now we are using people If you are able to help me settle in the sea, you are divided into yourself! “

The military division next to the King of the Town is silly eye, even the ZHONG Prefecture Royal Imperial Uncle Lei Baolin, did not think that the town Haiwang did so high chips!

This is obviously Yun Yi if he teamed up with him to set up the entire quiet sea, and Yun Yi will jointly divide the overall interests of the quiet sea!

Silent sea resources can be very rich, such a good opportunity, even Lei Baolin has to be motivated, but unfortunately, the other party did not invite himself, but invited Yun Yi.

, of course, this is also related to Yun Yi’s own CultiVation Base, Yun Yi’s CultiVation Base, so you can do so high price code. If you are Ray Baolin, I am afraid that the town is not doing this.

, but yun yi, SHOOK THE HEAD: “, I am very sorry, I am not interested in the battle between you, I am here to investigate some things That’s all, I have to go, Let’s do this! “

But the town is a smile, look at Yun Yi, reach the head of Yun Yi: “Do you want to take me very improper, I have said that I said so many words like you, but you But insisted that I didn’t give this king face too, if you don’t blame me! “

All Directions Several Millions SEA CLAN Army, suddenly shouting, the sound of the sea, countless water waves set off Ten Thousand zhang waves on the sea!

These Sea Clan Many People and well-trained, Even more how is a lot of Expert, even Chen Jun Ke, THIS, PowerHouse!

yun yi and the others is okay, and the hundred miles will become a face.

But the blood ancestors have jumped at this time: “Old Thief, what do you have any words!”

The blood ancestors did not talk about Wu De, turned into a red cloud, and took a giant claws, a giant claw, took it to the head of the town, and the red blood light on the giant claws is lingering, once If you are in trouble, even if the town is so high, you have to suffer!

“Your little child doesn’t make sense, but I dare to attack this king!”

Under the fire of Zhenhai, reach a punch in the body of the blood ancestors, the blood ancestors are Meet Force with Force, there is no dodge, but they waved Giant Claws in the town of the town, these two Both are top-level Powerhouse, and the body is extremely strong!

Whether it is Defensive Power speed, or Life Force is extremely horrible, it is a blood ancestral Peng, although it is a very high big demon, but the Zhenhai Wang is a SEA CLAN’s Powerhouse, and its own Bloodline is not weak. Even More Howes Town Haiwang This level of Powerhouse, I don’t know how many era of Cultivated, the blood ancestors are opponents!

Soon, he was hit by Zhenhai Wang, on his head, the brain almost did not be broken, and even skulls have been deformated!

yun yi: “You are so powerful, maybe and I can keep it, I have to look at it, exactly your town, the sea king is still a million aquarium, there is ability you together!”

“Yes, I also see what kind of wind waves can be set off in these leather shrimps, there is Ability might as a battle!” Lei Baolin figure, Golden Light Ten Thousand ZHANG, even on the water Can see, underwater as if there is a small sun rises!

The originally dim and dim water was turned to be illuminated, and the square is hundreds of kilometers all in a bright!

“kills me, one will not stay!”

Under the Zhenhai Wang, this sound is in a nostant, and naturally contains a hundred miles.

Zhenhai killing decisive, naturally does not care about this a trifling woman, so, under the order, Military Military Dramon shouted to the Yun Yi and the Others swept surrounded!

“Light of Firefly, also fights with the moon!”

Zhenhai King Coldly Snorted, rushed to Lei Baolin, obviously watching this guy is not pleasing, the body is like a small sun!

Zhenhai Wang Yi did not have any fancy, smashed toward Lei Bao Lin, Lele Bao Lin did not dare to look at the long knife in his hand, but Didn’t Expect, facing this Terrifying a knife town sea king, there is no It’s going to glitter, but I greeted it, this Saber cut it on the head of the town, and I took a spark on the scales!

good terrifying defense!

Lei Bao Lin is so stupid, because this time he has been cut out, and at this time, Le Lei Baolin’s fist has also fallen on his face, almost the next instant Lei Bao Lin has already flying out. A few hundred feet, this is not light, and the teeth are almost hit.

Lei Baolin Spits out mouthful of blood did not return immediately, because this fist has given him serious injury.

Although the blood of the blood is almost the same, the Ray Baolin Cultivation Base is almost, but it is still able to have a king, it is because the big demon is more dominant, and the natural blood is more popular than ordinary humanity. Many, so comparative anticissions.

and Ray Baolin now needs to repair his injuries through Shentong.


Ray Azure Bamboo shouted and incorporated into the crowd, never play with the guy of Cultivation Base Profound, killing the miscellaneous soldiers.

But seeing Ray Azure Bamboo, the guy is rushing, and the blade in his hand goes down. Every piece can die a turtle king’s eight skin shrimp. When the sea star sea gallbladies, it does look very well. Also very heroic.

At this time, Yun Yi came to the front of the town, did not know where to grab a lance.

Zhenhai Wang waved, took out a Great Cauldron.

This thing is obviously the town of Harace Divine Ability magic weapon! In the face of Yun Yi, the Zhenhai King even, he is confident to himself, and he does not dare to pay.

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