Eternal War God Chapter 3754

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Chapter 3754 and another member

Zhenhai Wang Shook The Head: “I can’t tell you, even if it is dead, I can’t say this!”

but yun yi laughd: “If I say that I know your origin, you are not just the SEA CLAN’s king is so simple, you and Baifeng Wang should be Senior and Junior Brothers, including the Night Tissue SECT MASTER … “

Zhenhai Wang has suddenly become very difficult, it is like a dead ash: “What do you know? Is it Possible That Tibet …”

Zhenhai Wang seems to suddenly think of himself, shut up, but these two words are still heard by Yun Yi.

“Tibetan? What is Is it possible what is Kṣitigarbha?”

yun yi is naturally not thinking that he has been mistaken, but at this time, he suddenly found that the vitality of the town Haiwang suddenly resolved quickly, Yun Yi rushed to reach out, and put into the town of the town.

Unfortunately, the speed of the sea of ​​the town, the Body Life Force disappears is too fast!

The ultimate town is dead!

“What is this place to hide? Is it it possible what is also Kṣitigarbha?”

“Zhenhai Wang guys actually committed suicide, such an arrogant and despotic’s old monster, it will be so dead, this is really not very unexpected!”

“He really comes from that mysterious organization, but what is he doing? Is it Possible That is the tissue traitor?”

Yun yi does not understand why, after all, the guy of the town is too fast, he has not asked something.

The only thing that can be sure is that Yun Yi feels that this mysterious organization is very large, and it is very deep, like the Night Tissue such Terrifying organization, with this mysterious organization, which is simply like a small ant. !

After all, it seems that there is a mysterious organization that looks for the body. It has three top powerhouse. Zhenhai King is the king of the Sea Clan. Not to mention, it is Top Powerhouse.

Blood ancestors: “I don’t think I want to check, we still need to go back to headquarters, maybe there is a clue there …”

“He organized the headquarters?” Yun Yi is curious, he is really curious, such a part of the headquarters of the mysterious Night Tissue, and seeing the meaning of Xi Peng seems to take them.

Ray Azure Bamboo Haha smiles: “What is it is very interesting, is these outsiders not very good? But see you, so warm, I still take a look …”

Blood ancestors looked at Ray Azure Bamboo: “I didn’t say to take you.”

Ray Azure Bamboo: “…”

yun yi shakes the head: “Now the most important thing is not to find the clue of the organizational organization, but find Hei Feng! I am afraid he wants to be dangerous!”

“You have not guess, it is really dangerous!”

At this time, he flew here, or the guy was faster, or it was afraid that it was really chasing, but unfortunately, there were five black air flow behind this time, always Chasing Hei Feng, Hei Feng’s speed can not be said to be unhappy, even can be said to be very fast!

But this five airflow is still hierarchically followed by chapeters, and it seems very powerful, of course, if these guys are not strong, they will not be so impatched.

hei feng said: “Everyone flashes some, these bastards have a seal Cultivation Base’s Method, I just was suddenly Sneak Attack, lost!”

yun yi listening to Hei Feng, Suddenly everyone is nervous, each is guarded.

The five-shaped airflow turning between the flash.

hei feng arrived next to Yun Yi, it is finally SIGHED in relief, turning his head, two scorpions shine with fierce: “These bastards have wanted to take me in the past, or I am running fast, I am afraid that it has become a pill! “

yun yi coldly Snorted, did not speak, one hand grabbed it, but unfortunately, I was unable to take five airflow instantly, and did not catch it.

yun yi is surprised: “This is a strange, these guys seem to have no entity!”

Between the flash, the five black airflow donation is five people. These people seem to see their faces, and their faces are fluttering, but they are wearing a unified Black uniform, all Black robe.

“Haha Haha, Didn’t Expect Today is so good, not only encountered this black cat, just encountered so many powerhouse, there is still a kind of Pipe! This is to catch back the medicine, I am afraid today. Plentiful harvest! “

“It’s really luck, I am dealing with the White CLOTHED service, the rest of you will deal!”

The naturalness of this White CLOTHED is Yun Yi.

These five mysterious Black CLOTHED PERSONs, I came to Yun Yi and the Others between Yun Yi and the Others, I didn’t say it directly!

Lei Baolin holds two golden knives, flying together, but let Lei Bao Lin accidentally, playing in these people, there is no harm, their body seems to be airflow, the treasure knife passed through and did not have to them Cause killing!

It seems that physical attack is limited to their killing!

“Go to death!”

Black CLOTHED PERSON captured to Lele Baolin, Lear Town, the sea king, the Cultivation Base has not been in Peak, so it can only be a defense.

Good imperial uncle is also very rich in combat experience, although the defensive defense, but still does not let the other party account for cheap, and even find the opportunity to reverse a knife.

Even more how zhong Prefecture royal Body Protection Divine Ability is very powerful, Golden Light blooms, the other party also takes him.

As for the blood ancestors, Xiao Ruoshi and the Others and these people are playing, although these people can go, but they want to win them in a short time.

and Yun Yi, the Black CLOTHED PERSON headed by Yun Yi, but found that these guys are very difficult, it seems to be.

yun yi is a bit angry, and a little bit of mouth, and then Yun Yi finds this sound, so that these guys have trembled.

“Is it afraid of sound wave attacks!”

yun yi is a good scorpion, this guy actually took the initiative to retreat, do not want to be close to Yun Yi.

hei feng This time, she saw that the door is coming to Xiaoyou, this seemingly kitten size guy, a horrible force suddenly rushed, A Dragon Roar snonic, swept the square Kilometer.

These five Black guys are suddenly fallen!

“Betting! Use Absolute Art!”

These five unknown mysterious guys, suddenly fifth as one, gathered together, a TERRIFYING power, instantly covered the sky!

Like A enters the darkness!

and this is suddenly spotted, its own CultiVation Base seems to be rapidly decreased!

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