Eternal War God Chapter 3759

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Chapter 3759, South Domain, Emperor

on Giant Beast.

In the topmost end of the most magnificent building, a big flag is written, and a big nine-word is written.

This is the site of Ninth Prince in the South Market.

I don’t know what the purpose is there in ninth prince.

As a royal country, the royal family will not come to the sea. After all, the quiet sea is very remote. It is necessary to say that there is a resource, but it is necessary to say how rich resources are, but also can’t be Called South Domain, there are many resources rich.

and the queen in the southern domain came here, naturally, there is something else, but he is the emperor’s bone, he listened to people. The emperor’s bones will appear in the southern domain. He is naturally very happy. After all, in your own home On the site.

So after the quarter of the southern domain said with the emperor, he took a lot of hands and prepared to search for the emperor bone.

The result is just a quiet sea, and I encountered Yun Yi and the Others.

The queen of the South is a very handsome young, YOUNGSTER, wearing a Golden’s Dragon Robe, Golden’s hair, pale skin, the nose is high, the eyes are deep, but the feelings on the face are quite a meaning.

Of course, this guy is not for the largest Hedonistic Son of Rich Parents throughout the South. After all, the entire southern region is his home.

In terms of nominal, the whole still sea, all Equivalent TO is the back garden of his home.

Of course, it is just a name just name, just as Son of Heaven, jurisdiction, and the princes of the ground.

The general is flustered to Great Hall, but seeing Ninth Prince is eating.

Just ended the breakfast, but One Hour Ninth Prince started to eat.

Ninth Prince not only likes to eat, but also a lot.

eat or high energy food.

“How to panic Zhang Zhang, is there anything?”

ninth prince wiped his hand with tablecloth and looked at the general.

Triad: “There is a ZHONG Prefecture of the Imperial Uncle Lei Baolin with some people to stop the road in front of Giant Beast. They said that several people they hosted to flee them to the giant beast, I want to find it, or we are Come to search or … “

ninth prince is knew: “Do you see someone coming?”

The general shook his head: “No!”

ninth prince pointed to him: “Are you stupid? This guy is obviously talking! I will go for a while, see what is the purpose of doing!”

ninth prince is gloomy, walking out.

yun yi saw a handsome youngster, walked in his own direction, but Yun Yi and the Others saw a person, but it feels like a big demon.

鲲 Peng said: “This guy is so strong, I am hard to feel such a rich blood …”

on some big demon.

Ray Azure Bamboo: “Why do you want to use rich to describe …”

鲲 鲲: “I want to eat.”

After the arm of Zengpeng is cut off, it is not reunited now. If you want a new arm, you will clearly need Item of Great Nourishment, and the huge spirit of blood is obviously the best supplement.

The queen of the South Oldah looked at Yun Yi and the Others. When I saw Yun Yi, let him notice that Yun Yi is different, it seems to be the most powerful.

This is also fully proven that Ninth Prince is not a leisure generation. If ORDINARY PERSON, I may think that this team will be the most powerful perhaps.

If someone knows blood ancestors, it may be that the most powerful blood ancestors should be the nightly tissue.

After all, He Peng is good, good academic qualifications, work good, born in the ancient TEACHER home Kunpeng Clan, Teacher is the night SECT MASTER, working on the entire Heaven Beyond The Heaven is very famous, very famous, is three good youth.

The only bad thing is that this kid is young, the brain is a bit stupid.

At this time, Ninth Prince, it is the strongest in this group of people, which means that he has its own judgment, and Even more how is very accurate.

“What is your head? It should not be a Zhong Prefecture royal family, I have never heard of the ZHONG Prefecture royal to have a big demon!”

The emperor of the southern field clearly recognizes the Peng Peng, even if you don’t know that this big demon is the blood ancestors of the night tissue, it is clearly recognized that this guy is not a person.

The emperor of the South is boiled: “You don’t understand this exclusive, I really don’t understand what is the purpose of doing it, come from the real trick, otherwise I will blame me!”

If the queen in the South is not polite, it is really welcome. After all, there is also a site in the southern domain. He will send a signal, and there will be hundreds of Expert to come, tight Then there will be no major army, and will be surrounded here.

Lei Bao Lin Said with a smile: “Ninth Prince, you are really misunderstood, our truth is really to catch people, those guys have gone giant beast, if you don’t find these guys, I am afraid there will be Danger. “

The emperor of the South is bockless: “When are you three years old? This lie I will believe?”

yun yi indifferently said: “Since he does not believe, these five guys can’t catch up, anyway, I will wait until the emperor’s bones appear, Kṣitigarbha will be open,”

Others are also deeply conflict, can’t conflict with these five guys and royal people in the South.

But then they want to go, the emperor in the southern domain has not planned to let them leave.

“Stand! I still want to come on the ground of our south area, want to go?”

ninth prince is acknowledged: “Come, give me these guys, ask, I have to see what is the purpose of what they have!”

Suspected that these guys are on the one hand, and the emperor in the south area is also preparing to take these guys. In this case, when the emperor bones appear, they have a lot of competitors.

yun yi naturally, it has seen the intention of the quanda in the southern region, and looked at the guys behind the southern domain, but Light shook the head, obviously did not think that these people would be their own opponents.

In fact, the queen of the South is not brought out, and the strongest printers of them are this Ninth Prince, but the strength of this guy …

Yun yi does not think that this guy can pick yourself.

Lei Baolin Road: “Ninth Prince, why do you have to wait until the emperor’s bone appears, not only the wallpaper we will come to other forces will come, even if this is the site of your south area, you want Osmparting the emperor, but also to the amount! “

Ninth Prince Said with a smile: “This is not to manage!”

Torbelin stepped forward, Golden Light is big, and it is like a small sun: “You are really insistent to move the martial arts?”

ninth prince said with a smile: “I have long heard that the ZHONG Prefecture royal Golden Light TO DEAL WITH has not had the opportunity to teach … It is better to take this opportunity, let me see it!”

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