Eternal War God Chapter 3753

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Chapter 3753, to catch

Zhenhai Wang Loudly Roared, the whole body’s strength is in this Great Cauldron, the horrible power is suddenly weeping, the space around has been shocked, countless cracks!

countless seawater whistling, as if it is to crush everything around, and at this time, the Town Haiwang used this Great Cauldron, the surrounding aquarium has retreated.

Divine Immortal fight, Mortals Suffers, this truth, they still understand, if if it is close, it is very likely to be shred with horrible strength, and even the whole corpse Will Not stays!

and these aquificent will become a seafood sauce.

But Yun Yi seems to be like a feeling, but he grabbed the lance to shred moment, even the ashes did not leave.

yun yi sighs: “This thing is really good, but it is really Reckless Waste of Natural Resources, which is clearly Treasure for refining, but you are used Come as a weapon! “

Zhenhai king is ignored, Yun Yi said, holding Great Cauldron anger, turning towards gardening, Terrifying’s power suddenly covered with Yun Yi’s head, this Great Cauldron became more and more Big, turn off the square, and it is called Mount TAI.

countless Thunder and the flame is over the top, the Rune above the Great Cauldron seems to be alive in an instant, from Dingshi, around this big one-catching rotation!

yun yi thinks this thing seems to recover Wind-Thunder Water Fire Like, which can feel the TRACE OF LAW POWER from above. It seems that this thing is really a door, but unfortunately, this thing is for cloud clothes. SIMPLY Nothing DEStructure Power!

Zhenhai King is not counting before Yun Yi!

But the Town Haiwang, of course, this seemingly ordinary guy in front of him, how Terrifying strength, he still thinks that his magic treasure is suppressed, and you can instantly kill Yun Yi!

Unfortunately, this Great Cauldron is only a place to reach the Yun Yi head of three feet with hiding the sky and covering the Earth. It has not fallen!

The face of the sea king becomes unparalleled, and the face is dark. He roared with a blood, this blood is blooming between the blue transstature is absorbed by this Great Cauldron!

After absorbing this fresh blood, this horrible Great Cauldron suddenly became Blue!

yun yi This knows what materials do this thing, which contains Yellow Springs that is incomparably horrible.

YELLOW SPRINGS SAINT’s thing and this Great Cauldron compared to the sky and underground differences!

This Great Cauldron is only afraid of knowing how many sea water is refining!

and this horrible top crack down, Fangyuan Several Thousands Li quickly turns a flat place, without anything to stop this terrifying power!

and this time Ray Baolin and the Others has also quickly evacuated!

Unfortunately, those Sea Clan’s military horses, these Magnificent Army Thousands of Men and Horses have Several Millions, but the town of Haodes does not care about these Sea Clanu’s life. This guy is a tyrant.

is almost a moment of 100,000 Sea Clan immediately being shocked, and blood sprinkled on the spot.

Lei Baolin, looking away, scared to spit out a blood, see such a fight for the first time, even your own hand.

Town Haiwang can rule the sea to now is really a rare, this is to put it in other places, I am afraid that the man will have already rebellious.

However, when the Terrifying Treasure Cauldron, Yun Yi just raised his hand, this Great Cauldron has been held by Yun Yi, then Yun Yi reached out gently, a piece of intangible power, Make this Treasure Cauldron in an instant!

A Treasure that can be placed in a flat place in an instant, which is so light, and it is smashed by Yun Yi, which is very much imagination of the town of the town!

“Are you who? There is such a Divine Ability!”

Zhenhai King knows that he is a judgment of Yun Yi, the physical object, and he has been a great thing for Yun Yi, and it is very likely to be almost the strength, but it is slightly lower than his strength, but now it seems yun. Yi is only a bit half of it is more powerful than yourself!

yun yi laughd: “I didn’t want to move with you, but you have to do this, then you will blame me, today I don’t know how to teach you, you really don’t know who I am!”

Of course, even if you are afraid of lesson the town of Zhenhai, Zhenhai Wang does not know who he is, and will not know how his origin!

Town Haiwang knows that things are not right, turned into a huge sea beast, and quickly escape thousands of miles!

This time, the town Haiwang suddenly discovered that there was a woman wearing WHITE CLOTHED, looking at him there, with a smile town of the sea, as if I saw a ghost.

yun yi is clear after his body, when will I ran to my body!

Zhenhai King this knows that Yun Yi’s strength is much higher than yourself!

is just like a cat who caught the mouse!

At this time, Ray Baolin and The Others has also rushed over.

As for the few million prime ministers of the town Haiwang, I didn’t know where to escape, it seems that the town of Zhenhai will die today.

This time Yun Yi is gently reached, and a invisible force will make the town of the sea. This is not Terrifying’s suppression, and even let the town Haiwang unless!

Don’t say it!

Zhenhai King SIGHED, this understands how much the gap between himself and Yun Yi is, and this strength is in Yun Yi. I am afraid that the ants are not as good!

“You can rest assured, I didn’t want to kill you, I just want to know some things That’s all, if you follow me, I don’t kill you, or even more likely to help you crack down You Sea Clan’s rebellion! “

yun yi has opened a condition. After all, the death of this town is not important, if you can learn about the Mysterious organization, even if you can know the message of the Mysterious organization, even you can get Dao SECT Message, then even if it is a sea king, it is not possible.

“What do you want to know?” Zhenhai King is naturally a smart person, and knowing that now you must tell the truth.

yun yi smiles: “I want to ask only two words, Dao SECT!”

The town of Zhenhai has changed, but it didn’t speak, he knew this thing, but he can’t tell you! “

“Don’t tell me? Don’t you be afraid of death?”

“I am afraid of death, but still can’t tell you!”


“Because …” The eyes of Zhenhai king were full of fear, nor did he think of what he thought, even the face changed, and it was obvious that once this secret was blocked by him, I am afraid that his next meeting will Unparalleled, incomparable terrifying.

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