Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4689


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On top of the nine dragon claws of Divine Dragon, it is enveloped by the golden-yellow divine light, which looks full of terrifying sharpness.

a dragon roar groaned, and the nine-clawed Divine Dragon rushed towards the twelve-winged angel, and the two fought together.

This is a duel of the strongest innate talents of the two races.

The Divine Dragon with nine claws is the Dragon Race of the highest level of Dragon Race, and the twelve-winged angel is also the strongest Angel Race innate talent.

Peak duel of two races.

This battle was extremely fierce. The two at first were equal, and they fought hundreds of moves.

But after hundreds of moves, Divine Dragon obviously gained the upper hand.

Nine claws grabbed continuously, and the god Dragon Secret Art broke out continuously, defeating the twelve-winged angel steadily.


Divine Dragon a long whistle with nine claws, dragon claw grabbed a pair of wings of the twelve-winged angel, and slammed it, and directly tore off the pair of wings of the other side.

Blood-stained sky, feathers flying.

“Ah, you are courting death!”

The twelve-winged angel howled in pain, struggling to slash out a sword and slashed on the body of the nine-clawed Divine Dragon.

However, the defense of the Divine Dragon with nine claws is extremely powerful. Although the opponent’s war sword tore through the Divine Dragon dragon scales with nine claws, it did not cause fatal injuries.

The nine-claw Divine Dragon counterattacked, and the nine dragon claws grabbed it in succession, and forcibly tore the twelve-winged angel to death.

A twelve-winged angel fell.

“It seems that the battle strength of Dragon Race is stronger than Angel Race. It is estimated that Dragon Race is among the top ten races…”

Lu Ming’s heart moved.


The nine-claw Divine Dragon threw the opponent’s corpse down the battle stage, and then the body was filled with sunlight, and he took the time to heal his injuries.

“hmph, I will kill him!”

A coldly snorted, magic light flashed, a burly silhouette, quickly rushed to the battle stage.

This is an expert of a Demon Race.

Obviously, Tian Human Race at first, let people of other races take the lead, consuming the power of destroying the heavenly army, and the expert of Tian Human Race can save strength.

As soon as the expert of Demon Race boarded the battle stage, he launched an attack and did not give Divine Dragon a chance to recover.

The two had a fierce battle, but this Demon Race expert was not as strong as the previous twelve-winged angel. He came up, only to see that the nine-claw Divine Dragon was exhausted, and wanted to take advantage of that’s all.

Unfortunately, he kicked the steel plate.

Nine-claw Divine Dragon, even if it is consumed severely, has an extremely strong battle strength. After a hundred moves, the Demon Race expert was severely injured.

Demon Race expert was shocked, and rushed to the bottom of the battle stage desperately before he escaped.

At this stop, Divine Dragon still won with nine claws, and the Heavenly Destruction Army won two consecutive victories.


A Buddha horn sounded, a middle-aged bald head, step by step, stepped onto the battle stage.

This is a powerhouse of a Buddhist family, covered in golden, like gold casting, and the nine-claw Divine Dragon, but they reflect each other.

There is a layer of Buddha’s radiance behind his head, sacred and peaceful.

Divine Dragon frowned, he felt terrifying pressure and crisis from the opponent.

“This battle, I will admit defeat!”

The moment Divine Dragon opened his mouth, his body rushed under the battle stage.

The Buddhist powerhouse did not stop it, allowing the Divine Dragon with nine claws to successfully rush down the battle stage.

In the previous two battles of Divine Dragon with nine claws, the consumption has been too great, almost reaching the limit. He knows very well that even if he barely fights, he can’t consume too much of the opponent’s power, but will take himself in, so he simply admits defeat. Up.

“I will meet him!”

On the side of the Exterminating Army, one person stepped forward and stepped onto the battle stage.

Human Race!

Lu Ming can tell at a glance that this person is a pure Human Race.

This person looks in his thirties. He is very young, and his actual age is probably not too big.

Tang Feng, Fei Huang, after the rise of Fei Huang, focused on cultivating younger generations. Over the past few decades, the Celestial Extinguisher has given birth to many rising stars and powerful. Among them, the expert of Human Race is not a few, and this person is one of them.

“Zhantian Nine Swords!”

Human Race expert, grabbed the palm of his hand volley, and used a divine force condense as a war knife to slash towards the powerhouse of the Buddha.

Blade glow breaks through the air, like a thunder-fire.

The expert of the Buddhist family, calmly, filled with dazzling golden light, and confronted the enemy with a Buddhist great hand seal.

The two fiercely fought hundreds of moves, and finally ended in a tie.

After that, Heavenly Extinguish Army and Heavenly Palace, with new experts, stepped onto the battle stage.

In this way, you come and go, and there are experts who step onto the battle stage and fight…

Those who can set foot on the battle stage are all geniuses. The battle strength is strong, and the cultivation base is suppressed in the first heavy. Therefore, almost no one can do it.

If one party wins, the other party will immediately have a new powerhouse on stage, which will not give the other party the slightest chance to recover.

The strongest man only won three consecutive victories at most, and was defeated because of exhaustion of power.

Of course, this is why some of the top experts of the two sides have not yet played.

Such as Lu Ming, Tang Jun, ‘Xi’, ‘Lion’ etc.

Heavenly Palace, those top experts did not play.

With this kind of competition rules, no one can be confident to make a sweep. If you play first, you will be exhausted by the opponent’s wheel battle.

So, the more the top expert, the more you have to keep it to the end, the finale, and the victory in one fell swoop.

The best policy is to let the weaker ones go up and consume the opponent’s strength first.

In a blink of an eye, seven days have passed, and the two sides have fought hundreds of games.

As the war passed, the faces of the people on the side of the Heaven Extinguishing Army became more and more serious.

If this continues, it will be very detrimental to them, because fewer and fewer people can play.

On the Celestial Destruction Army, there are about 4,500 Divine Lords, but there are up to two hundred people who can truly set foot on the battle stage and qualify for a battle.

On the Heavenly Palace, there are more people, at least more than 300 people, and even more.

If this continues, the top experts on the Heavenly Palace side have not yet played, and the Heavenly Destruction Army side, Lu Ming, Tang Jun and the others, are about to play.

The battle strength of Lu Ming, Tang Jun and the others, no matter how strong they are, they will be consumed by the opponent’s battles. In the end, facing the top experts of Heavenly Palace, there is absolutely no chance of winning.

If this continues, the defeat of the Heaven Extinguishing Army is almost certain.

But now there is no other way but to continue fighting.

Heavenly Palace, obviously thought of this too, each and everyone was relaxed, showing a relaxed smile.

The battle continues.

After the field of trials, there are fewer and fewer people on the side of the Exterminating Army.

150, one hundred thirty, one hundred, eighty, fifty….

Finally, the Celestial Extinguishing Army calculated it by itself, and only less than twenty people were left.

Although, after a battle, many people on the Heavenly Palace were defeated, but they estimate that there are at least a hundred people who can play on the Heavenly Palace.

Moreover, all are experts.

“We can’t go on like this. If we go on like this, we will lose!”

On the side of the Exterminating Army, some experts gathered to discuss.

Lu Ming, Tang Jun, Xi, Lion and the others are all here.

Just now, it was a powerhouse from the Heaven and Earth family.

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