Eternal War God Chapter 3756

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Chapter 3756 Fleet

on the shore.

There are many people on the island to-And-fro.

Silent sea, although the name is still sea, but never live quiet.

Although the overall environment is still quiet, there is no extensive struggle between the various forces, but the trade is very prosperous and very lively.

yun yi stopped a car and bought a box of tea.

everyone is on the beach, cooking tea.

yun yi holding a cup of tea, there is a starlight in the scorpion: “Now all the doubts have a eyebrow, everything is finally refreshed with Kṣitigarbha, although we don’t know how Kṣitigarbha is WHO But I want to be a powerhouse! “

xiao ruoshi nodded appers: “Yes, not only Powerhouse, but also a peerless Powerhouse, before giving us a lot of trouble, it is Kṣitigarbha’s hand, you can see, this guy’s hand Powerhouse Cloud, not a good person. “

Lei Bao Lin: “It is basically basically determined that the body of Ray Azure Bamboo is taken away by Kṣitigarbha, except Kṣitigarbha, I am afraid that there is no other people have this method.”

yun yi nodded Admissions: “Now Kṣitigarbha has two purposes, the first purpose is for Dao Sect, this point from him to stealing the body of Ray Azure Bamboo, you can see it, he Have this purpose. The second purpose of Kṣitigarbha is necessary to find the body, although I don’t know why he wants to find the body of the ancient Powerhouse, but the last time is in the unpredigatory, Kṣitigarbha Phoenix king grabs the sky treasure mirror, affirmed For this purpose, you want to make the position of the body through the Cang Baoji. “

Lei Baolin: “under the Kṣitigarbha door, Demon Monk is bitter, Feng Wang, all looking for the body, Fengwang is used to perform a key task, the bitter dust, this little role is going to search for the son of the news, as for the night SECT MASTER, under the support of Kṣitigarbha, built a huge organization in the dark night, I would like to give Kṣitigarbha to provide powerful boost … Unfortunately, we still don’t know, the night SECT MASTER, who is killed? ”

鲲 Peng said: “My TEACHER is dead, there are two possibilities, the first one may be the veteran in SECT, some people rebellion, in order to compete for the interests of the Night Organization, join hands to die TEACHER. and the second possibility It is very likely that Kṣitigarbha sent people! “

yun yi does not understand: “Kṣitigarbha?”

Pengpeng: “Kṣitigarbha!”

鲲 鲲 将, 着 处 处 处 处 处 处 处 处 处 处 处 处 处 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年 年Over, and never found a spider silk, which is very likely that my Teacher and Kṣitigarbha have not been contrary for a long time. This kind of sparseness should not be there … “

yun yi: “So, do you already betray Kṣitigarbha?”

鲲 鲲: “It is difficult to say, even if it is not betrayal, it is also very likely that both parties have contrast, at least also cold relationship, and some of the people in the organization, standing Kṣitigarbha, taking the opportunity to kill my teacher, success, also Maybe. “

Although now is still confusing, Yun Yi finally has a direction of investigation, some suddenly open the feelings, because they believe that Kṣitigarbha, I can find Kṣitigarbha, after all, I have to come to the world, once the emperor bone appears, Kṣitigarbha absolute Will not sit still, or even probably take it personally.

Ray Azure Bamboo smiled: “There is still a doubt now, that is, who is smiling and tiger … When I gathered Immortal City, I saw a smile tiger’s shot, this The means can take the human blood to Divine Ability, but I haven’t seen it from it. “

yun yi is smiling: “But with the smile, I am more curious, why? Who do you want to dress up as a thunder Azure Bamboo? And what is your relationship between you and the Zhong Prefecture royal family? You will never Is it good to help them? “

Ray Azure Bamboo Laughed Heartily: “Who is I simply not tight, I am not who is at all.”

yun yi said with a smile: “I certainly know who you simply is not, because you simply is not a person.”

Ray Azure Bamboo: “I am not a person, is it still a demon?”

鲲 鲲 冷: “I can’t see you is not a man, but you are absolutely not a demon.”

Lei Baolin Road: “No matter who you are, I will return to ZHONG Prefecture with me. No matter what you are Ray Azure Bamboo, after I returned to ZHONG Prefecture, you are Ray Azure Bamboo .azure Bamboo Since the missing, Zhong Prefecture is already chaotic, the balance of Imperial City has been broken … “

ZHONG Prefecture royal is a great force of Heaven Beyond The Heaven, the whole Dynasty’s power range, across countless state domains, power smohes.

Such a big dynasty, competing for the throne, and other Er, Open strife and veiled struggle, naturally is not lacking.

Now Yun Yi and the Others has identified the direction of the investigation, that is, investigation Kṣitigarbha, now they only wait for the emergence of the emperor, waiting for those people.

“There is Fleet in the distance, do you find it?”

hei feng is extremely good.

Of course, other people’s eyesight are also good, HEI Feng is reminded that these people have seen that there seems to have boats in the distance, and it seems that there is enough.

yun yi: “It is a person in Azure Lotus Chamber of Commerce, and it looks like a big boat, these people come here to do so big quench, is it possible That is to ask people?”

Lei Bao Lin Said with a smile: “Will not come to us!”

Tazure Bamboo: “Of course, I will ask for anger to go back, you have forgotten in the south, and the town of Zhenhai is dead. There is no town of the sea. The father and female nature have naturally no conflict. And this time Yun Yi I killed the town sea king, I would like to thank you for the big Shopkeeper of Azure Lotus Chamber of Commerce. “

yun yi: “You don’t want to talk, Zhenhai Wang is clearly suicide, not me killed.”

Of course, Yun Yi said that others believe that in fact the town of Harace suicide and death is almost in Yun Yi.

If it is not the Zhenhai Wang forces Heavenspan Azure Lotus Chamber of Commerce’s big Shopkeeper, Baili will not choose and Zhenhai King.

Nowadays, the town of the town will naturally be self-satisfied. Nowadays, there is still a quiet sea, I am afraid that I have entered the Warring States era, I want to enter the next unified opportunity, I don’t know when it is.

Sure enough, there is a change in the landscape of the quiet sea, not just the bottom of the sea will change, and the changes under the sea will also affect the changes in the top of the sea, in summith.

The guy of this Wily Old Fox is naturally not sitting in this case.

must have arranged a plan in advance.

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