Eternal War God Chapter 3760

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Chapter 3760 Heavenly Dog Skull

Lei Bao Lin bruises: “Don’t blame me!”

Lei Baolin’s body Golden Light, two gold giant blade, when he smashed, the power of horror moment sweeps!

This horizontal Giant Blade, and suddenly blocks the All Directions of Ninth Prince.

Unfortunately, the emperor in the southern domain has fly out and flew out Ten Thousand Zhang.

Lei Bao Lin chased the moment, naturally understood the emperor of the southern domain to pull out such a long distance, in order to prevent two people from fighting, accidentally kill this giant beast.

This Giant Beast is height Ten Thousand Zhang, but it does not excere the attack and defense, just a walking tool That’s all.

“Do you want to see my strength? Let you see enough today!”

Lei Baolin’s Golden Light, Giant Blade, No Stronghold ONE Cannot Overcome.

However, Yun Yi is unexpectedly, the queen of the southern area did not use weapons, but the red hand is empty and the enemy, let Yun Yi and the Others are unexpectedly, the essence of the southern field is not falling!

Red leaves: “Is this guy really monster? How can a human Cultivator have such a strong blood!”

鲲 鲲: “This guy should have any Monster Race Treasure, or even Half-Human and Half-Monster can also be said …”

yun yi thinks that Dragon Race bones before you have seen: “Can you enhance blood on a person?”

鲲 鲲: “Yes, but don’t fit the explosion, people will die, when Feng Wang is in a forced Dragon Race, it is not suppressed with his powerful Cultivation Base, not to say This ninth prince, he can fusion of the bones, I am really the luck of in Ten-Thousand Does Not Have ONE. “

ninth prince, laugh: “Lei Bao Lin, your strength also merely this, I have heard of your big name, I thought you did this Dignified Imperial uncle, now it seems to be an unrecognizable name That’s ALL! “

Lei Baolin feels a bit wrong, whether his Cultivation Base is still his dealing with the experience is far more powerful than the emperor of the south, but this guy is really playing.

This is something else, don’t say one, two people are now over, but this is the exmodation of the southern domain, but it has supported it now, and does not fall!

Lei Baolin is very annoyed, the figure is shaking, the body is rays of Light, and the mouth is sprayed, and suddenly spit out three Fireball.

yun yi and the tahers has never seen Ray Baolin has used this Divine Ability, and I don’t understand what this thing is.

then they concentrated on the body of Ray Azure Bamboo.

Ray Azure Bamboo: “Clone Technique, what is the name, what is it, anyway, the ZHONG Prefecture Royal Trump Card, it is easy to use, and is not a royal family, it is absolutely no chance to learn this Divine. Ability. “

Gardening and the Others continues to watch the battle, found that this is the three Fireball in Lei Baolin, turning between transstaneously, actually in the same way as Li Baolin, but there is no eyebrow and face, but it is just a faint approximately Rays of Light.

Four people, eight gold giants, from the four directions, it is surrounded by the essence in the southern domain, but this is the queen of the south area is still laughing.

“Is this your stunt?” The queen of the southern flag came, “If your strength is like this, it is better to go together!”

The blood of the ancestors in the distance: “This guy is so arrogant!”

Ray Azure Bamboo Said with a smile: “It seems that you are not arrogant, or you can go up to change Lei Bao Lin, you two, see who is more powerful!”

The blood ancestors don’t talk, I know that Ray Azure Bamboo This guy wants to watch the lively, he naturally does not go to him.

yun yi smiled: “You don’t know how many years of old guy live, is such a bad taste?”

Lei Azure Bamboo sighs: “Because it is Old Guy, it is talented.”

I have used the stunts, Rays of Light, the firepower is full, and it is clear that the Avatar status will last for a long time, and once the Avatar status ends, he is trying to win the emperor, I am afraid it. Very difficult, so he must now defeat this guy now under the full opening of the fire!

Unfortunately, the southern domain defensive Not One Drop of Water Can Leak Out, just in Meet Force With Force, it is now entirely defense!

Obviously this guy is not only Cultivation Base Heavenspan, but also smart, until this time, as long as he keeps defense, let Lei Baolin hit it unbeaten, wait until the Avatar of Lei Baolin, you can win it. .

This Ninth Prince can represent the royal family in the southern region. It will showcase that this guy does have two kings, although there are some Hedonistic Son of Rich Parents’s temper, but whether it is a meter or means Very Difficult to DEAL with.

This is the emperor of the South Of singularity: “Today, let you see my means!”

Dangdang Loudly Roared, originally he does not use this Method is also enough to let Lei Baolin defeated, after all, Le Lao Lin’s Avatar is about to end, but then the emperor of the south area is screaming, and the body is rapidly deformed. It turned out to become a giant of THOUSAND ZHANG!

It is a giant, but it is better to say a Rare Beast!

It was originally not worthy of mortal, and it became more prosperous!

The serials of Like a Great Desolate Giant Beast is like this, the huge slap is grabbed by Lei Baolin, and the power of horror Hiding the sky and covering the earth!

countless flames and electricity is around, this big hand has passed, and space has collapsed.

This hand has not yet caught it, the huge blood of the huge blood has already extinguished the Three Ordin Avatar of Leibao, followed by Lei Baolin in his hand!

ninth prince Yangtianca, huge sound allows the quiet sea to turn the stormy sea, incarnation for the NINTH PRINCE in this state, strong spirit.

Unfortunately, this guy really likes to show off, and normal people will not use this kind of base card.

“Sure, you told you to guess, this guy actually has a Heavenly Dog family of bones.”

I recognized it in a glance. This guy is using Divine Ability.

Obviously, because of the integration of the Heavenly Dog family, Ninth Prince although it is human Cultivator, there is a huge strong blood, and I don’t know if it is a particularly consistent or other reason. This guy’s qi Force even more strong than monsters.

Even if it is an ordinary Heavenly Dog family, there is no such a strong qi.

yun yi and the Others is a little worried, it seems that Lei Bao Lin is defeated, but then seeing Rays of Light, it is emitted from the huge palm of Ninth Prince!

“Is it necessary to defeat!”

yun yi and the others, suddenly nervous, from feelings, they naturally support Lele Bao Lin.

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