Eternal War God Chapter 3755

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Chapter 3755, five ghost

Yun yi This kneans that these guys have such a powerful means, although not the true seal people’s CultiVation Base, but can not play all their strength.

and these guys have been using this Divine Ability, where they have not been found, and they can’t do it.

Blood Zengpeng quickly arranged a layer of red cloud, wrapped Yun Yi and the Others, including him, and this from Hongyun although it can resist the darkness of terrifying, it can detect everyone’s power Old Little By Little is corroded by the darkness of Everywhere.

yun yi: “In this case, I can only be a strongth breaking myriad laws, these bastards!”

yun yi is a whole body, but it is prepared to bloom strength, forcibly, shocked these guys Divine Ability. Of course, this Terrifying means only Yun Yi can be used, if other people want to force Breaking the formation, there is no such power!

Lei Baolin looks Yun Yi as if watching a monster, the face is full of smile: “I found the longer you have together, I found that this kid is a professional household, you What behavior? “

yun yi laughd: “Confidential.”

xiao ruoshi naturally not worrying Yun Yi can’t break this array, even the five mysterious Black CLOTHED PERSON, this Divine Ability really has such evil gates, forciting strength Breakthrou can’t, want to escape the breakthrough, Yun Yi And the Others can be done.

After all, Yun Yi and the Others Divine Ability, but far exceeds these guys.

This time, Yun Yi just wants to take a Strength Breaking Myriad Laws, suddenly there seem to have a drunk old road.

This Taoist walks under the bottom and does not use Divine Ability to isolate sea water, but in the sea water, Step by Step stepped on the floor, as if the leisure steps are generally here.

yun yi and the others, of course, knowing this old road is not using Divine Ability, but in deliberate dazzling skills, can come to this deep sea, natural impossible will not Divine Ability.

This drunk man has not gone out of the water, it seems to be just a step, but it can move one kilometer forward, almost a few steps, it has already entered this darkness, it seems that it is not afraid of this. Dark weakening strength.

“Five Ghosts, you are long time no see, Didn’t Expect you actually come out for unreasonable!”

The drunk man sleeps a yawn, swaying his own alcohol: “Do you want to put you in and make a few hundred thousand years?”

Sure enough, the darkness gradually returned, and the five shadows quickly left here, flew to South-East Direction, and didn’t forget when they were walking.

“You have a few bad things in this stinky old road, you know what is going to do with us!”

Of course, these guys just dare to put That’s all, they know that they are definitely not the opponent of this old road, Even morehow their life Source Divine Ability, can’t stand half of this old road.

The old road looks at the direction they leave, disdainful than a middle finger: “You will be boasting, I am really afraid of you, I will not organize you for so long, don’t say you, Is Kṣitigarbha is coming again! “

yun yi and the Others, this discovered that this old road seems to have seen it, before they had seen this drunken old man when they had a long time.

and it seems to be broken by the drunk people, and don’t know what his purpose is.

yun yi: “You are helping, big unity is not asked, dare to ask the big name?”

I don’t say anything yet, you have to tell me that you will not say thank you, you are interested, but you want to ask who I am, I can’t tell you, there are I met, but I advised you that you still don’t continue to investigate, it will be dangerous, Kṣitigarbha is far from you can have the existence of you! ”

This drunk man says that Yun Yi and the Others is more curious, and it is very likely that Kṣitigarbha is like that mysterious organization’s leader, at least the member of the MySterious organization.

Before the town of Zhenwang committed suicide, he mentioned the word two words, and it is necessary to refer to this kṣitigarbha.

yun yi: “Did you ask what kind of organization is this organization, why do you find an emperor bone everywhere?”

Drunk people said with a smile: “If you want to be curious, it is best to check it down again. This matter is nothing to do with you. That organization is not a big evil, I am doing it. It is just a private problem That’s all. They seized the emperor bones and you didn’t have a half relationship. “

yun yi nodded: “This is what I understand, I am not a person who is a person, but I still have something unknown. Please ask if I don’t know DAO SECT?”

Drunk people shakes his head: “I don’t know! Although I am from people, but I don’t have a relationship with Dao Sect, but I have heard that many people want to find Dao Sect, including Kṣitigarbha, but what is he there? I don’t know, I am just to prevent him from finding the emperor bone That’s all! “

After the people seem to say, I don’t want to say more than Yun Yi, and I left here.

This person’s Movement Technique is fast, which is beyond Yun Yi and the Others.

Purple Mountain Daoist is still a very active, and it is very clear about what the things here, but even if it is Purple Mountain Daoist, I don’t know what this drunk man is coming.

“See that this drunk man should not be the quiet sea of ​​the quiet sea, I have almost I know, but when he is such a person, I have never heard of it. It seems that he rarely is here …” purple Mountain Daoist shakes his head.

Although today Yun Yi did not investigate where Dao SECT is, they finally understand that the mysterious organization is probably outline, Kṣitigarbha wants to be a very powerful Powerhouse.

But he created such a powerful organization, why do you want to find an emperor bone? Is it Possible That wants to resurrect ancient Powerhouse?

still wants to gather these emperor’s corpse bones to make a powerful MAGICAL Artifact?

This is Yun Yi and the Others, and they are also can’t guess, after all, Kṣitigarbha’s actions are too evil.

It doesn’t go to search for the resources used by Cultivation. What is the purpose of looking for ancient Powerhouse’s bones?

yun yi suddenly has an idea: “This guy is as long as it is a Powerhouse’s body bone, or only looks for a specific ancient Powerhouse’s bone?”

No one can give the Yun Yi answer, because these people around Yun Yi can’t answer this answer.

But Yun Yi knows that as long as you can figure out this, I am afraid he has a eyebrow.

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