Eternal War God Chapter 3758

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Chapter 3758, five ghosts again

yun yi does not understand in the middle, these buildings build what is used.

But when they came to the depths, they found that there were many refining drugs.

This makes them suddenly open, to know that before this, hei feng has been caught by a group, almost captured the refining medicine, the five ghosts are obviously Kṣitigarbha’s hand, as if special is refining medicine.

Yun yi doesn’t know what these guys are in the beginning, and now they should be secretly swallowed, and they are in the island of Black Snake, and the Black Snake has been noticed since the dislocation of the land. Those people are very wise to choose here.

Not only has a ready-made person, but no one will notice them, as long as they are low-key, they are really like ghosts, come and go with goenout a shadow or trace.

“They are refining here, it is obviously a very special thing, and it is also very important, then why is they come to the quiet sea? Is there any special thing in Silent Sea? ? “

yun yi successively issued, but Purple Mountain Daoist doesn’t know how to answer, although there are many specializes in the quiet sea, there are many drugs, but these people are obviously powerful, but they can’t deliberately come to some kinds of drugs. Silent sea.

The strength of the five ghosts, what materials I want to buy.

鲲 鲲: “If I want to guess, it should be for Yellow Springs Water … Silent sea this place is a lot of sea, endless, Even more how has a lot of Array, the last time we went. Does the Royal House have an array that is refining sea water? The kind of array must have only one … “

This guess is also very reasonable, but they still want to find evidence, what is the evidence, and the pill furnace they open these refining will know.

After opening the Pill Furnace, I saw the Blue small pill in One after ANother, shining with a unique Blue Gloss with Yellow Springs.

Yun yi, although I don’t know what this drug is doing, it is possible to detect that there is a hydraulic water, and the small grain pill is like a five-lake.

yun yi smiled: “Although this five ghosts are not good, this kind of document group is really powerful, it is possible to refine such a delicate drug, and can also lay Array, which weakened people … this kṣitigarbha I really have two mesaks, I can call so many rare weird PowerHouse to sell for him … “

xiao ruoshi said: “Not necessarily. It is not that he calls these rare weird Powerhouse, and it is more likely that these PowerHouse is cultivated by him … You can forget, this kṣitigarbha is very It may be that I don’t know how to be a few thousand tens of thousands of era, live for so long, naturally control a lot of rare weird Divine Ability … “

yun yi: “Smile Tiger Divine Ability, maybe this extraction of blood Divine Ability from Kṣitigarbha is very strange, and now popular Divine Ability on Heaven Beyond The Heaven, in principle, it should be a long time Ancient Divine Ability. “

Telling here Yun Yi, looking at Zhuge chasing the wind, Zhuge’s chasing the face does not change, as if not hear it, just carefully observing this refining Pill Room.

“Who! Good courage, actually dare to make our secret room!”

The cold voice passed from above, and then the five shadows quickly jumped from the wellhead, but these five people saw that Yun Yi and the Others immediately rushed again.

“Back is so fast, why do you have to come!”

yun yi is smiling and chasing.

After everyone came to the ground, it found that the five ghosts have been arranged from the five directions of this wellbore. It is obviously to weaken the CultiVation Base of Yun Yi and the Others, but unfortunately call them to have a hand. This time yun yi will not call them!

yun yi body shape, I came to the front of it, and a punch was on his face.

Yun yi knows that these guys Divine Ability are very weird. If you use physical attacks, their body will disappered to avoid physical damage.

So now Yun Yi’s boxing on the road to bring energy, directly, the Black CLOTHED PERSON head of the headed head is hammered into a smoke.

hei feng screams, A Dragon Roar rushes to day, Terrifying sound waves, the entire island RAZE to the..

In this Terrifying sound wave attack, these Black CLOTHED PERSON has been changed, and they can be able to make a work, although it can avoid physical attacks, but it will also be attacked by the sound, this is their weakness.

seize this opportunity, blood ancestors and the Others rushed up, ready to take the opportunity to take these people!

Unfortunately, these five guys are small, knowing that they are not opponents, they will immediately escape!

South-east Direction!

yun yi and the other flies up, these people’s speed is very fast, the endless sea flew down at the foot, and they have chased Several Tens of Thousand Tens of Thousand Tens of Thousand Tens of Thousand Tens of Thousand Tens Of.

“That is who, there are many people on the Giant Beast on the sky, and there are still many buildings, good draft!”

yun yi immediately found many people in front of it, but I don’t know what these people are.

Lei Baolin: “Hurry up quickly, let the five ghosts and those people will come together, maybe they will find a chance to slip!”

said that Ray Baolin has made a Golden Light, and the speed is suddenly accelerated, but this time the five ghosts are time to make a black cloud, Invisible and formless.

After all Yun Yi and the Others is still a late step, the five ghost flew to Giant Beast, suddenly disappeared.

“You are WHO, the people in front will stop fast!”

a guy of a general, wearing heavy armor standing on the head of Giant Beast, shouting with Yun Yi and the Others.

Lei Baolin looks like these people, knowing that it is likely to be a Imperial Family Guard, and it is a royal family.

Lei Baolin Road: “Don’t know which you are? ZHONG Prefecture royal passed!”

The general of the general, Nodded: “It turned out to be the zhong prefecture royal family, but why do you want to block our way?”

Ray Baolin Laughd: “We don’t intend to stop your way, but we will chase several people again. These people fled to your giant beast, I don’t know if you are not convenient to let us go. Or you can find it yourself. These five guys are not a good generation they are mixed into your giant beast, and they are not safe to you. “

The general knows that Lei Baolin is not talking, but his face is hesitating, and this important thing he does not dare to be the Lord.

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