Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4688


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Metal battle stage, with three steps extending out.

One extends to the Heavenly Extinguishing Army, one extends to the Heavenly Palace, and the other extends to the Sub Immortal Clan.

This makes many people at Heavenly Palace very upset. What does battle stage mean? It makes Sub Immortal Clan and Heavenly Palace equal?

“Let’s get started, you can only be eligible to participate in the battle by climbing up the ladder to the battle stage!”

Another sentence emerged from the bronze box, and then there was no sound.

“I’ll come first!”

An expert from Heavenly Palace stepped forward and stepped up the stairs.

This is an expert of the Top 10 Blood Race. He is full of blood light, and two scarlet wings stretch out behind him, pupil light is permeating.

However, this person hadn’t taken two steps yet, it was as if he had been hit hard, his body retreated violently, and he was blasted off the battle stage.

“Can’t go up?”

Everyone was shocked.

“It seems that only if the strength reaches a certain standard can you set foot on the battle stage. Not everyone is qualified to fight.”


“It seems to be true, but I don’t know how strong it is to get up. I’ll try it!”

Heavenly Palace, another person stepped forward and stepped up the stairs, but his situation was not much better than that of the previous Blood Race. After only a few steps, he was blasted off the battle stage.

Next, at Heavenly Palace, a few people tried again, but none of them could set foot on the battle stage.

Finally, I tried six people in a row, but all failed. By the time of the seventh person, a ten-winged angel from Angel Race successfully stepped onto the battle stage.

“Roy stared up!”

“It seems that only top geniuses can make it to the battle stage.”

Heavenly Palace people, discuss spiritedly.

This Roy, who looks like a middle-aged person, was originally a 9th layer of a god, a ten-winged angel. In Angel Race, these innate talents are already top-notch.

“Who will fight me!”

Roy stands on the battle stage, looking down at the people who destroy the Celestial Army.

Needless to say, the people at Heavenly Palace will naturally not go up and kill him.

His opponent is only the Exterminating Army.

“I will meet you!”

On the side of the Exterminating Army, a silhouette stepped forward, landed on the ladder, and went up step by step, finally stepping onto the battle stage.

I have seen the Heavenly Palace, which failed six people in a row before. On the side of the Heavenly Destroyer Army, those with insufficient strength will naturally not come forward, and will be blown off when they go up.

All the shots are top figures of innate talent.

This person’s name is Haoji, who is a descendant of a primordial Spiritual God with a strong primordial Spiritual God Bloodline. Although not a pure-blooded primordial Spiritual God, the battle strength is also very strong.


Without extra words, Haoji and Roy are at war.

The cultivation base of the two was suppressed in the first division of the gods. The battle strength was not much different. The two fought more than two hundred moves. In the end, Haoji was even better. One move blasted Roy out of the battle stage. outer.

In the first battle, the extinguishing army won.

“I will deal with him.”

Roy had just been defeated. On the side of Heavenly Palace, another silhouette rushed out and stepped up the stairs.

He stepped continuously, the stairs almost did not hinder him, and he stepped onto the battle stage in a few strokes.

This person is also an Angel Race, and his body is enveloped in rich holy light.

oh la la!

Behind him, twelve wings stretched out.

Haoji complexion greatly changed, this one is a twelve-winged angel.

The twelve-winged angel is almost the pinnacle of Angel Race innate talent.

Lu Ming’s former opponent, Garbert, was also a twelve-winged angel, but Garbert later got a fortuitous encounter in Supreme Immortal City and evolved into the Angel King Bloodline.

However, it was abandoned by Lu Ming when he was too Shang Xiancheng.

“Haoji, if you lose, don’t force it, rush out of the battle stage and give in!”

Someone called the Exterminating Army.

“I’m consuming part of his power and retreating!”

Haoji sound transmission go back.

If he didn’t fight, he just surrendered. He was not reconciled. He had to consume at least part of the opponent’s strength before surrendering. At least he could lay the foundation for those who would fight later.

On the side of the Exterminating Army, the number is small, and if you don’t try your best, there will be no chance.


The twelve-winged angel shot directly. The twelve wings flashed, and the figure was full of white lightning. He rushed towards Haoji. The angel’s sword turned into twelve sword light and slashed towards Hao. Kyrgyzstan.

Haoji complexion changed, struggling to resist.

However, before he fought Roy, the divine force was already very exhausted. At this time, the two attacks collided, and he was shocked and retreated wildly.

The twelve-winged angels will not miss this opportunity. The wings are stirring, and the angel feathers emerge one after another. Each angel feather is a sharp sword.

xiū xiū xiū …

Hundreds of war swords flew towards Haoji.

Haoji couldn’t dodge at all, and his stamina was dying. His body was pierced by dozens of sword lights, and he was beaten into a sieve. With a plop, he fell on the battle stage. There was no life aura.


“Damn it!”

Many people in the Sky Extinguish Army roared, and a powerful divine lord fell like this. For the Sky Extinguishing Army, it was a huge loss.

“I will kill him!”

“This birdman, give it to me, I will tear him up.”

Many people roared and wanted to get to the battle stage.

“Remember all of you, in the future, if you are not sure that you can escape from the opponent, don’t force it, just rush out of the battle stage and give in.”

At this moment, the ‘lion’ spoke, his eyes a little blood red.

He usually has a good relationship with Haoji.

“Yes, the number of our Heavenly Destroying Army was already small, and one was lost. The other king’s flesh body did not get it, and he suffered heavy losses. How to resist Heavenly Palace then?”

The existence of another god, Peak, also spoke.

Everyone is nodded.

It’s true. Just now Haoji was too aggressive. He started a battle with Roy. It has consumed a lot. There is not much divine force left. His opponent is the twelve-winged angel. The difference is too big. Will be killed by the opponent in a spurt of energy.

If at first, rush directly to the outside of the battle stage, maybe you can save your life.

“This guy, leave it to me!”

A middle aged big man wearing a golden battle armor stepped out of the Celestial Slayer Army, walked up to the battle stage, and easily boarded the battle stage.

Then he waved his hand and collected Haoji’s body into the storage ring.

“Dragon Race? Hey, I haven’t eaten dragon meat for a long time. I killed you, take your body back, and taste it.”

The twelve-winged angel sneered, showing a cold fighting intent.

“The dead, it will be you, roar!”

The big man wearing golden battle armor was loudly roared, dragon roar was shocking, and his physique changed drastically. Finally, a golden-yellow Divine Dragon appeared on the battle stage.

“This is…Divine Dragon with nine claws!”

Lu Ming’s eyes widened and he was very surprised.

At the beginning, he met several Divine Dragons such as Dragon Race Princess in Dragon Clan Star.

He originally thought that they were the only nine-claw Divine Dragons left in the universe.

Didn’t expect, among the Celestial Destruction Army, there is also the Divine Dragon of Divine God Realm.

When the Dragon Race was destroyed, many powerful Dragon Races were scattered all over the place and escaped.

This one in front of me is probably like this.

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